Baltimore Comic Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Baltimore Comic Con 2011 Cosplay Gallery

Baltimore, home of delicious crab cakes and people dressed as super heroes!


I now do not want to shave off this mustache I have just so I can match Batman's

I guess since I'm going to be nearby next year, I might want to start putting a costume together, and I have a plan.

Distinguished Gentleman Batman notwithstanding, the Superwoman family photo is the best out of the bunch. The Optimus Prime Bayformer makes my Transmetal 2 Dinobot cringe.*

*(Pat yourself on the back if you remember that show.)

Baby Red 5 was so cute. :)

So...not to troll or anything but these are from the Baltimore Comic Con, you can even see a sign for it in the background of picture 10. Just as a side note, wonderful pictures and it was a great time there.

as soon as I saw red ranger..."GO GO POWER RANGERS"

I may have to save that final image for internet arguements

"Here's a picture of a Steampunk Batman. Your arguement is invalid."

Anyone else notice that Red Ranger had a huge

Anyone else notice that Red Ranger had a huge

Analysed and found to be a strategically placed pair of socks... glad I'm not the only one looking in the tight clothes for some hint of... um... blaster.

in number #10 off in the distance on the right (your right) about mid-height on the screen It appears that Blade is using a huge gun to execute someone in a blue costume who is groveling on the ground.

Dapper Batman to the rescue, I say.

Ah! Number 18 is adorable! And 19's little helmet... xD Cute!

Ok, don't have time to go through them all atm, but that red ranger custom looked like the original, at least to me.

16 is probably the best, seeing as it perfectly matches the villain from Batman: TAS. I'm probably being biased, but whatever.
Number 20 however, is the best thing I've ever seen.

Wow, Mr. Freeze looks... really buff. I mean simple costume, but I'll be damned if he hasn't pulled it off. Those goggles just make the whole thing.

Winner is clearly the Batman. Sure the outfit is crap but that moustache... That moustache wins at everything.

WTF? The Blue Beetle is actually a thing? Ive only heard of it as Dresdens car.

#7 just looks like the absolute laziest cosplay ever.

#14 made me do a double take. I thought the pink bit sticking out near Krangs mouth was the dudes wang.

Anyone else notice that Red Ranger had a huge

Thats huge?...
*pats your shoulder* There there pal. Its gonna be okay.

I am so happy that there is a steampunk Batman. It's just so... bully.

God, it feels awkward seeing costumes in The Baltimore Convention Center and knowing it's not because of Otakon.

"what ho Robin, shall we take to the night and save Gotham?"

Class, pure class!

Wow, that Stan Lee costume is impecable!!

(I would give my soul for steam-punk batmans moustache!!)

superman looks like superman :O

dapper Batman thumbs up!

The little girl in #18 REALLY looks like she doesn't want to be there.

Marvel as the Noir-Verse as their new thing. Next thing you know D.C.'s going to introduce Steam-Punk Earth. I want money for this idea D.C. you take it you contact me with some freaking offers.


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