Team Bondi, Black Rock Studios Close Their Doors

Team Bondi, Black Rock Studios Close Their Doors


Two major development houses are now closed: LA Noire creator Team Bondi and Split/Second developer Black Rock Studios.

Those of you keeping close tabs on the Sydney, Australia-based Team Bondi shouldn't be surprised by this revelation. Yesterday, we brought word that the company had been placed in administration. Now, according to, it seems that the company's offices have gone dark and are now up for lease.

"This recently refurbished commercial office floor is located in Ultimo / Pyrmont and is available for the first time in over 5 years. The building has a vast floor plate of over 3300 square metres which allows any large business or corporation to utilize only 1 floor and have all staff located together," says the ad, alongside an image of the building and its absurd curbside hill.

Team Bondi has stated no interest in issuing any sort of official announcement regarding the closure.

On the opposite side of the once grand British imperium, lies developer Black Rock Studios. You know them best as the Disney-owned firm responsible for the surprisingly excellent Pure and the also quite good, but apparently not as lucrative as one might hope racing game Split/Second.

According to former Black Rock game director Nick Baynes, it too has closed its doors. "@blackrockster officially closes it's doors today. Thoughts go out to all facing their last day. A bright future awaits all though I'm sure!" Baynes tweeted this morning.

Unfortunately, this too comes as little shock. In July, Disney announced that the studio's latest project had been rejected, and that the firm was to be shuttered. Since that time, various Black Rock employees have struck out on their own, creating not one, but two new gaming studios. As Gamasutra points out, this includes the smartphone-focused ShortRound Games and the as yet mysterious Roundcube.

As far as we are aware, neither Team Bondi, nor Black Rock Studios was working on anything of note when they were closed.

It's always a shame when a gaming firm shuts down, and our condolences go out to the employees of both Team Bondi and Black Rock Studios.


That's a shame. I liked both of those games that were mentioned, and looked forward to more from both companies. Of course, Split/Second didn't seem to do very well. As for Bondi closing down... that's pretty surprising really. They're game was a major hit, wasn't it? I suppose with all the issues they had with their publisher it shouldn't be too surprising, but still...

Great news, I feel that we needed another realistic special forces war game instead of something different for the game industry.

So... that means we're not getting a PC version of L.A. Noire? D=

It's sad to see Bondi go. But at least they got to see L.A. Noire finish, a game that at one point didn't seem like it was going to be made.

Really? Sad about Team Bondi? The Escapist, and most of the rest of the gaming press, lampooned them not too long ago for being draconian employers.

Didn't know Black Rock as I play very few racing games but a quick look at youtube and Pure does seem cool; Tony Hawk mixed with racing quad bikes, sounds gooood. So, that's a genuine shame :(

Really? Sad about Team Bondi? The Escapist, and most of the rest of the gaming press, lampooned them not too long ago for being draconian employers.

Not sure of all the details, but I was under the impression that the hate was directed towards Brendan McNamara, not the whole of Team Bondi. Which would mean it's a shame that the whole company had to suffer because of one dude who was a little more hardcore than others cared for.

And speaking of which, where the hell is he, anyway? I haven't heard a word about him since this "Team Bondi Is In Trouble" news started coming up.

So... that means we're not getting a PC version of L.A. Noire? D=

Last I checked, Rockstar is finishing that off amd it's getting released in September.

OT: Not surprised about Team Bondi. Everything I've heard about them over the last few months led me to the conclusion that they would, "[adopts Chicago accent] Never work in this town again!" It's a shame nonetheless, though.

Still thoroughly depressed about Black Rock shutting down. Split/Second is still the second best non-Codemasters racing game of this generation and I was hoping for some sequels. Shame. R.I.P.


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