Diablo 3 "Feels Even Better" With a Controller

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I may actually have to see what this whole "El Diablo" thing is all about when this comes out...



Wrong. Six. And even then, the fastest way to access skills on a controller only allows 4. And it's slower than it is on PCs.

o.0? wot ...
try 6 easy to use buttons at any given time, so in just using the 4 face buttons and both shoulder buttons your golden far as skills go, assuming there's a normal non skill, one skill can easily be moved to a trigger button

with quick slot items stuffed on the D pad and those near useless buttons under the sticks

see? not even out yet and i have a set up

though ironically, still not getting it
(just providing a scheme for those that are, and wondering how it'd work)

That's just as counter intuitive as having 4 spell slots for the 1-2-3-4 buttons, and 2 more for the side buttons on the mouse. And that's extremely counter intuitive, considering the buttons are in a completely different arrangement and position.

You're getting too hung up on the number part. That's the purpose I also wrote "quickly". Guessing through your spells because the selection is counter intuitive is not quick in any sense of the word.

one would assume that you know what is mapped where if your setting up the controls so which ever is 'quicker' is kinda moot as its more a memory issue then.

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