Try our "Quake" Quiz!

Try our "Quake" Quiz!


Test your knowledge of id Software's Quake series!

In honor of the release of its post-apocalyptic shooter RAGE, this week's quiz is all about id Software's classic FPS series Quake! Grab your railgun and put on something by Trent Reznor- there's Strogg to fight and extra-dimensional monsters to frag!

(Take the quiz.)

You'll have as long as you like to take the quiz, and can retake it until you get 100%. Just remember your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboard.



The "Take this quiz!" link goes to the "You Talking to Me?!" quiz.

Yes. I got redirected to the film quotes quiz as well.

What the hell does this have to do with Quake?

Just copy the URL, increment the value from 170 to 171 and you get the correct quiz.

For the correct quiz:

Edit: ...though the quiz itself seems somewhat broken.

Sure, why not.
I haven't played Quake and i don't know ANYTHING about it, but why the hell not?

EDIT: 5/10, not bad considering i know NOTHING ABOUT QUAKE.

One of the questions HAS to be wrong. I'm not sure which one, but I'm sure I've given the correct answers to each of them, yet I still only have 9/10.
And now my time is up to over 7 minutes because of that. ;_;

lol, 46th out of 47. what am I even doing on a gaming website.

why is this even a quake quiz lol ?


Not too bad considering that most of my guesses were just that, guesses :)


Clearly my Quake knowledge isn't on the same level as my Doom knowledge, despite having played all of the games at least to some degree. I can't even recall any of the episode names from the original game... '-'

I should replay the series at some point, since I have most of it on Steam. (Only missing Quake IV, but I can surely get a hold of my retail copy.)

Whoops, sorry about that, folks! Should be fixed now.

Susan Arendt:
Whoops, sorry about that, folks! Should be fixed now.

Is the quiz itself also fixed? I keep getting 90% ._.

I'm pretty sure two questions have the wrong answer selected.

how is it broken? i have 100% even though i retried 3 times.. the only one i kept getting wrong was the "Name the second episode of the original Quake game". coulda sworn it was any of the other ones besides the correct answer.

Susan Arendt:
Whoops, sorry about that, folks! Should be fixed now.

Nevermind, it could've been worse.

You could have spawned a Shambler.

I have the Quad.

The mighty Steven Hawking is a f*cking Quake master.

( anyone? MC Hawking? no? ...I am old. )

10/10. First try.

How I love this series, and please ID, make Quake 5 already. We need a good horror FPS these days.

7/10, best I've done on a quiz... Guess I should play the original more, too.

Woo =D
I got 10/10... first time getting 100% with one of these.

7/10...not too bad, really. I never actually played Quake IV, only played the second game a little and despite having Quake III, I was more of a UT type of person at that point. So, a pretty good score, I thought.

Ah, Id Software, how you have made me a fanboy.


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