Steam User Finds Misogynistic "Joke" Buried in Dead Island Code [UPDATED]

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Logan Westbrook:
We've reached out to Techland to see if it has any comment on this discovery and will update when and if we hear anything back.

The Escapist has resources to waste apparently.

Now, I'm wondering how the hell this site is having trouble paying its dues.

How many "resources" does it take to send an email? Believe it or not, you don't have to sacrifice a goat to get in touch with a company's PR department.

Edit: Mod ninja! That is your new nickname!

I think the appropriate punishment for the programmer should be a slap round the back of the head and everyone getting on with their lives.


Hahaha that's pretty good. What? I can't laugh at this?

I'm kind of following this train of thought. As much as I'm not saying "yup, sexism is A-ok!" I am saying that it can be funny sometimes. Everything can be funny. What's the difference between making a joke about Canada and making a joke about feminists? Just because now suddenly it's not right? That's to say that making fun of Canada is totally fine. Seems like a way to make mountains out of molehills to me.

Welcome to the Escapist, home to the very mountainous region of molehills. Let's scream for the crucifixion of this guy simply because he had a non-PC joke thrown into some line of coding for a video game. We're so quick to pass judgement on people these days, even the people giving us the games we love to enjoy everyday.

Much like other "equal rights" movements, feminism tends to follow the misguided notion that "equal" and "same" are the same thing.

While this is..."unfortunate", I'd like to note that the joke, when associated with the ability, is on the whole, actually funny because of how ridiculously inappropriate it is. To be offended by this is to forget that life isn't PC and that trying to punish somebody for something that hasn't actually harmed anybody's perception of women is kind of crazy. If anything, it just makes it harder for men (especially those in the gaming industry) who constantly try to avoid having the woman abuser label slapped on them. However, I'd be perfectly fine with having "misogynistic pig" coded into something like, say, Duke Nukem.

It feels like they went out of their way to scold this guy about something that was never really intended to be part of the presentation of the product, and as "unprofessional" as it is to have left it in, I think that public opinion works too far in both directions to ever be considered just.

But yeah, he really should have kept that idea to himself.

It's really not a big deal.

Oh, c'mon, he didn't even use the c-word.

I mean "cunt", not "concupiscence".


Logan Westbrook:

I'd imagine - or hope, at least - that this is some really, stupendously, dumb in-joke at Techland, and not indicative of someone's actual attitudes.

Putting aside personal opinions about feminism for a moment, I see statements like this a lot. Statements that boil down to "I hope he's joking". Do you really live in such a cultural bubble that the very idea of someone unironically having anti-feminist attitudes is absurd to you? Ivory tower, much?

Wait, you're attacking me over this? The mind boggles.

To answer your question, yes I can imagine someone being a dyed in the wool misogynist, but it seemed a lot more likely that it was just some private joke that no one was meant to see. And as it turns out that's exactly what it was, so my supposition wasn't all that unreasonable, was it?

I feel it a bit of an insult that, a guy is going to be punished for this mostly due to media outlets, like the escapist, overreacting to this kind of thing.

A development team has in jokes?


Not all of them are PC?

You don't say!

Seriously, it's like people getting up in a tiffy about Halo's .ass file errors.

That's some pretty offensive language there for an in-joke even in the dev version. Worst part after its content? It's not funny, just mean. You bet there should be some consequences.

Mister Linton:
Much like other "equal rights" movements, feminism tends to follow the misguided notion that "equal" and "same" are the same thing.

If you make up whatever you want and call that "feminism," it's pretty easy to hate feminism. It's also a lot faster and easier than knowing what you're talking about.

Seriously? I don't care I'll never see it, and I'd rather just enjoy the games then have everyone get up in arms about one insult

Logan Westbrook:
Tucked away in the code for Purna's - a former cop, turned bodyguard - skills is an entry for a skill called "FeministWhorePurna." Steam user AlekseiVasiliev discovered the entry, and posted it to the official Steam forums. It's thought that the entry refers to Purna's "Gender Wars" skill, which grants her a bonus to the damage she deals to male zombies.

So, a sexist skill gets a sexist tag?

Big fucking deal.

Reckon there'd be this outcry if a coder had left rapist_thug_guy in reference to a male characters "Pimp Hand Strong" skill which increases the damage done to females? For some reason I doubt it.

Query: Why exactly was someone thumbing through the source code? Were they really that bored?
I mean, if it was still in the game, yeah, I'd be offended, and I'm a guy.

But seriously?

Something so far out of the way, and probably wouldn't have been noticed if someone would just play the damn game, has now been irreversibly plastered on The Escapist's forums for any and all to make into a big ol' snowball.
I'm not a fan of racism, misogyny, what have you, in any form, be it game movie or otherwise, but this is kind of... well... stupid.

How can you be a feminist whore?

I'm pretty sure those two would cancel each other out. Silly Techland programmer.

You can get away with anything these days. But if you insult a certain group of people that's worse than murder. You can justify murder, but you can't justify an insult, because the victim is still alive. Lesson: Be sure to kill those you insult.
At least people won't bother you much. People are becoming gentle and fragile as flowers. I wouldn't mind it that much if those flowers didn't stink.

When are people going to realize that insulting someone doesn't mean anything? Insults don't do anything, they don't change anything. Just ignore them and it will be as they never happened. It is THAT simple. Give them attention, and they will flourish. Insults are like trolls in that way. And we all know you should never feed the troll. I'm tired of this sensationalist bullshit. It reminds me of Fox News. Not everything is news you know. Sometimes it's better to ignore things.

Query: Why exactly was someone thumbing through the source code?

Because the game is a broken buggy mess and people were looking for tweaks and fixes to make it playable. People have done that with tons of games. Most recent in my memory is Alpha Protocol.

How can you be a feminist whore?

I'm pretty sure those two would cancel each other out. Silly Techland programmer.

You can't look for sense in slurs motivated by prejudice. Plenty of women are called "whores" for things that have nothing to do with their sexual choices or even for choosing not to have sex with someone. It's not meant to be substantive. It's meant to demean the person and tie that to her sex.

Assassin Xaero:
I bet if it said something against men on a male character, like "pig", nobody would say a thing about it being bad.

You are quite incorrect. I believe either sex can celebrate their own sex without it being considered a way to shame or demean the others. We have guys that celebrate their Masculinity, and women that celebrate Feminism. And them doing that doesn't necessarily mean they hate men. I celebrate my feminity, and I cheer on my fiance in his own ways of appreciating his sex.

We have Black History Month, festivals celebrating many cultures, but as long as it is done in the manner of celebrating their state of being instead of demeaning other beliefs or states of being.

Some girls and women misinterpret Feminism as GIRLS ARE SUPERIOR type thing. Same as guys believing Males are superior. I believe in equality in many forms. Treating any sex as the lesser is completely shortsighted.

I'm of the female variety and this doesn't bother me at all.

And there is a long range of what is considered "feminist."
Most feminists are totally rational and mellow- some even think the "feminist cause" is actually bad for the "feminist cause.", its just you never hear about them because they don't go around shoving their views down everyone throats.

Its like normal religious followers vs Negative Radicals. Not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all Christians are hateful racist rednecks.

I wish people would stop getting upset over everything whenever they can.
I hate butthurt people, because I get butthurt over butthurt people. =(

I see nothing wrong with this. When I was on Too Human, there was an issue with a console displaying a Chuck Norris joke in runes.

There are two facts that I can't ignore here. 1. Work is stressful and sitting in front of a screen typing code for 40-80 hours a week is soul-crushing, and 2. It's a proven fact that males can relieve stress in the workplace through conduct others might deem inappropriate (Swearing, rude jokes). Hell, I work for a shipping company now, and everyone names their tape guns with inside jokes. I named mine Team America (my favorite movie) and just by seeing the words written on the gun every time I used it made me feel just a little better because of it reminding me of the movie. It doesn't make a ton of sense logically, but I see no reason why this guilty code-monkey couldn't have his day brightened just a little every time he went over a section of code. Going "lol femwhore" a few times a day easily could be enough to make it through such tedious work, even if it's not what you believe in real life.

I wish people would stop getting upset over everything whenever they can.
I hate butthurt people, because I get butthurt over butthurt people. =(

The game's already out. Nobody's depriving you of anything.

So I gotta ask: What is it about other people challenging sexist slurs that makes you feel you have to circle the wagons?

vvv You too. I defy you to write a coherent answer.

Oh wow, another insignificant little detail that should have been even found because I hate this drama bullshit. Fuck feminists, seriously. There's nothing admirable about their goals anymore and I certainly wont go up in arms if some random programmer spills a little truth into the game code.

Assassin Xaero:
I bet if it said something against men on a male character, like "pig", nobody would say a thing about it being bad.

Sounds about right to me. Feminists killed chivalry!

After I read this, my gold fish died of cancer. Why didn't the programmer consider the catasrophic damage they would cause by using this offensive language to describe a gender specific skill which ironically empowers the opposing sex in coding that no one was ever meant to see?

In other news, everyone got offended when a radical Muslim leader was killed with the phrase; Geronimo. And then my frog got run over by a truck.

I feel like if we post any random phrase from a teenage girls diary that the world might implode upon itself with rage. And my ant farm will spontaneously burst into flames.

Why oh why can't people consider the feelings of every other demographic in the world before they open their mouth! I'm starting to run out of pets!

Its just a stupid joke so I don't really care. THough of course some people are going to read too much into it.


I wish people would stop getting upset over everything whenever they can.
I hate butthurt people, because I get butthurt over butthurt people. =(

The game's already out. Nobody's depriving you of anything.

So I gotta ask: What is it about other people challenging sexist slurs that makes you feel you have to circle the wagons?

vvv You too. I defy you to write a coherent answer.

Depriving me? What? Did I say anything along those lines?

On topic though, nothing really. It was mostly an exaggeration on my part, and a more general comment about how I view a lot of these situations. I think people get upset and offended all the time over things they could just brush off because they weren't even a personal attack on the people who were offended. It wasn't 100% just for this situation.

You disagree with me? Are you offended by this obvious joke?

oh techland.
you haven't changed a bit since i worked with you on COJ3.

so, how are those "features" regarding tipped mountains (which are obvious bugs you don't want to fix) coming along?


Probably just a joke, just something they put in as a placeholder.

Oh come on, it's Techland. These are the guys that made the racially insensitive unintentionally hilarious Call of Juarez: The Cartel.

At this stage you're meant to just roll your eyes, have a good laugh and ruffle their hair while going "Oh, you!".

Totally not cool and yet another reason there definitely need to be more women in the industry.

That said, professional consequences seems a little extreme. The guy f'd up for sure but I don't think this is something that should put his career in jeopardy.

So it's a mean joke--big deal. It's also funny.



Believing in equality between genders =/= feminist.

Anyone who labels them self with a gender specific philosophy is just as bad.

Incorrect. The actual definition of feminism is that both genders are treated equally. This HASN'T HAPPENED YET, and females are still at a disadvantage.

Having taken the time to read as much as I can on both sides of the fence. I'm gonna with no. Women are at very least equal if not have it slightly better. Though that thought may be compounded by most feminist sites not siting anything they say with actually solid research.

The only case I could find that had any merit that feminism is tackling is rape cases. But rather than addressing rape objectively they choose to pinpoint in on making it easier to convict. Under the current system if you are accused of rape your pretty well boned. At very least as a man your name will be dragged through the dirt. There has been cases that because of false accusation rape trials men have lost their jobs, Wife, children. All because if you accuse a man of rape in the US even with little to no proof. it gets thoroughly investigated. And since today's gender roles picture men as the aggressor and women as the victim. Being accused of rape is almost as having actually committed a crime. That isn't fair and feminism is pushing to make convicting people even easier??? *sigh* also there are more rapes in US prisons than there is worldwide for women. wouldn't that be an easier case to solve?

Anyway I'm sorry to have gone so far off topic with these posts. As for the OT I find it more amusing that some guy found that code like a day after release than the code actually being there. :P lolz



I like how people who say this are men and have never experienced personally misogyny and is probably bitter because women won't sleep with him. Grow up man if you acted a little nicer to women maybe, just maybe you will find someone who will not reject you.

As a rather openly irrelgious person in the American Deep South, I can personally testify that I have been discriminated against, and the victim of "hate speech". And you know what? I don't give a shit. When people seriously call me a heathen or tell me I am going to hell, or say things like "Oh, I used to think so much higher of you before I learned you were an atheist/agnostic/whatever," or "I don't know if I can be friends with you anymore," I don't fucking care. They're just words said by people who I have zero concern with. If I can get past people acting like an asshole towards me for my beliefs, then I think women can get past a few misogynistic jokes every here and there.

Are women and feminist so sensitive that a silly joke in a video game is some how deeply offensive to them? Seriously. Stop making mountains out of molehills. Either laugh at the joke, or move on. It's nothing to get so flustered about.

And just because I don't think misogyny is a problem means women won't sleep with me? What kind of fucking logic is that? Oh right. It's not logic.

No what I was saying is that people who think misogyny doesn't exist or is not a big deal often have problems with women themselves, and since you are commenting on a site that mainly deals with video games I am assuming like most of us here you have been rejected or ignored by women from a young age. That period of development can seriously affect your views on gender roles and probably think that women tend to get certain preferred treatments due to men, including you and me, lusting after them and should have no right to complain when a man commits an act of misogyny. I may be wide of the mark but I doubt it.

But what you seem to forget is that misogyny is not just words like your pathetic discrimination about being an atheist or whatever, misogyny leads to physical abuse, lower pay, intimidation and bullying. And as a so called victim of hate speech at the time I bet you thought that it was a big deal I would think that you would have some sympathy for people who have the same experience. But I guess not, it's almost like you're making up the fact you were persecuted, but why would someone do that?

But screw it I'll never change your mind because you'll never experience true discrimination for what you are or what your skin color is so this is a wasted exercise in futility.

That is pretty low...

1st off let me point a few things out to you. You do NOT get payed less. The gender gap is a myth and has been proven wrong 100 times. Yes on average women get payed less than men. But that is because women favor jobs with flexibility and are less aggressive about asking for pay rises. Also they are much more likely to forsake their career for family than men.

2nd physical abuse is a two way street. It happens to both men and women equally. What doesn't happen equally is the conviction rates for such offenses or any crime in general. Men have on average x3 harsher sentences for the same crimes than women. including men taking up 99% of death row cases. But Feminism which is supposed to be about being equal never brings any of this up.

And 3rd everyone gets bullied and intimidated saying someone elses mistreatment is somehow less than women's just because is kinda lame. Long story short no i do not think women have it worse these days. I also know that in some situations they have it worse than men. but the difference is men dont have a ridiculously active movement pushing their rights.

If you identify as a feminist I'm going to associate you with the feminist movement. Which is blatantly a women's rights movement and couldn't care less about men. If you want equality your backing the wrong boat.

source -


Who gives a shit about misogyny?

exactly. yahtzee, i believe, said that a truly tolerant society is one where we can mock everyone equally without anyone getting massively offended.

Easy to say when you haven't been the one suffering due to centuries of institutionalized misogyny that affects everything from the way you are expected to act, dress, to the career you can obtain and the rank you can reach, etc.

The problem with things like racism/mysogyny/homophobia/etc isn't just that racist/sexist/homophobic comments are insulting to a group of people (which sucks in its own right, but everyone gets insulted at some point, so no big deal); it's that these insults have been used for centuries as ways of putting groups of people down and painting them as unqualified to do certain things, or too stupid/crazy/weak/perverted/etc to function at the same level as other people who haven't been oppressed as much (mostly white heterosexual males). And by painting them as such, people have justified de facto discrimination for centuries, because these insults evolve into stereotypes which evolve into expectations that people in power can use to judge and oppress those without as much power.

In this example, the term is "feminist whore"; the term "whore" has a centuries-long history of being used to demean women who explore sexual options not considered the norm for females (implying that it's not right for women to sleep around as much as men, that it messes up their purity; something you still see to some degree in society today). So when you call someone a whore, all that connotation goes along with your statement; aside from just accusing the woman of sleeping around, you've used this word that basically implies that this woman has less of a right to do so that any man, that she should be having sex less because it's not right for women to want to have a lot of sex, that purity is being tarnished by her actions, etc. History DOES matter, because people have been using this word to tell women to stop having a lot of (and often any) sex, and it has shaped a society that still, to this day, considers a woman who sleeps around to be worse than a man who sleeps around (hence why there are so many adjectives for a woman who does it, and little to no adjectives for a man who does the same), and forces women to adhere to this constraint accordingly. By continuing to use the word, you still reinforce this history, even if all you want to do is insult the woman for sleeping around (which in and of itself, again, isn't the issue).

By attaching "feminist" to it like an adjective, it appeals to hated stereotypes of feminists (that they're awful mysandrists who don't deserve respect, etc). People think calling someone a feminist whore is funny because for decades most people painted ANY feminist (including the sane ones who actually want equal rights) as women who only want special treatment, who don't deserve to be treated any better than they are now, etc, to the point where when you think of "feminist," this is what you expect to get, even if you've never met one before. Not only that, but when someone says something about women's rights, people start to assume they are feminists, and they anticipate this sort of behavior even before the person has even had a chance to explain that they aren't looking for diminished male rights. That in and of itself is powerful stuff.

I will say that I don't think the example in this article is egregious enough to warrant widespread anguish and anger, and while it was completely unprofessional, I wouldn't say it was necessarily done with mysogynist intentions. HOWEVER, the notion that we can just forget about centuries of history, when that very history still profoundly affects the living conditions of many groups of people who still don't receive equal treatment, is a willingness to be willfully ignorance of the problems they suffer from, and is a cop-out. And just because some of us are privileged enough to be able to forget that history and therefore have the privilege of using these words while forgetting the context from which they arose, not everyone is that lucky, and it's basic human decency to be willing to be at least somewhat sensitive of that.


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