Dead Avengers Game Haunts Us From Beyond The Grave

Dead Avengers Game Haunts Us From Beyond The Grave

Footage of THQ Studio Australia's cancelled Avengers movie tie-in game surfaces on Youtube and, in defiance of all natural law, it looks brilliant.

Okay, so movie tie-ins don't have the best of reputations, and I don't think I've ever come across a good game with Iron Man in it that didn't have Versus Capcom in the title, but this brief collection of early footage shows some real potential. The cancelled Avengers game was a first person brawler/shooter with an emphasis on four-player co-op. While some of the more obscure Avenger seem to be missing - or they simply hadn't been added yet considering the game's early state - we do get to see figurative and literal heavy hitters Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk, leaping around dispensing fist-shaped and laser guided justice unto various Skrulls. Admittedly Cap's shield-chucking looked a bit on the weak side, but Iron Man and the Hulk looked like an absolute blast to play as they bounced enemies back and forth and set them up for contextual special moves.

Sadly, while the Avengers movie is still on track for its May 4, 2012 release, for whatever reason this game won't be launching alongside it. An odd decision, considering it's not like an Avengers tie-in would somehow not make money regardless of its quality, but alas, it was not to be.

Source: PC Gamer


So what we're getting the Skrulls in the film. Also this actually looked pretty damn good, weird that this is the first first person superhero game (I've seen) when you'd think mroe would be since the general premise is being the hero.

There were quite a few good Iron Man games, surprisingly.

Marvel Super Heroes (Though that's probably cheating)

Captain America and the Avengers wasn't TOO bad.

And then there's Tony Hawkes Underground (really) and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.

The rest of his appearances have been pretty shitty though, and no 3D ones.

It looks like it may have been something different, and flying around as Iron Man may have been fun. The high point is definitely the Super Skrull's finishing moves based on hero teams. That was cool.

Have to say I'm not a fan of the whole first person aspect.The view as the Hulk reminded me a little too much of another recent video gaming unpleasantness (rhymes with Fluke Puke 'em More never). But besides that, it looked alright.

I don't care how it looks, it's a tie-in movie game and it would have sucked regardless. It's a law, or something. (This law doesn't apply to tie-ins that don't come out the same time.)
Also, try to imagine that gameplay repeated ad infinitum and tell me how fun those finishers seems then.

Captain America and the Avengers was an awesome beat em up

One of the best of the genre

After seeing this a few weeks ago, it prompted me to pick up Marvel Ultimate Alliance again, which is still an awesome Avengers game.

Excluding that fact that it's a movie tie-in, I would have given this game the benefit of the doubt and say that a 1st-person Avengers game would have been interesting. But then again, my mind just can't process "1st-person Hulk".

I don't know it looks odd, I wouldn't say good or bad just odd.

Obviously incomplete/unpolished, but it definitely looks like it had potential. A definite step away from Ultimate Alliance's formula. Shame it won't come to fruition - I might have actually bought this one.

Looks cool, however what will the plot be for the movie? An Alien Invasion by Skrull? Who is Skrull?

Fucking THQ! I'd buy THAT. That alone makes me want to spend my money right now! This is my new Starcraft Ghost. My new Star Fox 2. Seriously, who the hell cancelled that?! GRAH!!

edit: Showed my GF the video on the Ewe-Toobs and she thought it had great potential. Then I told her it was cancelled and RAGE!!

Odd choice to cancel the game when it looked like it had potential. Dah well. We move on I suppose...and continue playing poor movie tie-in games...*sigh*

The video has been taken down :(

Damn you, copy-right claims!

Captain America's shield throwing looked fiiiiiine.
You're off your rocker finding something to complain about. If anything the melee combos were really repetitive- which makes sense for a pre-alpha game tho.

well maybe they killed the game to make room for a better one...... hopefully one thats split screen and 3rd person. hey a guy can wish

Wait, a movie licensed game that looks fun?
Oh, it got cancelled?
Yeah...I'm not surprised. Let's just hope the Avengers game they do come up with isn't some lame GoW wannabe.

Maybe the only people who could make good movie tie-in games know enough to assume such a game would be bad without giving themselves a chance, leaving the people who don't know better (and who won't be careful) to make such games.

This is just a little pesimistic thought I choose to share, I prefer to be more optimistic usually.

damn video taken down :(
But if others say a movie game with actual potential shocked me. :O
why must lots of good things with potential get cancelled and some sh!tty brown shooter go ahead. -_-
bloody money grubbers. >.>

There were quite a few good Iron Man games, surprisingly.


And then there's Tony Hawkes Underground (really) and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.


Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance 2 are both pretty good for multiplayer... they're something my daughter and I can play together co-op and we both have fun.


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