BioWare Letting Fans Choose Mass Effect 3's FemShep

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None of these are the red haired female shep from nerfnow. I refuse to vote :P

The blond one reminds me of 17, the robot chick from Dragon Ball Z.

It's #18.

None of those even remotely look my femshep :(

They couldn't give us a redhead shepard with hair? Son I am disappoint.

I hate them all, I don't want any of these on my box art. Especially the blonde. We already have a perfectly good FemShep, the default one. I don't know why Bioware had to come up with six faildesigns to add to it.
I found it particulary amusing that the article right below this one on the Escapist's front page is titled "Choosing between bad and worse."

They all look like they have the same face to me, just with different hair and skin tone.

You know, in hindsight, I dunno why I clicked on this topic. I already have a set appearance for my FemShep, and I don't plan on using any type of default settings whatsoever. Really, that's all that matters since I have the option.

However, I really like the design of FemShep #4. Make her hair a little bit shorter and I'd be willing to take her on a test drive.

Just a test drive tjough.

#6 looks like Sororitas ...

I don't understand why they didn't have a red headed number 5, that is probably why people chose 5, not the hair colour but the hair style. Why Bioware?

yeah, 5 has the best face/hairstyle i think, but im not digging the color. perhaps in my game ill just make it red and be done with it on my 3rd playthrough (do male shep for first 2 because those are the chars i already have premade. starting a female from ME1 just now though, so hopefully i get to change the hairstyle.

Lord Beautiful:

The blond one reminds me of 17, the robot chick from Dragon Ball Z.

It's #18.

yeah, reminds me of her a bit too. also makes me think of samus a little, especially with the armor

Shep 5 for sure! She's kinda...umm well looks kinda badass but not creepy >.>

There's only one obvious choice.

Clearly the sexiest FemShep ever.

Definantly 5 so that when I go custom shep I just have to change the hair color to red

#7 it is

The ME2 default FemShep looked just fine except for how scrappy her haircut was. All of these faces look too young, pretty, and delicate to be a war heroine. What, are we going to stop by the salon after every mission? FemShep doesn't have to look sexy, Bioware, she has to look like a leader, strong, tough, and ready to pull the galaxy together through sheer willpower.

Don't use any of these. Update and improve the default FemShep from ME2. Focus on strength, not sex appeal. Leadership, not lust. Don't pander to the 13 year old boys.

I'd have to say 2 or 5.
Of those two, 5 is slightly ahead for me.

I'd say 1 through 3. I think short hair works well with a tough character that has been through as much as Shep has. Also, long hair is more realistic because it is more practical.

Can I get a box option with the male shep? No? Well okay... I was just going to get it on Steam anyway... Wait, what? It won't be on Steam? Origin, you say? So I have to look at the box art when selecting my game from the Origin menu because you want to be exclusive online? Oh.... ::sad face::

How is 5 winning? Oh.... we're in America where the only thing that matters is blond hair. Number 4 all the way.

A cross between 5 and 2, I think.

Ditto... also FemShep needs to be redhead !!!

first choice: #5, second choice: #4!!~

I'm going with number five. I think she's actually close to what I consider my 'canon' female Shepard. Happy day!

Perhaps we could have some fun with this?

My personal picks;


Shep 1 gets my vote.

Since I do not, and will never have a facebook account, I will have to go with number 4 here. Even though it does not count, oh well.

CAPTCHA: Well Read. - Why thankyou.

One blonde, others ugly. I didn't see the difference between 1-3...

I voted for number 3, but I still like default FemShep way more. And I frakin' hate that blonde one.

Jane Shepard for the win!!!!

I like 1 and 5. If one or the other don't get picked, I think I'll custom them.

Hm. No 3 looked best but mostly because the eye liner actually fit her look instead of just conveying... I dunno, contrived broodiness.

I honestly have to say that I much preferred the original default compared to these. I've sort of grown attached to that one. I have multiple save files I will be moving over for Mass Effect 3 both male and female but I do have to say that there was something about Femshep that just clicked very well.


#4 Shep is the only one I'd consider choosing.

I like 4. But I play as a male infiltrator.

What I would hope for is class-based conversation bonuses. Depending on your class you could interrupt differently; biotic powers, brutality, overcharge armor, turning invisible, etc. Maybe create branching paths exclusive to certain classes or abilities (so you can still send a party member through).

wait so they're asking what the default should be??

anyway from the choices the last one is my least favorite. the first few looked very similar so I was like uhh idk, but ah anyway I just use the default male

Perhaps we could have some fun with this?

My personal picks;


I think SnapeShep easily wins.

And did anyone think that the first 2 looks creepishly male?

None are suitable really,
A military commander with a no nonsense attitude sporting 3 layers of foundation and eyeliner?
Old femshep was 100x better, believable as commander, none of these new ones are.

Anyone else think that the first couple look like Natalie Portman?
Otherwise number 4 would get my vote. That, or Pinky Pie shep.

Aaand they all look like shit. Where the hell is default FemShep?

Bioware, I am disappoint.

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