Miracle of Sound to Premiere Mass Effect Song Live with BioWare

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Miracle of Sound to Premere Mass Effect Song Live with BioWare


The Escapist's own Gavin Dunne will appear on stage with BioWare and premiere the video for his new song "Normandy."

The story behind Miracle of Sound is probably one of the coolest I've heard in a long while. Gavin Dunne began posting his original songs about videogames on The Escapist forums under the username Miracle of Sound. We all fell in love with his catchy tunes just like the rest of you and started producing music videos for his songs to host on our site every Wednesday. Among the following of fans that Gavin has gathered to his Miracle of Sound banner is none other than that Canadian developer of RPGs - BioWare. Next week, Gavin will appear on stage with BioWare staff at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany to answer a few questions and show off the video for his new song.

Called "Normandy," the song is based on the plot hooks in Mass Effect 2. This song is not the first time that Gavin has honored the Mass Effect universe as "Commander Shepard" also dealt with the eponymous hero. The video for "Normandy" won't premiere on The Escapist until August 24th so people at GamesCom will get a significant preview.

We're also happy to announce that a Miracle of Sound CD with all of the songs that Gavin has written to date including "Mining All Day Long" (Minecraft) and "Wheatley's Song" (Portal 2) - as well as some his earlier songs - will be available to purchase in September. Not only that, but a DVD compilation of the first ten episodes of Miracle of Sound will be available.

The Escapist is super-excited for Gavin to appear on stage with BioWare at GamesCom. If you happen to be in Cologne next week, be sure to attend the BioWare panel to see one of The Escapist's own living large like a rock star!

Congratulations, Gavin!


That's really cool, congratz, Gavin!!

Pfft, I taught the guy everything he knows and this is how he repays me!?

Congratulations, dude! You really deserve all the attention you are getting. I hope you have tons of fun there!

Cool news and shit. I'll get the album. MAYBE. If I feel like it.

But two corrections:

Video FOR his new song Normandy.

And his videos are Weds, not Friday.

Im a little bit sad that he wont be doing his commander shepard song live at the con, but its still pretty awesome!
Congratulations, Gavin!

Cheers, bro. Very happy to see you make such amazing progress so fast.

Also, major thumbs up to BioWare.

I always knew he'd make it big!

Congratulations man!

Isn't it 'premier'?

I like Gavin. He's a nice guy.

And talented, of course.

Congrats Gav :)

Gavin, well done! :)

You deserve the spot! Hope you'll have tons of fun there!

Normally I don't post on News Room threads, but I will on this to express how I feel.

I believe that sums up how I feel for the most part.


Oh, and of course a MAJOR thumbs up to Gav on this. Seriously, great job you've been doing man. You're deserving of all of these breaks your getting. Keep it up!

The fact that he's doing a song is cool. But Normandy'll never be better than Commander Shephard...

Epic news are epic.

Gratz Gavin, you really deserve this =)

Wow, that's awesome. Congrats man.

You deserve it Gavin! I hope it goes great for you and wish you many more awesome songs!

Obviously this means that the Commander Shepard theme will be in Mass Effect 3. Undoubtedly.

Can I get a major fuck yeah! :'D Congrats, bro.

Congrats Gav! You deserve this and more.

Obviously this means that the Commander Shepard theme will be in Mass Effect 3. Undoubtedly.

I certainly hope so, but it might be a bit wierd to hear it playing in a bar or something with Shepard in the room.
Crewmate: "Hey, Commander, they're playing a song about you!"
-It's nice to feel appreciated for saving all sentient life.
-Music is irrelevant. We are here to kill Reapers.
-As long as I'm getting paid for it.
-I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favorite song on the citadel!

Always room in the credits, I guess.

Awesome Gavin, best of luck, can't wait to listen to this one!

Way to go Gavin. My friends and I absolutely adore "Commander Shepard." I'm sure your new song is just as awesome!

Another Mass Effect song?! Hell yes! Can't wait to hear it. Feel like his songs have been getting better and better, and hopefully this will be a nice experience for him!

Nice one, glad that Bioware are recognising his talent, 'Commander Shepard' was such a catchy tune.

Make sure they have a free buffet first .... free food is always good.

And beer.

And peanuts to steal for the journey home.

Congratulations! Looking forward to see it.

*Little fangirlish scream. Just a tiny one.*

Wow, definite album purchase, i went on iTunes to buy all of the Miracle of Sound songs but they were all singles and was hoping for a grouped package so this is great! also congrats on making it big!


That's good to hear. Well done man.

Lookin' forward to hearing the new song.

...I still think the 'commander shepard' song should be played during the credits of Mass Effect 3. Cmon, admit it, that would be 12 shades of awesome!

This post isn't supposed to exist, please ignore it..

Congrats, Gavin! A well-deserved turn of events!

Many congratulations, friend! A great opportunity for you to increase your fame far beyond the confines of this website, and much deserved!
Just really wish I had the time to drive down there. Could have had a beer or two. (And man, do we ever have good beer. :P )

Congratulations, Gavin! Cant wait to hear Normandy.

Thanks for the kind words guys :) Means a lot to me to get the support of my friends here.

The album is really exciting for me, I've recorded albums with record labels before and they've been cancelled and ripped out of my hands just before launch, so it lovely to be finally doing something I've always dreamt of.

For those of you wanting my song to go into ME3, go here:


Again, thanks to you all. Big love :)

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