Baffling King Of Kong Remake In The Works

Baffling King Of Kong Remake In The Works


Remakes are all the rage in Hollywood these days. Next up: An inexplicable mockumentary remake of 2007's King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Those of you with massive head trauma may not recall the film, so allow me to offer a primer: King of Kong is a documentary chronicling middle school teacher Steve Wiebe's attempts to snatch the world record Donkey Kong high score from hot sauce mogul Billy Mitchell. Even without any added Hollywood-style dramatics, Wiebe's fresh-faced optimism makes him a perfect hero and Mitchell couldn't be more of a villain if he spent half the film twirling a moustache and cackling.

Critics widely hailed King of Kong, and the film is currently the best-reviewed videogame film in the history of the subgenre.

Over the last few years, director Seth Gordon has been involved in a number of high-profile film projects, most recently the big-budget comedy Horrible Bosses. It would seem that this time in Hollywood has rubbed off on Gordon, as he is now planning to remake King of Kong as a faux-documentary-style feature film.

Why? Gordon offers the following explanation:

I've done some work on "Modern Family" and "The Office" and have worked in this doc style, and so that inspired me to say, instead of doing a traditional narrative feature script, what if we did the remake in the doc style? What doors what that open? What opportunities? What additional story could we tell? And that's essentially the approach we took.

The remake is currently in the very early planning stages, so there's no official word on when it might see theaters.

When I was first presented with this story, my reaction was equal parts bewilderment and creative swears. I'm a big fan of the original King of Kong, and even the very concept of a remake screams "cynical cash-in."

Of course, remaking it in faux-documentary style is just so incredibly precious that I want to pinch Gordon's cheeks for coming up with the idea. If you're going to blatantly prostitute your best work, you may as well be adorably meta about it.

Source: Playlist, via Joystiq


I loved the original King of Kong, but doesn't remaking it make it lose some of that realism and relatability that the original had? And haven't the record's changed like 3 times since the original's release?

The Office and Modern Family were both amazing, I say go full steam ahead!

the spud:
I loved the original King of Kong, but doesn't remaking it make it lose some of that realism and relatability that the original had? And haven't the record's changed like 3 times since the original's release?

Last I knew thats correct. Also the Mustached guy has the records in Pac-man DK Jr and DK so yeah.

A fistful of "Why?" from me. Granted a gaming based comedy would be amazing but basing it on an already established documentary is just.....WHYYY!

Please don't let him remake it! I loved the original film, don't let my fond memories of it be ruined!

Sooooo why the hell is this being made?

It's not really about videogames, by the way. It's about a man's collision with a small business' self-serving dishonesty.

Funny. i remember hearing about this film but it just kinda came and went and now someone is going to remake it? Why throw your money away? Let me hold onto it I'll keep it nice and warm...

Complaining about something being pretentious on a site infamous for being pretentious seems kind of like the kettle calling the pot black to me.

Anyways, it's the same director as the original, so there's a lot of hope for it. It's not like a totally unrelated crew undertaking the effort.

Could be humorous at least and maybe even draw attention to the first film. Still, Weibe deserves more than to be nerditized so a few morons can laugh. Mitchell on the other hand needs to sport a hitler mustache in this remake.

i probably won't see it. Only reason i watched King of Kong was because i was making something to eat and it was on T.V so i decided to watch it while cooking and just ate upstairs. I think the remake would be pointless though. Even if it is more of a spoof then a remake it still seems ridiculous.

I haven't seen the original, but reading the first review snippet on the Metacritic page

Scott Schueller, Chicago Tribune:
Gordon's documentary proves better than 90 percent of the manufactured stories out this summer. One can breathe a sigh of relief that it was done right and not cobbled into another bad fictional comedy.

makes me think that yeah, turning this into a fictional comedy is probably removing what made the first film actually good. Sounds like it, anyway.

really?! i mean is there every even a point to remaking ANY documentary film?

i mean if you made a sequel that was about the current state of the competition that's one thing but man this sounds like a cash in.

EDIT: ok now that i had time to think about this i am REALLY getting confused as to why this is happening at all...

i have only seen 2 documentary style films in my life (i think); The king of Kong and Waiting for Superman

the majority of what is in a documentary are 1. covering real life events of people, places, etc and 2. interviews of people involved.

are you telling me they are going to "remake" those interviews with the same questions?! or 'stage' the real-life events as opposed to just filming them for journalism's sake?! because that sounds like the stupidest thing i have ever heard!

seriously has any other documentary film been remade ever? let alone being this is really irritating me more than it probably should lol...but there was NOTHING wrong with the original and the fact that it was real made it even better. UGH

Next they'll be remaking Reefer Madness.


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