Early Modern Warfare 3 Goes For $1725 on eBay

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I think part of the reason this has enraged so many is it's a symptom of a bigger problem, and of the global economic problem.

Whoever bought this is probably one of 'the 1%', and $1700 is nothing to them, probably bought it shut their kid up 2 days early.

But, when the regular folk see a month's wage discarded so casually, it does remind everyone of the ridiculous levels of unfairness involved.

The 'Occupy' protests, it's ridiculous to write them all off as 'anti capitalist tree huggers', they're just anti how shitty it is now. I and many like me are all for a moderate form of capitalism, just not how it is now.

When dicks can just throw bundles of cash away over nothing while others can't afford basic meds, sure people are going to get pissy.

This man gets called stupid for buying a game for $1725, meanwhile some guy spent 3 million dollars for a post stamp with an upside down biplane at Christie's. Both are a complete waste of money, but really? Stamps?

huh...think I'll just play MW2 instead. will help me pass the time while I wait for the game's release [oh wait it's in about 18 minutes lol]

in fact, I'll prob have had enough CoD (maybe replay CoD 2 and 4...heck throw in 3) to last me until the price for MW3 drops even! not that hard

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