Take Our "From the Paper to the Big Screen" Quiz!

Take Our "From the Paper to the Big Screen" Quiz!


You know games, but find out if you know movies (based on novels) with our quiz!

It's fair to say that games based on other media - books, movies, television and comics - generally don't fare too well (with exceptions). Some of the most iconic movies, however, are adaptations of novels. Find out how much you know about some of these films with our quiz!

As always, you'll have as long as you like to take the quiz, and can retake it until you get that 100%, but your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboard.

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Hm... 60%, not too bad I guess.

I got 70%. Does anybody else think it would be better/more edifying if you could see what you got wrong, but wouldn't be able to take the test again?

EDIT: at least until the cookie expires or something.

D'oh well. *shrugs*

First! As in 'I got first place, yay!'

For now, anyway. 1:01 should be beatable.

90%, not bad for mostly guesses. I think i did well becaus ei was a fan of those films and i have also read 4 of the books mentioned!

I wonder which one i got wrong :/

(Also it taken me a long long time to load pages for some reason...)

I scored 60%, with 6 of 10 correct on The Escapist's From Paper to the Big Screen Quiz.
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Bah. Not great, but not too bad I guess.

I got 90%...however my time is on 13 minutes as I started the quiz and then forgot I was doing it. Ooops.

70%. And I actually knew quite a few of them.

does anyone else find it strange that only one person was able to get 100%? It wasn't a hard quiz. I got 90% and i can't find the option to retake it.

methinks there is a wrong answer.

The quiz wont let me retake it but I got 80% on the first try so I'm good with that.

Got 90% first try. Oddly enough, I just checked the only two I guessed on, and I got them right, so my knowledge is faulty on one of the others...

I must be an idiot this morning, I couldn't see my score, it just showed the top 25, which I was not in.

Went back in, found my score.. 60%.. meh.. like ya'll I'd like to know what I missed.


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