I Am Alive Producer Dismisses "Bitching" PC Gamers

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Wtf, honestly? I am a PC gamer, and was looking forward to this game! Nevermind him being a douchebag, I'm gonna buy this for the xbox.


Why are games made on PC's ported to PC's?

Easy to answer, code. Also I'm kinda against every system having the same games because to be fair it just destroys it's identity later on down the road.

Cool thanks for the great reply I am now 10% smarter! I tried coding a few years back but it was over my head and tedious so I stuck to art, this is probably why I didn't understand.

I also agree that consoles need exclusives and the exclusive games need to stay exclusive for there fans and future customers so they feel good about owning there console and like you stated so the games don't loose there identity. It's almost always a shame when good games change hands.

I still feel like down the road consoles wont exist any more but that's my opinion and its flawed, the company's wouldn't let it die even if there is no where else to go besides building your own PC marketed as a console. Next generation should be renamed last generation because it's the last time we'll see a console that revolves solely around games.

Ubisoft games always get pirated to shit or torn a new one by the pc community because of DRM. Dont blame them for giving the PC a big middle finger.

Shouldn't we be giving them a middle finger? Anyways, what the hell did they even expect, they constantly DRM their games to kingdom cum and then whine that it doesn't sell. Well no shit because that pirating website is handing it out for free with no draconian shit in it.

They treat it as the whole community is like that, but while I reserve myself for either buying the full thing or not at all, their not getting a cent from me over this, of course thats not the issue I have, it will probably be....

Soviet Heavy:
You know, this game looked like it would an overhyped piece of crap from the get go. Thanks for not letting me be fooled Ubisoft! Now start moaning about how the mean old pirates kicked over your sandcastle some more.

Batman of the Future Ninjaing, damn. It maybe the bit...

Huh, you know I was almost ready to back this guy since I to have a sneaking suspicion that a good number of the people 'bitching' are only doing it because there's no PC version instead of genuinely wanting to play game. But good lord this guy's a jerk ass screw you buddy.

AGAIN? Well if th..

Release it on Steam, with no retarded extra DRM, and that's it. Charge $20, maybe $30, for being so late, and...well...PROFIT!

Hot damn a 4 way ninjaing.

It's funny how people are still bitching about this without even reading the article because he's completely right.

It's really not a matter of everyone wanting to play "I Am Alive" so bad that they're willing to go on crusades to get PC ports. It's the fact that there isn't going to be a version for PC. How many PC gamers really want a port of this game? And even if they did, you know the quality wouldn't be the same. Look at Saints Row 2. The weapon selection even shows a 360 thumbstick icon. I remember how when LA Noire was first coming out, there were threads and threads of rage about how there was no PC version and now that there is one, I see no fanfare of excited PC gamers. The cost of making this game for PC would probably not have been worth it as well, considering that there was an article recently saying that only about half of gamers actually buy their games and a PC version would just make it easier to steal.

If there's no PC version, PC gamers will complain about it. If there is, we'll complain about the DRM. And this is coming from a very big PC gamer who is still planning on buying I Am Alive. Why? Because it looks like a good game. "Boycotting" it just stops you from playing a good game.

Actually, no. I truly wanted to play this game. A BAD console port is one that is un-playable on PC. The DRM is only a side thing, if its heavy enough to where I have to have a stable internet forever and if it drops / disconnects I can't play the game and it quits it automatically for me. Saying hes right is ALSO saying that he is right that all PC gamers are cheap-scakes and only Pirate games. First, for the amount of the PC and the hardware to run your games, Ubisoft, its over the price of a console. Secondly, over Digital Distribution I.E. Steam, you get all your money off the game instead of a quarter of what it sells.

Actually, the reason people go to piracy is over DRM, its so bloody ridiculous and your not stopping anyone from cutting it out. Hell, its like fighting Used Games except for the PC version of it. So your saying you'd be OK with the type of DRM they put on the PC versions of game on your console? Lets say you had to always have your Xbox connected to the Live service if you ever wanted to play it, you also have to sign up for a Ubisoft account, then have to pay for the access to something within game. Would you like to have that?

There is no reason this game can't be on PC over the fact that he doesn't trust the audience, and there are reasons why their games get pirated the fuck out of, its because the DRM they are working with does not do its job. It would have been fine if he said "I'm sorry, were not having a PC version of this game" But instead its "Well, since your all bitching over our DRM and just pirating our games, were going to remove this one from the market" and don't tell me they haven't received over 100s of emails about how their DRM was god awful.

Well Ubisoft, try more than 500 000, that's how many PC sales (retail copies, this excludes Steam downloads) went to Skyrim in the first 48hours! That's what? About $20 million? God bless Bethesda and may Ubisoft suck failure!!!

Ubisoft games are buggy as shit anyway!

I didn't really expect this game to get a PC release anyway, but that just makes this guy's attitude even more annoying.

Well it looks like MetaCritic is going to get spamed on a certain game release!!!

Riddle me this, Ubi: How many people, because of your attitude towards PC gamers, will now not buy Revelations either, even if we intended to? If you added the revenue from PC gamers buying any of your games because they actually respect you, then would it be "worth it?"

Unless this is more PC gamer bitching. We're such a whiny bunch, wanting to pay you to play games you make, as is the exchange when marketing video games. A whiny bunch indeed.

Fact is: The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of their target audience isn't even going to be aware of this statement. I know that, and he probably does too.

I hate his attitude, and I hate this general anti-PC vibe the publishers have been increasingly pushing since the beginning of the current console generation, but I think he's right: the lost PC sales aren't going to hurt their overall revenue significantly.

For the record, Ubisoft's games were heavily pirated precisely because the legitimate versions were crippleware. Other publishers have shown at least some restraint in their DRM requirements (to varying degrees...), so really, he only has his company to blame for those lost sales.

Historically, the best way to lose customers (and to drive them to alternatives, which includes piracy in this case) for good is to make them feel scammed.


You forget that L.A. Noire was the shoddy port of shoddy ports.

As are most PC ports. If a game is programmed with consoles in mind, it will be better on consoles and the same goes for PC which is why I have my doubts about the console version of Crysis despite not having played it yet.

No, there are plenty of good console to PC ports. A lot of them are better on PC due to higher resolutions, better graphical fidelity, frame rate, etc.

Sewer Rat:
Heh, guess you don't want my money Ubisoft, I'll just put it right back in my pocket *slowly goes to put money in pocket* Oh... they are serious. Guess they just have an irational fear of wealth and success and good public relations. Douchebags.

I so second this! What wankers huh? 'PC gamers are bitching' - well mission accomplished Ubisoft! We will now all boycott your entire company, anyone who was a gaming PC will now not buy from your company until the wanker that said this is sacked, and a formal apology is issued.

Who the hell cares about this game company now? Good luck with your console sales for this game, or any other. What was the last good Ubisoft game released anyway? Far Cry? And I didn't like that so much (on 5 CDs I bought it).

Any hope they had for success has been seriously damaged by this stupid mistake.

The Lugz:


I only do it on occasion then i will just delete it or go and buy the game. i enjoy patches and showing off too much heh

im not picking just making a point, i just don't believe the math we see on the numbers of pirated games

i just don't believe the projected sales of 'everything they make' could be anything like the cash people have, and weather or not they actually like the games

Who the hell is this guy, what the hell is I Am Alive and why do I want to punch this guy in the face?

Can someone please fill me in here, thanks in advance <3.

ubisoft, an odd game ive never heard of
and 'we think you pirate stuff because it do-sent sell well' k.

I know but i like to justify myself. But yeah the excuses you hear from developers are just silly sometimes.

Hadn't heard of this game before, now I care even less about it then before I had even heard of it


Its a fairly common thing with developers these days. Iv been playing almost everything on PC this year but i have my xbox. Problem is that i dont usually pirate games unless there is no demo and i need to make sure its not a bug ridden mess.

You need to make sure of nothing. If there is no demo, there is no demo. You don't have a right to sample a product when the company doesn't give you that option. If there is no demo, you listen to and read reviews, then make an informed decision on whether to buy it or not.

Besides, read the forum rules. Saying you pirate, it doesn't matter why you do it, you get a visit from the mods.

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey! Hey, Ubisoft!

Fuck you. I was looking forward to that game. Just port it to Steam, godammit. I have a 360 controller--I can play it.

Phoenix Arrow:

Look, I've always been of the opinion that the people at the top of these big gaming companies are all dicks. If you want to play a game, on the PC at least, you might need to jump through some hoops. It's always been like that and it's worth it for a good game. But you have to draw the line somewhere and this is too much. I'm not going to stand on my soapbox and preach about a boycott. But you and I, Ubisoft. We're done.

Take care. xx

What a painfully honest and to the point testament. If I was an Ubisoft executive, that would make me think twice about how we did stuff. Unfortunately, that's not how they think.

Instead, I'll present my own story, directed at Ubisoft: I too, loved Ubisoft...hell, I still proudly state R6: Vegas2 as my favorite game of all time. But then came the worst DRM possibly imaginable to date, which caused a lot of media mayhem, but you still got away with it and implement it, because you *could*. EA soon followed suit. I guess you always thought this would help your sales, but I can't help believe that it doesn't stop pirates in the least, and at the same time alienates some of the modding crowd. Now with this "comment" about PC ports, well it just seems too obvious that you don't give a damn about the fan base. Even if you didn't think about it in a profit sense, but for a sense of health for the industry, good PR, whatever. First the lousy ports, now no ports at all.

Andy's right, instead of having to worry about boycott, PC gamers are saved from having to worry about this one at all.

And then they blame piracy... You know, just outright showing the middle finger to a whole demographic ensures that you won't be getting their support in the future. For instance, after seeing this, I would avoid buying the game if I owned a console, because I wouldn't want to give my money to a developer that has no idea how to behave properly. Losing a customer is a bad thing for a company and you don't have to be a business expert to know that.

Well then, no more buying Ubisoft games I guess. The funny thing is, a lot of PC gamers also own consoles so by making these remarks Ubisoft essentially alienated a lot of console gamers as well.

I think its pretty funny. We see comments from execs and producers and the like all the time which you can tell have been carefully crafted to be nice and politic about this sort of thing. Most of us would still talk shit anyway because we all know deep down inside no matter how sweet and apologetic their words are the majority of the time they could give a toss about actual gamers. This guy comes right out and says what he thinks about the issue and you're going to give him shit for being honest? Personally I find corporate PR sweet talk to be more offensive.

'cus there's no piracy on consoles amirite? amirite?

Errrrr ...

complaining about 90% less PC sales is one thing. And showing pc gamers the finger is NOT making things any better.

Ubisoft really doesnt want to understand.

Or.... Pc users will make a pirate port of the game and PC gamers get it for free anyways...

Well fuck you too ubisoft. Asshole.

But seriously though, I'm not quite sure I understand the resoning behind this but whatever. Screw them.

I wonder what they will bitch about when they realise that pirates are not just PC exclusive. I might pick it up next time I go to the strip mall in Bali.

And as we all know, nobody EVER mods the consoles to play games for free -_-

Blargh McBlargh:
Lol, piracy.

A lot less people would pirate games if publishers would knock off the tedious DRM.

Faith-based argument is based on faith, and not reason.

That's the problem with gaming industry executives: many of them are unprofessional, childish dicks who "rose from the ranks" and have no idea how to behave professionally. You wouldn't get this kind of immature behaviour - and I am just talking about the way it's phrased here - in any other industry.

That's the problem with gaming industry executives: many of them are unprofessional

Oh, i'm sure they are very professional at what they're usually supposed to be good at - earning money. But i agree with you that Ubisoft should have professional public relations ppl talking to the gaming scene press and not a greedy manager. Those ppl just can't seem to find the right tone when it comes to talking with potential customers.

OH U-bisoft!

You and your shenanigans, pretending like anything you've made in the past few years other than the Assassin's Creed series is any good.



"We're not making a PC version because we're arfaid you wouldn't want to buy it."

Did he just admit that the game is a stinkin piece of shit that no PC gamer would buy? I think he just did that.

Not really. I think he was saying that PC gamers obsessively bitch about Ubisoft and constantly yell about boycotting their products, so why the fuck should they bother releasing it on PC.

Because they know better than to listen to the vocal minority.

Or yeah, I guess they don't.

He couldn't have just said there will be no PC version? No, he had to be a cunt about it too. *shrug* well fuck you too Ubisoft. I was interested in this game and yes to buy, I don't pirate but there are other games I want so it will not be missed.

If you're going to release a buggy, shitty PC port with draconian DRM after the console version has been released so the hype has died down (and there are reviews so you can't get away with it being shit) and people who game on both consoles and PC would have got it for the console even if they prefer the PC don't expect it to sell well and don't blame you lack of success on pirates.

Although I am getting pissed off at vocal minority who scream "boycott" and "well I just pirate it to spite you" every time a developer dose something they don't like or think if a game didn't blow their mind at every turn they shouldn't have to pay for it. Pirates fuck things over for everyone else. That said I would think it would be offset by the fact there isn't all that much of second hand market for PC games? There are plenty of games that have been successful on the PC and you can pirate on a console too.

seeing as this is going to be a $15 downloadable game, i think it would be worth releasing on the PC. the game sounds fantastic, and i think plenty of people would download it on Steam.

Really, my only thought about this was "How the fuck did the guy in the picture get all the way up there and why the fuck did he think that was a good idea"

... Oh, and yeah, sorry PC people. Sucks that you guys are getting screwed out of another exclusive.

Though with all the shit that gets made exclusively for PC nowadays, I find it hard to shed a tear.

And as we all know, nobody EVER mods the consoles to play games for free -_-

Well... not really.

Yeah, I'm well aware there are modded 360's and PS3's out there, but it's not exactly a common thing that can destroy sales of a game.

All it takes to pirate a game for PC is going to Google and asking it politely.

TBH I can actually see where producer is coming from. Anyone remember the Humble Indie bundle game pack of Trine, shadow grounds, and couple other well regarded games going for "however much" you want to pay for like anything above $4 for charity towards the earthquake victims in Japan early in the year. $4 you can have 4-5 very good fun games and help out a charity, but within 1 day all those games were leaked onto torrent sites and downloaded by thousands of cheapskates who wouldn't even spend $4 of DRM-free games.

Another game series I love, the witcher, which is also DRM-free and comes with support and free DLC is currently getting pirated to hell. I am primarily a PC gamer and I'm sick and tired of my favourite game developers getting screwed over by piracy.

So I totally understand why a company that does't want to lose money over developing for a platform due to piracy.

If you bothered to check, you'd also see that the Humble Bundle people have raised over 2.5 million to charity, and that The Witcher series are hugely successful. The sequel has sold, if memory servers me right, 2 million copies. The producer is planning to release many more games by 2015. Yeah, pirated to hell. Stop eating the bullshit you're being served.


Blargh McBlargh:
Lol, piracy.

A lot less people would pirate games if publishers would knock off the tedious DRM.

Faith-based argument is based on faith, and not reason.

You mean like the argument that piracy = lost sales?

What a bunch of ridiculous, brainless subhumans(The term subhuman is used in a context of achieving this classification by deeds, not race. Be cool, admins.)

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