PETA: Mario is Pro Fur

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ok.. peta have officially screwed with something they cant handle.. Nintendo's lawyers are going to rip this in half
and i'm going to watch them cackle all the way to the bank and cheer them on too!

Which is good news. Surely that just means there aren't any real animal issues left for PETA to worry about so they're turning their attention to video games. What else could it possibly mean!?

Dear PETA,

I invite you to come visit East Asia. Go to Japan and step inside any of Don Quixote's many discount department stores. Won't take you long to browse the merchandise and find a genuine animal onesie because each store fits into a space roughly the size of your closet.

* * *

Actually, I'm a fool for penning a response before following up the sources: this is genuinely one of their better campaigns. The raccoon dog live skinning issue is something rather horrifying that I had heard of previously, and their site only uses the Mario reference as a joke and a marketing hook. There's not even any subtle irony or sarcasm, they admit it in the second bold line atop the page. I'd say it's a good tactic, that is if there are no legal problems with Nintendo.

Do PETA actually protest against real animals or just pretend ones? lol.

I love PETA but this is just nonsense.

No, he's not, because it's a fucking video game character.

Could you stop posting this flamebait news, please?

Hey, PETA, I wear a cottoncoat.


With this in mind what will PETA think when they discover Angry Birds?

Peta Is NOT worse than Westboro, although they are incredibly annoying. And stupid. Just like Westboro. Boy, I sure hope these two groups never join forces.

I would say they are worse, WBC is all talk, they just yell at you, horrible yes but no actual harm is done, PETA actually firebombs places, encourages violence, teaches classes on how to make firebombs, and they slaughtered about 90% of the animals they "saved" last year, with a total "saved" animal kill rate of about 86%

Is there anything you can say to this apart from /facepalm?


PETA, go away. Holy shit, if you're complaining that a video game features fur, then what the hell. It hurts literally no one.

And while we're at it, OMG! Alex Mercer ate a crow at the end of Prototype to regenerate after a nuclear explosion! Somebody should start complaining!

No one is this stupid. I know a lot of people say that but really, after the response to their complaints on killing rats and pigs if they were intelligent enough to function as human beings they would have re thought they way the go at these issues. It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that almost all of their comments are a lost cry of attention, seeking help for a cause that no one cares about. They don't try to be rational or helpful. Their just morons.

Edit: why isn't there a hunt for this organization? They repeatetly do criminal acts for the sake of rescuing animals 86 PERCENT OF WHICH THE KILL!


PETA is to free speech what the Twilight Saga is to the printing press...

Hilarious. C'mon PETA, parade your idiocy some more. It brightens my day to see you fail.

Okay, PETA, what the hell is wrong with you? You could be doing something productive, but instead you throw a pissy fit over Mario wearing a tanooki suit?


Me too, so what?! I don't get the difference between eat meat and use fur. Not literally as Lady Gaga, but the animal will die anyway, so what?

but but but you can wear a fish costume in PETA's own Super Chick Sisters

so basically it's ok unless the victim is cute?

goddamn hypocrites

PETA: 25,840 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens killed since 1998 and counting How much will you give to the People for the Euthanasia of Thousands of Animals.

PETA are lunatics

I dont get PETA. I dont know to much about them but im sure they do some good, yet every time I see them their wasting bloody time and resources they could be spending on actually helping animals in need. GET YOUR SHIZZ TOGETHER PETA, YOUR GIVING ANIMAL LOVERS A BAD NAME!!!

seriosly PETA?
first cooking mama then batellfield and now mario?!
why dont u just say kittens and pupies are evil so everyone will be in on the joke?!

Can't believe they missed the frog suit and the bee suit, think of the bees!!!

Mr. Omega:
So with PETA protesting because Mario runs around in a tanooki suit, can we expect PETA to start protesting against furries soon? Because that makes just about as much sense.

Somebody give this guy a medal or something.

Seriously, what. I don't even.

These are video games, people. Y'know, the whole 'no animals were harmed in the creation of this drawing/animation, because they're not fucking real'? Why is this so difficult to understand?

It kind of reminds me of the time someone went up in arms over the fact some video games allow you to shoot dogs(I think this was PeTA as well; go figure).

Also? The Tanooki Suit made its first appearance in 1988, and they decide to rage over this now, over twenty years later?

Just... Why?

oh PETA, you so silly...

I'm not sure what to laugh at harder here anymore. Inviting the nintendo lawyers over to rip their little game to pieces, being a mere 20 years late with this revelation or possibly PETA still living under the delusion that there is someone on this planet who takes this kind of crap seriously.

little does PETA know that Mario is using fake fur for his adorable tanooki suit.
seriously Peta needs to pull the thong out of their ass and shut the hell up.

Ironicly, PETA makes me want to skin things.

300 millions in funds to save animals, and all that they can do with it is THIS and those stupid Hyper-Vegan campaigns?

Oh, PETA, you stupid old fuck.

They're Video games and they're virtual, nothing in them is real!!

I forgot about the Team Meat incident. Is PETA so desperate that they're trolling video games now? And who the hell gave them the idea that anyone who plays video games gives a damn? Moviegoers, theater people, video gamers, ect.; crazy is still crazy, no matter who you direct it towards. Maybe the only answer is to hit 'em right back like what Team Meat did. The idea of sending back the message "nobody cares, and look! We're killing more virtual animals in spite of you!" is at the very least entertaining and a good choice if the silent treatment doesn't work.

Desperate or crazy, I'm honestly not sure which.

I'm not sure what the solution to PETA is, either, but at least the humourous response is entertaining and fun.

Notwithstanding that tanuki are a large part of Japanese folklore as shapeshifting tricksters, its pretty much understood that the Tanuki suit granted to Mario is from one of those magical Tanuki (since wearing the skin of a regular Tanuki cannot actually allow you to fly, they would most certainly be extinct if that were so!). The "leaf" power up is a reference to myths where Tanuki change shape by using leaves and generally use leaves as a foci for their magic so I guess a friendly Tanuki scattered them about Mushroom Kingdom? Counts as a double fail for PETA since Mario does not actually skin Tanuki but they also do not understand the cultural context surrounding the subject matter.


PETA is so desperate to remain relevant in some form or fashion it is hilarious.

Entertaining info about PETA, they put down more animals than they save.

PETA also spends tremendous amounts of money on advertising and smear campaigns than they do on actually rescuing, housing and helping animals.

They are sort of the Ewe Boll of the animal rights world. Activists hate them because they make them all look bad who haven't the faintest clue as to what they are doing.

Eventually they will realize that people don't care and start coming up with new ideas that are sure to work. Like going to France and trying to tell them that escargot is wrong because snails are shelled kittens.

I always thought the tanooki suit was made of felt or cotton, like a mascot costume. I also thought Tanookis were mythical creatures with giant hypnotic nutsacks. Huh.


The Lugz:
ok.. peta have officially screwed with something they cant handle.. Nintendo's lawyers are going to rip this in half
and i'm going to watch them cackle all the way to the bank and cheer them on too!

Its covered under Satire/Parody provision of International Copyright law. Nintendo can't do anything.

Well, I was surprised that no one asked about Mario's baby seal leather boots before. I totally called it though. I told you guys that it wasn't just Fox News, and I was totally right.

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