GLaDOS Helps Test Subject Propose to His Companion Cube

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That was fantastic. Most creative proposal ever. No debating it.

If you the incineration room with you.

This is so going on the "Crowning Moment of Heartwarming" section of Portal's TVTropes page!

Also, I can't help but notice that this is the second proposal that I've seen in the past two weeks....WHEN IS IT MY TURN?!

*sniff* That was beautiful!

So THIS is why the DLC was delayed? More than enough of a good reason in my book!

Oh man /little tear, I would say yes too... that was...wonderful, just wonderful.

so great to read all the comments about the project.

if you wanna play it you can go here:


i did Chamber 2&3 and the onscreen animations from the last chamber.

This is funnier and sweeter than that fake Borderlands 2 announcement/Claptrap video we saw a while back. That thing ticked me off, to be honest.

I'm really glad she said yes, and I'm assuming Stephanie was a Portal 2 fan... I can only imagine the dread Garry must have been put through watching her play it. "Oh, this bit seems really hard, I might quit now." Followed by loud "ffffffffffffffffffff-" from Garry... I'm really happy for the engagement, but ever happier that she was a half decent puzzle solver. :P

"How are you with multiple choice?"

I've noticed that video games are increasingly becoming a way to show off one's affections and feelings for each other and, in some cases, propose such heartfelt questions such as this.

... It's awesome. I love Valve for helping out with this project as much as everyone else that did it. It shows that the video game companies truly do care about their customers and will help support them.

A-FREAKING-stounding. That was awesome. And I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the shape the lasers made when viewed from above. That was an excellent touch.

Extra kudos to Ellen McLain for voicing GLaDOS for this. Super-classy lady, she is.

Officially the best wedding proposal I've seen, topping the borderlands one (and that one was great)

Omfg! what I would do for such an original proposal like that.... sigh! There needs to be more creative guys out there like that

Most. Romantic. Thing. Ever.

*sniff. I'm not crying, it's just something in my eye okay!

That was amazingly sweet and touching. I didn't think you could pull off a marriage proposal from a video game but I am so glad to have been proven wrong yet again with this one and the Borderlands job as well. :D

And no, I'm not crying either, just dust on my casing and it's messing with my optics system. I'm using liquids to try and flush out said dust... It's not tears!

OT: I'm glad to hear that she said yes as well! :D

I hope she's worth it.

That made me d'aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww :D
also, the fact that they helped out for free is just amazing :)

Wow, I wish I would have thought of this when I got engaged...

One of the most Epic things I have seen in quite a while, best wishes to the couple!

I haven't played any of the Portal games (Yeah , I know) , but I know an awesome nerdy proposal when I see one , and that was absolutely awesome and touching.

and it almost made me cry , because I know I'll never be able to pull that kind of stuff in my life , ever. T_T

this man deserves much love.
fucking genius.
also, they should try and get the turrets to play at their reception.
i actually wouldnt be surprised if he was thinking about that.

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