Mojang and Bethesda Are Going to Court

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...i love notch xP that quote made my day



Blizzard should also sue Mojang because Warcraft sounds remarkably similar to Minecraft.

See funnily enough I actually HEARD someone confuse these two.

No one calls the Elder scrolls game by 'ElderScrolls: [Insert title here], they call it by the [Insert title here].

It's a joke. I don't play Mojang's games. I'm not a fan, but I know enough to see when one company is being a dick. And it really is that cut and dry. And how could you have turned down a publicity stunt like a resolution via Quake Deathmatch? I mean seriously. Are drugged monkeys head of their legal department?

No, they're just not affiliated with marketing, and want to actually do something.

Hoping Notch wins the lawsuit or at least comes out unscathed.

A sneaky idea just occurred to me. Most reactions I've seen to this news have followed Notch's reaction to the lawsuit, that this event is just "lawyers being lawyers", castigating Bethesda for being tone-deaf to the public reaction. But someone pointed out that this lawsuit decision didn't come from Bethesda, the game studio, but from ZeniMax, the parent company. ZeniMax is a commercial enterprise that has acquired several game studios, including id Software, Arkane Studios, MachineGames, Tango Gameworks & Vir2L Studios, besides Bethesda. Mojang is a game studio. What if this lawsuit is ZeniMax's idea of a stick, and an acquisition deal is their idea of a carrot?

Good for Bethesda.

Dear Bethesda: After this is over,Push Zenimax off of a goddamn cliff for being morons.

Remember kids,Bethesda isn't to blame here,Zenimax was just having a hissy fit because one word in IT'S best selling franchise is in a completely different game in genre and asthetics.

XT inc:
I hope Mojang Wins, not because they made minecraft, but Because I think Bethesda are being complete morons and in their own way Insulting consumers intellegence.

Game is callsed Scrolls, Those dumb customers might think its our game and it isn't we better spend a ton on legal fees to sort this out.

The Ironic thing is most people I know, know of the elder scrolls games, and Can Identify them, but they call the game by its subtitle. It isnt The Elderscrolls 3,4 and five it is Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

Im also excited for scrolls because Apparently Jerry holkins of Penny arcade wrote for it.

yeah i know about 30 ppl who have played the elder scrolls games and not a one of them new what i was talking about when i asked then how they liked elder scrolls 3 etc

Dear Bethesda: After this is over,Push Zenimax off of a goddamn cliff for being morons.

Remember kids,Bethesda isn't to blame here,Zenimax was just having a hissy fit because one word in IT'S best selling franchise is in a completely different game in genre and asthetics.

Err... ZeniMax Media is basically Bethesda Softworks.

Or rather, it is a shell created for the company so that it could encompass more than the original game studio did. It was founded by Bethesda's founder.

I'm curious, has anybody ever called the TES games by their full name (eg The Elder Schrolls: Morrowind) over their respective subtitles?

Actually, my friends and I just call each games Scrolls. Not even Elder Scrolls, just Scrolls. Oddly enough, it creates a lot of confusion when you call a game by one damn word. We also refer to each installment of Lord of the Rings as "Rings" and we also call every book of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, "of".

In Australia we have a clause that makes it illegal to copyright anything that could be interpreted as 'generic descriptive'. There was a case not long ago where an American company tried to sue an Australian company for using the word Ugg Boots, which the American company held copyright for. The term scrolls is surely generic descriptive Mojang, take em to court in Australia!

I know what Mojang is really thinking about this whole ordeal...


LOL this is hilarious, fighting copyright is really dumb. Sorry everyone but mojang will suffer some money loss most likely. Just accepting things works better then fighting something so dumb.

Damn, what pricks Bethesda are. My god I hope the lose this one, go Mojang!

I think I broke something headdesking that hard.

Really, Bethesda? Really? Are you going to sue every game that has the word 'scrolls' as an item in it, too? Because I really think D&D beat you to that one, guys.

I'm a huge fan of bethesda games and quite dislike minecraft and Mojang's way of doing things, but this lawsuit is pretty stupid, and there's no way bethesda would win such a ridiculous case on a swedish court.

You know, I love Bethesda, but this is really stupid. They should have gone with Notch's idea of a duel. That was fair AND in good fun. Bethesda, from a neutral point of view, does not really have any grounds for this. I mean, I've looked at the "Scrolls" logo. Looks absolutely nothing like "The Elder Scrolls", which doesn't even HAVE a scroll!

I love how Bethesda's evidence includes a set of forum posts that include one guy saying he's going to get confused between Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls just like he gets confused between Neverwinter Nights and NiGHTS into Dreams.

The lawyers might speak Swedish but they don't speak sarcasm!

This is stupid. Get better Bethesda.

That's it.
I'm going to rename myself Scrolly McScrollerson just to deliberately troll Bethesda.
That'll show 'em.

Bethesda should be boycotted. What's that? You absolutely MUST have Skyrim? No you don't. It's just a silly first-person RPG and you can wait a few months while Bethesda realizes the error of its ways. You won't die if you don't get a copy on the release date. It'll still be there. Hell, it'll probably cost less by then. Or you can even get it used!

And by the way, you dumbass lawyers, I *can* tell the difference between Scrolls and Skyrim. See what I just did there? I didn't write: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I just wrote Skyrim. The "Elder Scrolls" part is just fluff to me. But hey, thanks for thinking that I'm too much of a fricking moron to tell the difference.

This will come to bite Bethesda when Skyrim comes out. No, it won't be a huge bite, but it will be a bite.

In a way, this court case is somewhat similar to what Wiseau Films did to the Nostalgia Critic back in the day. The Nostalgia Critic's mock video can somewhat summarize Bethesda's intensions:

yeah I don't like either companies' games, and don't care about either company.

but the way copyright/trademark legal disputes like this start out, and lead too, I'm completely against Bethesda.

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