PETA: Mario is Pro Fur

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I think we should really stop reporting about all the ridiculous stuff PETA gets outraged about. I think by now we all know they're about 12 miles passed crazytown, and at this point any further recognition is just giving them more credit than they deserve.

peta is going to get some hate from every one who is a fan of Mario witch is almost everyone who plays games

Reminds me of a part in Shin Megami tensei Nocturn where an evil manikin was ripping the skin off his demon overlords and wearing them like coats...

No, see PETA is right, Mario games are actually the most anti-animal games you'll find. You crush poor turtles and wear the suits made from dead animal skins.

But I won't rant any longer. Back to slaughtering bears, wolves, deer, rabbits, chickens and the rest of the forest animals in Skyrim. Gonna skin a deer, cook me some venison stew and make some leather armor yea.

PETA: Complains about 20 year old magical raccoon suit; is oblivious about Skyrim.

...Isn't the Tanooki a mythical creature? Either way, time to post this again, in my opinion PETA is worse than the Westboro Baptist Church

Damn straight that PETA is up there with WBC, except I think that they are heading down the road to full blown terrorist acts.

Also thanks for the video, I like Penn and Teller and they know how to do a good documentary. So the E doesn't stand for ethical since they can't follow ethics worth a half shit from a horse, it stands for [still looking for a synonym for insane that starts with E].

They realize that tanooki don't actually exist, right?

Peta Is NOT worse than Westboro, although they are incredibly annoying. And stupid. Just like Westboro. Boy, I sure hope these two groups never join forces.

PETA is to the WWF what Vegans are to Vegetarians...

An annoyance that takes things too far in the name of PR

Grey Carter:

Silly PETA. *Shakes head sadly*

peta are hypocritcal t**ts.

(not a happy link btw)


Just ignore them and let the grown ups talk

I'm sorry to bother you but from what anime series is that picture from? I remember loving it as a young lad but i cant recall the name of it.

It's no problem, but PM me next time. It's from Rurouni Kenshin.

Peta is a sick group, and for all their talk about protecting animals, they KILL many donated to their shelters:

Pardon me while I brush the dirt from my turtle-waxed shoes on my timberwolf skin rug, take off my leather jacket and put down my chicken nuggets I just got from macdonalds that I drove using my diesel fueled truck which hit a raccoon on the way to with. Now that thats over with maybe I should explain what I think about PETA. Read my previous statement and you'll see how much I embrace their ideals.

I'm sure glad they spent money donated to them for saving animals on making a promotional Flash game! Hypocrites.

The only reason they pick on this, instead of anything that makes sense like Skyrim or Red Dead Redemption (both have animal skinning, I didn't see PETA pipe up in the slightest), is because it gets them attention. It gets the web hits. It gets them media coverage on websites just like this one. They're clever, in this regard, I guess. But they're also backstabbing their very cause. Wankers.

Ughh. I'm really not surprised at this point. I've been pretty disgusted with PETA for a while now.

PETA, instead of going after a fictional character, how bout you go after a REAL PERSON. Really. Are you trying to make Mario feel bad?

But who will protect all those poor mythical Japanese animals being slaughtered to make Mario's suits?

There are no raccoons in the mushroom kingdom. And if there were then they wouldn't be big enough that Mario would be able to wear a full body suit made of one.

Why does this make me wanna play the game so much more. PETER, erg, I mean PETA is just a bunch of assholes with nothing better to do.

Oh PETA, when will you learn.
Let's make this about a much better Peta.

I find your argument compelling.

Screw PETA, they're incredibly hypocrites and do more harm to their cause than good! Not to mention, why react NOW when the Tanooki suit has been known about for years and was reintroduced earlier this summer?

BTW, the image of Grey Carter's avatar fits PERFECTLY with how I feel about this.

PETA is just undermining it's own efforts. It's making a huge deal of things that really aren't a big deal, with no actual malice behind them. Anybody remember what happened with PETA and the Colbert Report when they put on those free shows for those Iraq war vets? The nearly had a frickin' heart attack just because they were giving them hot dogs instead of veggie dogs, or whatever. At this point, they're just picking fights where there are none to be had, and for stupid reasons. And people wonder why no one takes PETA seriously anymore.

im against animal cruelty but these guys are simply idiots. do i have to refer to this again?

i rather link the whole episode, but im not sure if escapist allows it.

ieven found this,

I haven't seen this many media whores since Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood video. PETA is doing everything they can to stay in the headlines, aren't they? At this point it's not even about making convincing arguments or profound stances, they're just taking the name of any popular game or series that has a commercial out and construing them for anything that could even resemble a form of animal cruelty. It's just like that Kevin McCullough article about Mass Effect when Fox News was trying to stir up sentiment about what could laughably called a "sex scene".

I'm actually not sure how I feel about this.

On one hand, I do believe in consumers moving away from fur products, but on the other hand this is a pretty tasteless way to handle the issue.
On one hand, the Tanooki suit comparison is ridiculous, but on the other hand, they aren't actually attacking Mario. They're using the suit as a parallel to real life fur products and using his popularity to spread their message.
On one hand, the game is pretty mediocre, but on the other hand, it amused me for a good 15 minutes which is worth something.

Overall, I give this a 5/10.

I'm not an expert on skinning animals, but what function does skinning them alive offer? Isn't it easier to kill the animal and then skin it? It isn't like the skin is still fresh as long as the animal is alive. The animal isn't going to survive long without its skin. Besides, if the animal is still alive, it'll be all fussy while you're trying to skin it. It seems very counterproductive to keep the animal alive during the whole process.

Either that or it is PETA who don't know how skinning an animal works.

I want to see Moviebob's reaction to this sooooo bad.

PETA or Westboro baptist church. I've actually come to a point where I can't decide which is dumber of the two.

*still laughing.... wait*

okok... this isn't it, there were NO ANIMAL skinned when mario puts on that costume... it's a Halloween costume! with iron bat inside that tail... costume! not real fur!~

Fuck off PETA, just fuck off.

If Raccoons ever had the chance they would skin us alive in order to survive too.

Well okay, I guess that'll me to give up on a series that I've loved ever since i was a little kid.

Or not.

Wow, way to be up to date there PETA. Sure hope they don't go any further back in time and discover my high score on Duck Hunt.

And here I was thinking we had seen the last of PETA's weird games and crazy outbursts.


I don't know, but I would totally play that.

I'd love to see a lighthearted spoof, the way Team Meat already did when they got attacked by PETA.

Or, if you want to get mean, someone could do a Mario scene with a QTE where he knifes the rat boss from SMB2.

I prefer the light-hearted method....But still.

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