Apple Voted Largest Influence On Gaming Industry

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Amazing what dying can do.

Electric Alpaca:
If talking about very recently, I'll be inclined to agree.

If talking about the industry in general, I'd be absolutely amazed. Nintendo clearly are the forerunners, no matter whether you're a fan of their product or not.

Yeah, this about sums it up for me. In the past 5 years or so, Apple has definitely brought gaming to a whole new range of devices. But, if we're talking influence on gaming since the dawn of gaming... it has to be Nintendo.

Xan Krieger:
I think this is only because Steve died recently and now everyone wants to make his family feel better, that's the only reason this could've happened.

End the thread right here, the truth is too painful to carry on for another few pages.

Um, what? Steve Jobs is the most influential person in Gaming???

The same Steve Jobs that essentially crippled gaming on Macs for a decade because he doesn't like them?


This is literally a kick in the teeth to the gaming community.

They never said it had to be a positive influence. ;)

Well I agree with the iphone being the largest influence on the gaming industry. It is essentially bringing in mass markets like the Wii but feels like its more accepted and will have a greater long term future. The PS3 is pushing the industry further with things like blue ray acceptance and 3D use. 360 is all about a strong game library but is hardly influential on the industry...more like that the norm.

Steve Jobs winning on the other hand is simply a timing thing much like everything that happened after Michael Jackson's passing.

this reminds me of the other thread which brought up hardcore games vs casual games. I recall someone making an ad hoc explanation about how Wii bowling was a 'hardcore game'... Would angry birds be included here?

Personally, I think this article could have been ported by someone with unbiased knowledge on the subject.

But that's just me talking.

It's easy to see the influence that Jobs and the Ipod did on the industry. All of these people were massively influential... Jobs was just the most recent, and IMO, that helped him and his platform get more votes on his side.

And another thing, (Yes, you antipunt) This isn't just a debate on "hardcore vs casual." This is influence on the damn industry. This isn't influence on just "casual" games, or just "hardcore" games. This is the industry, and what it has produced, and how it has evolved.

This survey makes no damn sense

How the hell has Steve Jobs done more for the video game industry than Shigeru Miya-fucking-moto?

the iPhone has shaped videogames more than any other device or console

Shaped it how exactly? are we simply talking about accessibility or what.

I don't see how it has affected games outside of handheld devices. When I look at recent pc/console games I fail to see how the iOS or Steve Jobs has made a difference in the games we play.


As for Tim Berners-Lee getting so few votes... I thought that the internet might have shaped things a tiny bit more than the iOS.

Steve Jobs didn't save the game industry like a certain someone on that list...

This... Pardon?
What the hell did this survey look like?

How has Steve Jobs done more than Shigeru Miyamoto?

My thoughts exactly. I'm tempted to unsubscribe to various tech sites because my damn RSS feed is so clogged with utterly mundane Apple "news."

What the?! I heard more chirping about Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo then from Apple. Was this legit but poorly done or just overly exaggerated?

I would of picked Nintendo or Sony to be honest.

Sober Thal:
And I still have no interest or desire for an iPhone or any mobile gaming.

Maybe one day, but I still want a good game or two first.

Right with you there. My phone is purely functional. And while I do like the Nintendo DS and the PSP, I want nothing to do with iPhone games. I mean, isn't that what NewGrounds and Adult Swim are for? Why would I pay anything for them, especially on a device with 5 minutes of battery life if it's idle?

There is a time to acknolage soemthing and their is a time to call bullshit... The time for the later has come!!!

Gary Gygax/Dungeons & Dragons not even mentioned? Lord British/Ultima? Nothing about the popularizing of the most profitable genre of AAA Games (Shooters)? How about Blizzard or Square Enix (for really popularizing cinematics in games)?

Also, Gaben losing to Jobs? Episode 3 is never coming out now...

It says a lot about the industry and how it's gone from making games, to making the biggest profits possible. Apple is important not because it's a good gaming platform, or because high quality entertainment experiences like epic length RPGS with all the bells and whistles can be created on it (I mean there is only so much you can do in 4" eye-bleedo vision) but because tons of money can be made on it from casuals. Tons of money can be made from making serious game son other platforms, but not as much as can be made from things like iPhones, with a much lower outlay of cash and development time due to the relatively undemanding consumer base. As a result, to this manner of thinking, yeah... I can see why Apple has become so important. It's not a good thing, but it's understandable.

I was coming on here with the intention of quoting and laughing at people who said Steve Jobs was massively influential to this, but then no one agreed at all with this rather insane poll.

Clearly, the questions were not explicit at all when you look at the random collection of favorites from the mentioned sections. Even to the point where it puts percentage picks next to items that are not remotely attempting or doing the same thing within the industry.

SO a five minute "Game APP" is what is considered as a game these days????

I dont want to live on this planet anymore.....

Nope. That is bollocks.

So apparently the infrastructure that had been in place for decades which enabled games to have the ability to exist on iphones is less important than the fact that more people play casual games than normal console games, according to those "videogame professionals".

Well, I sure hope I don't ever get to experience the fruits of those people's profession...and considering I don't game exclusively in 20 minute spreads that's quite likely so I'm happy.

In all seriousness though, that's more about the current modern game reality than games when taken as a whole, also it's more about money or popularity than quality or artistic merit, thus nobody should be bent over it or in fact give it any sense of validity through pretending it matters. It's just a nice way to say goodbye to the boss of the smart people who made our phones and computers do the fusion dance.

I agree Apple does have some influence on the gaming industry. But more than Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft? Or hell, even big name developers/publishers like Blizzard, Valve or EA? No way.

In fact you can put it under all of the names I just mentioned, and probably a few more.

What the hell. Shigeru Miyamoto should be number one, or at least have a higher % than goddamn 7%

The Last Nomad:
Also, where is the list for actual games that had the biggest influence on gaming, that seems like the most obvious thing of the many many many many things that have an influence on gaming?

I agree. There should have been a game section. I'd be curious to see who votes for what on that.


While it is true that Apple has provided gaming to a large demographic with tablets and phones, people like say, Nintendo practically made gaming the way it is today.

Who in clusterfuck was chosen for this pole and why in the fuck are they dick riding Apple it's only RECENTLY those bastards got into gaming. No way in hell they did more then Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft.

That doesn't seem right. And the statistics seem rather...bizarre. Not just in their distribution, but they just seem like weird questions. How many options were there on the first statistic? And what were they asking voters to measure? It has the Playstation One, Steam, and the iPhone on the same list. One is a console, one is a distribution/gaming program, and the other is a phone that happens to play games. Why are these put into the same question?

And the other one? The fact that Mark Zuckerberg is on the list seals the deal: this was a poorly-made survey. The guy who created a social networking site that later allowed users to post games they created is not in the same category as someone like Miyamoto, who actually, you know, makes games.

I wanted to check the source and get some kind of point of reference, but, lo and behold, the only source is a sourceless article on the same subject. Goddamnit, Escapist.

well, it's probably skewed by several things. first off, steve died recently and was probably the most prominent of the people listed to begin with, so he benefited most from name recognition. second off, iphone and ipad games have made a big impact in the casual arena. they're an entirely different breed from the more traditional PC+console markets, but they are there and they are significant.

I'm not saying that jobs deserves to be remembered as particularly significant to games specifically, just guessing at an explanation of the poll results.

So much conditioned hatred, it's not even funny; juxtapose "Apple" or "Steve Jobs" with any kind of positive commentary and watch the torrent of hatred flow across the forums.

Even so, however, after reading the Forbes article one person linked, even as a user of Apple products, I have to agree that the survey is clearly biased by vested interest and can't be taken too seriously, not without some significant qualification of the bounds of applicability.

industry professionals? in which industry? because it seems like normal gamers have a clear idea about the gaming industry that those so called professionals.

Giving Steve Jobs respect because he died has just gone way too damn far. Yes Angry Birds is one of the best-selling videogames of all time and yes there are hundreds of 'videogames' on the I-Pod Touch and IPhone but that doesn't rank them higher than the guys who made some of the earliest freaking consoles!


The funny thing this wasn't positive commentary it was complete bullshit. No shit he just died but it's messed up to shine merit where he himself has done nothing to truly impact it. Those developers that chose to make games on the iPhone. Those men and women should be on the list not Steve Jobs. Apple got lucky damn lucky they shouldn't dare claim all the credit to that because it could as easily been on other outlets.


666 posts hell yea

Xan Krieger:
I think this is only because Steve died recently and now everyone wants to make his family feel better, that's the only reason this could've happened.

Holy heck, Xan, we actually agree on something. This poll is ridiculous.


I agree Captcha. Redo it, and exercise more caution about who died.

Yeah, im not seeing it. maybe if you said this decade (well... maybe last decade, this one is still pretty young), I'd be inclined to agree.

I think people are just trying to load on more "awards" to now passed mr. jobs to justify the argument of him being one of the greatest human beings to have lived. Which isnt to necessarily say he isnt, but this seems a bit of a stretch.

Blergh, industry "professionals" just want to look hip and like they're supporting the little guys with stuff like this. So Apple produced a phone that could handle games that weren't fodder tripe? Big whoop, doesn't change the fact that they're all just mini-games (and the few that actually [i]try/i] to hold up as serious games either fail hard or reek of something that could've made it elsewhere if not forcing it onto the trendy platform).

really...steve jobs influenced gaming more than Shigeru Miyamoto...Shigeru Mi-ya-friggen-moto?

I mean, alright. Jobs is dead and we want to remember the positive things here but comparing this marketing guy to someone that not already revived then defined the gaming industry but actually CREATED the largest icons in gaming and not to mention fathered the very medium in which games are played...The D-pad, the analog-stick, hand held gaming, motion controls...

But Steve jobs actually influenced gaming more?

Wow...I tell you, I certainly don't know enough about steve jobs thats weighing the scale so much.

I call BS on this survey.

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