Notch Challenges Bethesda to Lawsuit Deathmatch

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the deathmatch should be televised or at least streamed
i would watch it a tdm with acctuall real world consiquences hell yes.


Lt. Vinciti:


Considering that they are first class dicks, they'd probably go with it in court.

They = Lawyer Yes?

Sounds like how it should be...a gentlemans sport to see who wins...

No, I mean Bethesda. Look up their relationship with Interplay.

Here's the short story of it if you don't know.

1.Interplay is making a Fallout MMO.
2.Interplay is nearing bankruptcy.
3.Interplay sell the Fallout licence to Bethesda, the agreement is "We make Fallout MMO, you make Fallout games."
4.Bethesda makes Fallout 3.
5.Bethesda makes millions.
6.Bethesda goes full Kotick and sues Interplay to take away the rights for the MMO.
7.Court says no.
8.Bethesda know Interplay are standing on their last leg and is suing them again hoping to drain their resources in court battle.

hold on, don't go bashing Bethesda for that, Interplay is totally at fault there. The deal was that Interplay could make a Fallout MMO, but only if it didn't use any of series' established devices. Which would seriously cripple the possibilities, and i can see where that's a dick move, but Interplay fairly sold the rights to Bethesda. who paid millions for that IP. as far as the world is concerned, interplay has nothing to do with Fallout, and never has. It must suck to sell your baby that you nutured so hard, but they did. And NOW that Bethesda brought the name back to the public eye, they want a piece of Bethesda's pie? No sir. Sorry, you're baby's been adopted. By richer, better parents that take care of it better than you obviously could you destitute schmucks. Watch from the sidelines,



A pretty badass jester from Notch, but its safe to say that Bethesda likly won't be accepting his challenge. Unfourtunate, these sorts of things would be allot more interesting and less eye rolling if they did more trials by online battle.

Rooster Cogburn:
I understand that Bethesda is taking action against Mojang because they have to

Actually, they don't. The word "Scrolls" is not their trademark, nor could it be since it's a proper noun. Just by way of comparison, TSR (yes, the original D&D people) once trademarked the word "Nazi" for their Indiana Jones RPG --- and that wasn't about to fly, either.

A trademark isn't endangered until and unless there's enough similarity that a real issue of confusion exists --- and there isn't any chance of that, here. The fact that Bethesda demanded a "pile of cash" up front also means this isn't just a cease-and-desist; it's a simple money grab.

I hope Notch takes 'em to court and thrashes 'em so hard they'll WISH they got whipped in a round of Quake.

That is just awesome, if bethesda accepts we'd better see the video of the deathmatch.

This is asinine.

You don't settle a court case by playing Quake. Legal problems are solved legally. Notch is a fool to think otherwise, even if he is joking (which, evidently, he isn't).

Well, this...this could work. I expect Bethesda might be regretting their choice of raising this issue over the negative PR it's netted them, but it's got precedent. Look at Avatar and The Last Airbender. The latter had to change its name, despite having an older source material, because the former came out first. And with Skyrim about to come out (most assuredly with The Elder Scrolls attached to it), I can sort of see where they're coming from.

But this move? I like it. It's like Thunderdome, only there's no hard feelings and neither side ends up actually dead. And, best of all, it keeps two of my favorite game producers from getting tied up in a costly legal battle.

Notch has style...
Although i can't see Bethesda taking this, even though their lawsuit holds no steam.
Anyway, this is awsome.

Notch just won respect points from me. Let them come and lose to his awesome!

I want the battle Live Streamed. This match would be something for the history books.


Now I wished all legal issues between game publishers were dealt with like this.

No seriously... if everyone settled all their differences over a game like this, how much better a place would this world be.
I had dreams of this as a kid.

"Your fence protrudes 10 centimetres on to my property."
"What the hell! It protrudes 10 centimetres on to my property!"

"Ok then, first to ten in Street Fighter 4, no character changes - winner is right."
"You're going down b!tch! My Ryu is LETHAL!"

Oh my... that is awesome! Notch is... EPIC! Hopefully Bethesda accept the challenge, only way they can regain face for such a stupid lawsuit. And screw legal process, this idea is too awesome to pass up!

King Toasty:

a ballsy move, which i appreciate, but the law student in me wants to smack notch upside the head for suggesting such a thing ha so yeah im a little torn on this

But it's perfect! It won't cost the court anything, it'll raise publicity, it'll ease tensions between studios, and it might become the new norm for game devs!

my thoughts exactly

This is an awesome idea.

Too bad Bethesda is full of dicks and they're probably just going to continue the lawsuit anyway.

I like this idea, go Notch, now if only he weren't such a dick otherwise...

This is awesome.

This is asinine.

You don't settle a court case by playing Quake. Legal problems are solved legally. Notch is a fool to think otherwise, even if he is joking (which, evidently, he isn't).

Here's the problem: Bethesda has almost no case to stand on.

This is either Mojang humilating Bethesda's lawyers further for being morons, or Notch just looking for an excuse to shoutcast a Q3 LAN.

Probably both.

Once again proving that Q3A presented the purest Death match experience possible.


Andy Chalk:

Well, Bethesda? What say you?

Considering that they are first class dicks, they'd probably go with it in court.

Well, like most of the industry, Bethasda (and Zenimax, it's parent company) has a third party to take care of copyright infridgement and other forms of legal hassles. Bethasda has little control on what that legal team does or does not do because of the contracts they have with that legal team.

Why doesn't notch sue fortresscraft because he has minecraft trade-marked?
But really, ballsy move.

Notch, you're awesome.

Why doesn't notch sue fortresscraft because he has minecraft trade-marked?
But really, ballsy move.

Because he's not a dick? He knows he's not going to lose money off it and quite frankly and indie game dev suing an indie game dev seems in bad taste.

Ah it would be awesome if they agreed. but im pretty sure the cool dev department has absolutely nothing to do with the pencil pushers in legal. So nice publicity stunt for Notch. Juvenile at best for Bethesda.


Wow I am not impressed. If they were real men they'd play a round of QuakeWorld like bad asses. Quake 3 pales in comparison.

While this is a much better way of solving their disagreements than having douchebags in expensive suits shout at each other for several hours, when I read "Lawsuit Deathmatch" I was hoping that would involve locking their respective teams of lawyers in a huge warehouse somewhere with guns and stuff and have them attempt to kill each other and whoever has the most left standing wins.

Bethesda should do it. First, this way they get publicity too. Second, it's obvious that Bethesda guys will win.

Guys, this is ABSURD. Bethesda would pummel Notch into the ground.

Best. Way. To. Settle. Anything.

Get Totalbiscuit casting this and we could have officially found a new justice system.

sounds like a cool way of doing it. however for bethesda that might bring about a president where they have to accept all challenges for quake fights for ALL copyrights sounds a bit risky for them.

THe game is called Scrolls, so its just barely a copyright-worthy claim at all.
That'd be like Microsoft and Bungie getting mad because someone named the main character of an FPS, John. Or that main character was genetically engineered to be a total badass in power armor.

OP: I certainly hope Bethesda accepts the challenge. It'd be nice to know that not everything has to be sorted out by stupid lawyers, and that the gaming industry can sort out their frivolous problems, with gaming.

BRB, Challenging Bungie to a game of Mech Assault for rights to using a giant anti-son of a bitch machine/god's own hula-hoop, for a game.

The shit is about to hit the fan!

I hope there is a video of this if it happens with a live audience with people wearing shirts of the team they want to win or something along those lines. I'd cry with joy if that actually happened.

Bethesda would never agree something like this, but I think that it is a great idea none the less... lets see who has the better gamers.

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