GLaDOS Helps Test Subject Propose to His Companion Cube

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GLaDOS Helps Test Subject Propose to His Companion Cube

You know how injecting a bit of Portal into your videogame can make it better? Well, it seems to work just fine for marriage proposals, too.

Gary Hudston commissioned talented map maker Douglas "TopHATTwaffle" Hoogland to create a sequence of Portal 2 puzzles ending in a glorious marriage proposal. He, along with Rachel "Miss Stabby" van der Meer, created the "Gary Hudston Project," which you can see in its entirety in the video above.

Spoilers: She said yes.

Hudston initially put up a want ad on June 19 on for a secret Portal 2 project. Hoogland applied for the position a month later, unsure about what it could be. After receiving all the details, he finished the project in under a month.

The levels culminate with a makeshift church, and through the voice of everyone's favorite megalomaniac GLaDOS, Gary proposed to his fiancÚ Stephanie. Yes, voice actress Ellen McLain did read the script herself.

Don't worry. Your whole "ring in the wine glass" thing is still creative and sweet.

Source: Reddit via RockPaperShotgun


Most. Romantic. Thing. Ever.

*sniff. I'm not crying, it's just something in my eye okay!

That is so sweet ;_;

Man is a fookin' genius.

That's sweet.

I think Ellen McLain is a pretty cool gal. esh helps people and doesnt afraid of anything.

A lot of guys come up with unique ways to propose, but I think this guy just won.

Great level design too.


The adorable nerdiness of it all is a bit overwhelming.

That's really clever. I'm glad she said yes.

Holy balls, that's awesome and oh so sweet.

And...Ellen Mclain actually doing the voice acting. Frikkin' AWESOME.

the most creative proposal i have ever seen. very well made and nice level design too.

wow. Just wow.

I am such a sucker for these things! If I could go back in time I would tell my husband to do something like this. Ellen McLain is freakin' awesome for helping out with this! I <3 her.

*Cries* that is so Sweet

this is Genius

Gary Hudston would like it known that while obviously the Escapist hasn't said it, many sourcess have claimed that he commissioned all who were involved, it's not so, Ellen McLain and the level designers did this all for no pay just to help a guy propose to his girl, who's called Stephanie by the way... Gonna say right now it's so cool that it's finally happened and i'm allowed to talk about it.

Really hard to say who was the most awesome person in this "project", but really for Garrys effort in creating this I would give it a 10. Specially since he got not just TopHATTwaffle (seen these "levels" great work...) but also Ellen McLain..
Just got to love how nerdy this is.

As Archemetis said, I owe it all to the help of Ellen McLain for agreeing to read my script (and absolutely rocking it, as you'd expect!) Erik Wolpaw and VALVe for making time in their busy schedules to record it and most of all to Doug "TopHATTwaffle" Hoogland and Rachel "Miss Stabby" van der Meer for utterly killing themselves for these last 6 weeks just to get it done before Stephanie's birthday. All of this out of the kindness of their hearts and sheer enthusiasm for the project!

I can't tell you all how blown away we are by the reaction to this video. Thank you all so much.

Also, thanks to Archemetis for keeping it a secret for 4 months.

Brilliant :D

Congrats to both of you.

awesome level design aswell :)

awwwww lovely <3

Skype sounds in youtube videos always annoy me makes me automatic check my own client

Edit after watching> Very very sweet :) <3 I wish them the best of luck

This is, seriously, this has made my day. This is the sweetest and most creative thing, I don't even know what to say.

What? They are manly tears, yes...

I'd have loved to have done that. Unfortunately there's noone that I want to propose to...


The adorable nerdiness of it all is a bit overwhelming.


And Ellen McLain just became more awesome, if that's even possible at this point, after that.



And Ellen McLain just became more awesome, if that's even possible at this point, after that.

Seriously, Valve and Ellen McLain just went WAY up in my eyes for helping him out like this. I have a sudden urge to throw money at them again...

And i thought making a giant picture of my wife in Minecraft as a proposal was romantic.
They just have to go and show me up with an entire portal level designed to propose.
Or getting your lover to dress as a spartan and act out a scene from RvB to propose to her.

Oh well. xD Still an amazing thing to create. ((The portal level that is.))

I absolutely loved working on this project,
So much creativity that we were able to put into it.
And then starting out with original voicework done by Ellen McLain herself...

Also aside from being a awesome proposal, it will also be something that would be a great portfolio piece that i'm proud about.

What I thought the most awesome thing was the GladOS lines... innocuous at first listening, but very well written by Gary once you think about the lines. Well played and expect that to be 'nerdiest proposal EVAR' for a good few decades.

Beautiful. Ridiculously high production values for such a small-scale project. And it's so wonderful of Ellen McLain to lend her voice to it.

I was in a bad mood and this is exactly what I needed, it's so sweet that it cheered me up.
Anyway, very great and creative way to propose to someone and it's so nice of Ellen McLain to do this and then even for free. It's hard to believe that someone so nice voices a character like GLaDOS.
With a proposal like this one, she just had to say yes.

I'm one of those people who gag at mushy, romantic stuff but this is really cool. Also, there are a couple of lines in there that were funny and worthy of being in a Portal game.

Oh my gosh :')
That was so creative and romantic (talk about thinking with portals). Wow, I had to watch it again.
Best proposal I've ever seen!

This is both amazingly wonderful on a hugely epic level, and also setting the bar so high for everyone else :P

Probably the coolest thing I'll see all week.

Valve, excuse me as I throw more money at you.

My goodness! This blows me away! This has forced me to rethink my proposal strategy! And to think I'm seeing this when I just bought the ring today!

Pretty sure that GLaDos is a she not a he btw.

Full marks to everyone involved. That was excellent in every meaning of the word.

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