Retro Nerds Plan World's Most Fun Museum

Retro Nerds Plan World's Most Fun Museum


After two months of fundraising, a team of dedicated retro geeks have raised enough money to amass their Amigas in the world's first Videogames History Museum.

Just under two months after creating a Kickstarter page to canvass financial support for their project, the curators of the proposed Videogames History Museum today hit (and quickly exceeded) their funding target. This success means that they can now get on with the business of transferring their 30,000 pieces of videogame history to a new, permanent site in Silicon Valley.

The three people behind the project describe the museum as the "natural" progression of their work with the Classic Gaming Expo, a huge retro gaming event that they've been hosting together since 1999. They have high hopes for the museum, writing on their Kickstarter page that they hope to build something "all-inclusive," encompassing "every game made for every system, every piece of promotional material made for each game, every revision of every console with specific notes as to the differences, the design progression, etc."

I'm having trouble even imagining walking around this place, mostly because I am so completely sold on the idea of seeing games like James Pond 2: Codename Robocod take their rightful place in the annals of gaming history. This museum would be among the first of its kind for games, archiving the evolution of the medium at the same time as allowing us to get closer to our old favorites than YouTube-trawling presently allows. Sadly, it won't be opening its doors for at least eight years, though the organizers say that the Kickstarter money will allow them to move much more of their collection around North America for display at gaming conventions and exhibitions.

Source: Kickstarter, via Edge


As I understand it, something like half of the movies produced before the 1940s simply no longer exist. There are no remaining copies in existence. We've lost a great deal of the history of early cinema and it would be a shame for the same to happen to games.

I'll have to make a trip down the next time I can! Hopefully there's some sort of membership/donation scheme by that time :)

This is more or less why I never sell my games or old systems. Even if I don't play them anymore I like to think I'm preserving history a bit (and they're fun to look at ^^).

I* swear something like this already existed...

I donated! And I'll have a pretty pin to show for it (er, in about eight years).

Will there be a console for every game ever made?

And as always all the cool gaming shit in the world is nowhere near me. Have to move one day. This looks like it could be fun though. Would be nice to have a look at all the old games in real life.

There's a museum like that in Croatia, Peek&Poke, in the city of Rijeka. It opened in 2007, and to quote the about us info on the web, "Opened on 22nd of September 2007, Club PEEK&POKE is one of the few permanent displays of vintage computing technology in Europe."

Here's the web site,

Steve Lovell:
Will there be a console for every game ever made?

That just seems unnecessary... apart from arcade games.

OT: Good luck finding all the obscure games out there... With some luck they'll get games donated to them, that or they could advertise they want to buy a certain game they know they missed.

Not really the first, but it's always nice to see more permanent exhibitions.
Although it's surprising that the US of all places has taken so long to build one.

Steve Lovell:
Will there be a console for every game ever made?

I guess they'll cycle exhibitions, few museum can actually display all the stuff they own.

whoa that's intense. a whole lot to cover haha


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