Bethesda Says Mojang's Scrolls Infringes on Elder Scrolls Mark

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Note to anyone making a game name it dsvnhvnsdianvdiondsavnisavnasoins because every word is copyrighted -.- lawyers being d***s all this is.

Finish Minecraft! This is getting ridiculous.

And honestly. I don't think anyone here actually believes that Scrolls will be better than either Oblivion or Skyrim ~_~. If it's a legitimate case, then Bethesda are within their rights to go nuts. If not. We'll see. They aren't staffed by idiots. They're likely to know what suing Notch will look like. THEY ARE A GAME COMPANY FFS.

The way some in this thread are carrying on, you could confuse them for EA.

How one does finish Minecraft? A sandbox game like that is pretty much open ended just like MMOs. There is no plot to end, there is no hero to save the world. Over time Minecraft can be either expanded more and more with community creating additional mods. What point of Minecraft would you even consider as finished version?

How can it be better if it's completely different game, with completely different rule set, with completely different objectives and gameplay ? It's like comparing Starcraft to Half Life. Nothing in common whatsoever.

The word "Scrolls" itself is not a game title Bethesda owns, i don't even recall anyone ever referencing The Elder Scrolls as Scrolls.It's always been either TES or just the sub titles like Morrowind/Daggerfall/Oblivion.
It's like Blizzard suing every company that uses World in their titles name, not to mention such obvious similarities like World Of Tanks or World of Airplanes.

To be fair, when I saw that Notch's new game was going to be called Scrolls, my mind immediately flashed to The Elder Scrolls. I can see why the lawyers would notify him, but I don't think anything will come of it; it's just lawyers covering all their bases and being, well, lawyers. Considering that we haven't gotten any updates since then, I don't think either company is making a big deal of it.

Scizophrenic Llama:
Aside from waiting on word from Bethesda, Notch said he'll be making a blog post about the situation when he gets home, so I'd keep an eye on that.

I find it rather silly, especially since newer Elder Scrolls games have been associated with the subtitle name, I bring up Elder Scrolls and 60% of the time I get asked, "What is that?" and have to respond with Oblivion and then they go, "Oh!"

I also doubt a card game and open world RPG will have much of a consumer clash.

So true.
In fact for a while, I honestly thought Elder Scrolls 4 was simply called Oblivion.

Epic fail. This might sucede, but there'll still be a bunch of boycotting.

Hopefully this has nothing to do with Bethesda Game Studios.

How about Notch finish minecraft first before he starts the next project?

Wait scratch that. Notch should just finish minecraft then leave it at that. Minecraft was a once in a life time fluke on his part and he will never make anything as great or as popular ever again. He should just finish the game. Sell the IP and and then run for his life.

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