Clash Of The Titans 3 Already In The Works

Clash Of The Titans 3 Already In The Works


Warner Bros. apparently thinks the next Clash of the Titans flick will be divine enough that the series already deserves another sequel.

Clash of the Titans was a bit of surprise hit last year. After it made nearly $500 million worldwide, nobody batted an eye when Warner Bros. announced a sequel. However, this is a little more surprising: Even though the second Clash of the Titans movie isn't due out for another five months or so, Warner Bros. is beginning work on a third film in the series.

It's been revealed that two writers who worked on the screenplay for the second Titans movie - which is called Wrath of the Titans, by the way - have been brought onto the project to write a treatment for the third movie. According to Screen Rant:

Early word is that Clash of the Titans 3 will once again feature Perseus (Sam Worthington) as its protagonist. Wrath of the Titans also reportedly "leaves the door open" for Poseidon's demigod son Agenor (Toby Kebbell) to return in the third film. However, it is not yet clear whether either actor is already officially signed on to reprise their respective roles.

At this point, a threequel to the series seems rather optimistic. Even though it made a lot of money, Clash of the Titans was savaged by a lot of critics (though MovieBob seemed to enjoy it to an extent) and early Hollywood projections don't show the general public expressing much interest in the second film.

Accordingly, "Wrath of the Titans is being talked up as a significant improvement on its predecessor in all respects, but most moviegoers are (for now) highly skeptical of that claim. As a result, the second Titans movie is much less of a surefire hit than the impending Holmes sequel."

For the moment, Clash of the Titans 3 isn't in full-on production yet, but a treatment this early shows a lot of optimism on the studio's part. I guess we'll have to see just how well Wrath of the Titans does before another sequel for the series officially gets the green light.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Screen Rant


One of the worst films i have ever seen.

While I enjoyed Clash of the Titans(Medusa looked freaking awesome!), I wasn't aware it had earned enough money for a sequel to be made, let alone a second sequel. So I have to ask... Does this mean the second one will end on a cliffhanger or something? Because that's how it sounds like to me.

That is an awfully optimistic forecast on their part.

No Harryhausen, no dice. The original was hardly a masterpiece, but at least you got to see some awesome special effects.

Possibly the most let down I have been by any film ever.

The Trailer looked awesome.

Right, because the first one wasn't completely forgettable.

There was a Clash 2?

Let's face it, the first one was about Greek atheists...which sort of self-destructs the plot from the very start.

and Hollywood projections are always correct.

..There was a CotT 2 already!? That is one damned good ninja of a sequel..

*Reads article*


Well, I at least enjoyed the special effects in Clash of the Titans, in which lessened the negative impact of such a short and rather unimpressive plot that was stuck on it.. I may watch the sequel (ONE SEQUEL), if it looks at all like an improvement (doesn't have to strive very high to achieve that, admittedly). Otherwise, the plot ended for me with the first one.

wait what?

lol um ok sure. still beats Transformers so eh

As long as there isn't any heinous blending of Greek and Norse mythology (I'm looking at YOU Kraken!)

*deliver massively dissapointing first movie*

*make a second, unwanted movie*

*plan a third like a boss.*

Business classes, take some.

Possibly the most let down I have been by any film ever.

The Trailer looked awesome.

The trailer ALWAYS looks awesome.

Risky move. The re-release of Clash of the Titans was guarenteed to sell. It was a cult classic, which most people loved because it was terribad. So bad it was good.

Clash of the Titans was alright, but all it really had going for it were the actors and special effects. The fights were decent, (although gauging from the general response, this movie was shit because it didn't inspire deep thought because thats how the Escapist works), but overall it just wasn't a movie I HAD to have.

Making a sequel to a decent movie isn't always smart. That was a different economy it launched in (back when we were still poor, but optomistic), and all the first one had going for it was the cult following. So making a sequel is kinda risky.

Making a sequel of an unreleased sequel is just dumb. Very few companys have the were with all to do that - Disney with the Tron franschise (look it up), I can see working out well, but not these.

How about instead of wasting millions on something thats only going to be mediocre, you spend millions on different types of risks? No? Okay...

As long as Sam Wortington stays as far away from it as he could, I might, might give it a look. Sadly, it seems as he will stay.

I seriously can't think of any worse actor present in the movie industry today.

Edit: And Moviebob has far to low standards, I mean, he let's Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 pass. No, I don't he take his word as guidance, definetly not.

Their logic, It's Greek to me.

Yeah, writing a treatment doesn't really surprise me at this point.

Call me when it's starting production and after Wrath of the Titans is out and either bombs/succeeds at the box office.

The remake had literally only 5 decent seconds. Damn international market.

And there will still be no actual Titans, I'll wager

I like the remake a lot. It was exactly what a good remake was supposed to be. Acknowledging the original without excessive reverence, an update of the production and story to take advantage of modern technology and sensibilities, and at least the appearance of actors enjoying their parts.

Compare something like Tron Legacy which TOTALLY IGNORES the internet, includes ninja CG bruce boxleitner for no reason, with audience facepalming action, and works so hard to setup a franchise that it doesn't have anything going in itself.

This film actually made me angry. The original film wasn't great, but it was a fun little adventure with Ray Harryhausen effects. The remake, aside from being just another mediocre CGI-action snorefest, seemed to actually spit on the original. Bubo the owl gets thrown out with the trash, everyone's wearing some kind of heavy metal version of Dark Ages-era leather armour instead of anything remotely period, Perseus is an angry young man railing against the system who can't been seen riding a white pegasus so he has to get a black one--ugh. I just couldn't shake the feeling that it was made by a couple of 14-year-old XBLA addict stereotypes (or some committee appealing to said stereotypes) who wanted to get rid of anything "faggy" from the original.

just another mediocre CGI-action snorefest

I'm not going to lie, Clash of the Titans is one of the few films that I have actually legitimately fallen asleep while watching when I wasn't even tired. I know Warner Brothers is desperate for another franchise they can pump out for the next umpteen years, but I can't honestly believe this will be it.

Clash of the Titans wasn't a good film. The first BBC episode of Merlin was better at Titans game and that includes comparing special affects budget. The Percy Jackson film was better and that was a bad bad film compared to the books

Eh the first one was alright but I really don't see the movie needing 1 sequel let alone 2. One right after the other.

I was wholly underwhelmed by Clash of The Titans, I remember the part where Perseus was supposedly flying around the Kraken's flailing tentacles, and the mediocreness of the scene actually broke my engagement with the film so that I was totally aware I was sat the cinema, thinking "Everything about this scene tells me I'm supposed to be amazed and awed, but, it's really just passable."

I couldn't actually tell you what the movie lacked, it just lacked... something. It failed to give the feel that I was watching an epic Greek story. Maybe it was the liberties they took with the mythology: the modern take on the Gods and men's rebellion, and trying to make Hades the villain. I mean, the whole theme of the film was almost pro-athiest!


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