Ubisoft Kills Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PC

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Hey, Ubi . . . I'm gonna just go ahead and box up all my hard copies of games you've published and distributed over the years, and ship them to you. They're old enough that I couldn't collect much more than a nickel for selling them, and i don't have much use for them, either . . . there's also gonna be a little love letter that's going to politely tell you to go fuck yourself, and it will blatantly state I'm no longer going to support any software developer or title that you publish, develop and or distribute. You'll no longer have to worry about my small fraction of a percentage of the PC market possibly hampering your style, and I highly doubt that it will bother you anyhow, seeing as how you seem to fuly support consoles.

But, just to give you a head's up, it's gonna be a large box, as it will contain the following (and keep in mind I still have the original box packaging for the older titles):

Myst II
Myst III
Myst IV
Myst V
Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind
Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: Double Agent
Splinter Cell: Conviction
Heroes of Might & Magic V
Assasin's Creed
Far Cry
Far Cry 2
Forgotten Realms: Pools of Radiance
Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon 2
Rainbow Six
Rainbow Six: Vegas
Rainbow Six 3

God help ya, too, if I manage to dig out my old NES and SNES titles.

And as for the virus issue... yes, you still run the same risk of computer intrusion acquiring pirated software for a console as you do on the computer--given that it uses the exact same mechanics, websites, etc....

In case that was directed at my post:
Please learn the difference between data and executable files. Yes, data files can be infected, but executables more so. And most of the time it's not the website visit that infects your PC, it's the files you download and execute. Granted, drive-by infections are on the rise again, but apart from that it's far less risky to pirate on a console than on a PC.

Im interested what your refering to when you say "ignorance"

I don't want to name anyone, but you did call bullshit on them.



The first sentence pretty much sums up how Ubisoft is acting with the PC crowd. I r sad. 3:

What other significant game series does Ubisoft have I wonder...

Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six, Driver, Heroes of Might and Magic, Prince of Persia and Brothers in Arms comes to mind... Other than that i can't remember any game that's worth to be mentioned...

The only game I am interested in is Splinter Cell. They can keep their games for themselves, if they don't want PC Gamers' money then... so be it..

I admit if they launch a beyond good and evil 2 i might get it... or rayman...

Other then that, They can all burn in hell... xD

Double A:

I'm not really surprised. Most of the people I know torrent and I am sure that a huge amount of people torrent PC games. They sure do lose a ton of money to pirates. A lot. So, yeah. I guess that is what happens.

Judging by the reactions in this thread, a lot of people don't pirate. There isn't an efficient way of finding out how many people do it, and it's even more impossible to calculate how many of them would buy the game if they had to, they're just pirating for teh lulz, or any other reason.

(This deals with PC pirating. Consoles are busy worrying about trade-ins more then anything.)

-Response to quote-
On a wild guess this thread is a terrible representation of pirates especially since it seems none will go forward with it or even if they do, they won't come outright and say it with their reason. That and as you said a completely lack of way to measure it.

-Extra info on pirating history and who will probably pirate-
The people who pirate aren't generally your "average user" on the pc but normally have better knowledge of internet/computers. Piracy became much, more common knowledge and more accessible for people to figure out how to do it basically(First major ease of use jump starting with napster/limewire etc... with music. Then again with torrent programs like bit-torrent/utorrent which is basically where it's still at and much larger in gaming then it was with limewire and such.) To put this is perspective most computer users don't know how to pirate even if they play non casual games(Even on a vent I frequent it seems every new person doesn't seem to know how to do it yet are 20+). That definitely puts Ubisofts numbers completely out of any realistic situation.

-Random info on some old DRM-
As some pointed out developers were still trying to stop piracy back in the day and it was probably quite effectively actually due to a lack of ease of use to find answers to piracy countermeasures in games like Kings Quest/Castles 2 although piracy was probably pretty minimal then. If anyone remembers those annoying answers to questions that you had to answer right from the manual(I actually lost the Kings Quest 6 manual back then causing me to pretty much not finish the game till a much much later date)

-Pirating Scares-
One thing commonly said always you see it all the time but basically since windows, never occurs or even on XP if you stuck to what has credibility is viruses. It is actually very rare for these to ever occur and experienced users never get them. That or anti-virus easily takes care of it.(Not an endorsement/encouragement if it needs to be reworded in a way let me know. It's just really a common scare tactic that originated from somewhere and used by developers all the time. It does work on people who are brand new to computers and in fact does keep them from ever going near pirating for the most part in cases unless they are influenced by pirates or curiosity)

-Reasons normally for pirating-
Basically some of the common reasons you'll see or hear are over,

Australia is especially common to see this.)

(Less common but still occurs, more often with people who like competitive multi-player, but still interested in playing a single-player game occasionally) - The game is only single-player so it lacks re-playability over little challenge or interaction. Also theirs absolutely no downside to pirating in this case at all (Multi-player actually has an incentive to play with larger bodies of players)

-Ease Of Access-
The area doesn't carry the game at all or in any reasonable means.

Not everyone owns the same games and don't want to buy a full price game to play with friends that they may play with only a few times.(This one is very major as you see with f2p games)

-Quality Control-
This one is now turning into a much more common one in which games are poorly optimized for the PC and not tested on some hardware specs or the game does not scale well at all on graphics settings due to lack of options or choice. We recently got nailed with a lot of these(Brink, Sonic Generations actually fits in here due to extreme requirements for little, Rage, etc...) It is not uncommon to just see flat out lies on system requirements basically, especially for minimal which you would assume means everything on lowest in 640x800 resolution which many times means less then 5fps on this setting. Or content is grossly over stated or hyped(Spore). This is the one that spawns the downloading game as a demo. Developers don't go out of their way normally to release an early demo for various reasons(Up to you to interpret the reason, if their hiding something etc..).

This one is more then likely over done and used as an excuse to bash with a lot(Ubisoft had it coming basically especially with the single player internet requirements). As for multi-player interruptions surprisingly you don't see many complaints about things for steam friends going down as an example on games(If they have multiplayer and it goes down under this system generally it is the dev's risk they took).

TLDR: Ubisofts most likely making up numbers or getting them with extreme bias, although it was probably hopeless due to their product quality along with the bad reputation they got dished out from all over the internet for their DRM and continued pushing it. Pirating will probably rise due to Quality Control issues. Also lots of extra info on pirating. Then reasons normally for pirating.

Feel free to leave comments responses arguments etc... or to just add to the post. Although I don't check on this site often, I was on to see if anyone responded to games I couldn't get I.D's on mainly.

Hah, I read this and thought "Oh bugger...the 'YARR' tag I use in UT2004 for the new 2v2 TDM cup has made Ubisoft think we're all pirates! :`(

OT: What a load of shit. Well done shafting the many because of the....many.

[...] Developers don't go out of their way normally to release an early demo for various reasons(Up to you to interpret the reason, if their hiding something etc..). [...]

You know, that's a pretty good point right there, and the main reason why I mostly don't even bother to pirate games even as demos anymore: If the dev can't be arsed to put out a demo, he does not want me to see the game before shelling out the cash, and thus it stands to reason he himself thinks it's not worth it. Compare that to someone who is actually proud of his work: He'll not let any opportunity to show off his work slide.

And I don't even want to sample or steal a product that the creator himself doesn't deem worthy enough to show off.

Think about it: If people don't even want to STEAL your product anymore, you've got bigger problems than piracy, wherever and how much ever it may occur.

More reason to boycott Ubisoft FOREVER. Wankers - fuck them seriously.

really sweet of them. thanks ubi. i will keep that in mind that im a pirate and all my games have to be illegally downloaded.
so does that mean i can get AC revelations for free?? hey, sure, no probs with me. as long it works of course.
i even got my self myst 1 and 2 from steam. unfortunately part 2 is not working well on newer systems. but still managed to finish the game.
well, i have few ubi games i actually enjoy. rainbow six vegas 1+2, AC and myst are one of them.

Oh FFS. I have bought, -bought- and paid for every Assassins Creed game that's come out, on PC. Hell "Brotherhood" was a release week purchase. I don't generally get offended but this tripe but this kind of thing actually makes me torn about buying Revelations.


Sick, GTFO of PC gaming. I was sick of your BS DRM anyway. Creates space for someone else to step up or expand. Hmmm... imagine if CD Projekt could somehow create another studio or we could get RMD to start developing for PC again.

My steam profile has over 200 games in it. Clearly I'm a pirate.

...well fuck.

Lets ask ourselves, whats the main complaint in the industry about piracy? That the developer loses money, right? So, to avoid having to deal with that shit, what does Ubisoft think the most logical thing to do?


Really, I wasn't planning on buying this game anyway, but fuck you, Ubisoft! And if you really listened to your customers, you'd stop using such bullshit DRM and maybe people wouldn't pirate your games as much.

I'm a pc gamer, and a nautical salvage expert, but sometimes I do buy games.

Giving something away for free may be good (it can also be crap), but being too lazy to earn money, get your consumers' attention, or take pride in your pc projects is just not winning. They can view all pc gamers the same, and yeah, we can be a dodgy lot, "yarrr haarrr harrrrrr" "shut up boys", but really it is a sad thing to hear. You start to see how the consumer is viewed. How even slightly skilled users of the pc are viewed--as dodgy rip-offs.

Sigh, ubisoft see's things how they appear, from their own position.

The good new is, we can always strangle any company to death, if we all really want.

The reason I didn't buy Assassins Creed 2 and The Settlers 7 was that I refused to be reliant on their shitty servers to be able to play even single-player. And what happened on the first day of release in both cases? Sure enough, people couldn't play the games. So, no, I haven't pirated Ubisoft's games, but nor have I bought any in recent years for that reason.

I actually think it's entirely possible that he never meant the ninety-five percent figure to be taken literally. People exaggerate and throw out figures in conversation all the time. But whether he meant it to be taken literally or not, his attitude is terrible, and even if I was a console-only gamer, I'd boycott them forever.

The prospect of Ubisoft giving up on the PC as a gaming platform doesn't bother me one bit. It can only reduce the amount of shiny, vacuous nonsense that gets churned out. I mean I enjoyed the first Assassin's Creed, but when I look at games from the series with their -20 hours of playtime and compare them to the likes of Skyrim, the Total War series, Arkham Asylum and City, or just about any popular, modern series, they pale by comparison. So I won't be weeping over the loss of a massively over-hyped series (Assassin's Creed), a whole bunch of generic shooters, or a series that hasn't been good since the second instalment (The Settlers).

The biggest concern to me about all of this is that there is someone in authority over at Ubisoft who is sitting there, seeing all of this and telling himself, "yes, this is a perfectly professional way for our company to behave."

Now, while the number of 95% may be off, it can't be that different. Personally (And this is pure honesty) I have never pirated a game. It's wrong and you're taking money from the developers. I don't want to pirate a game, because I'm worried I'll pirate more. I think Ubisoft's just butt-hurt their always-online DRM failed them.

I criticized people who had forsaken From Dust on PC because of the DRM, and were going to swear off all Ubisoft games. That was not a legitimate reason, and they were probably lying anyway. But this. This is worth some rage.

Personally, I don't really care because I've only bought two Ubisoft games (From Dust, Rayman 2: Revolution).

But shouldn't pirates be blamed for this too? Not as much blame or infamy as they are getting, but still. There are very few excuses for pirating, like unless you want to try a game out and there's no demo for the game. But really, if you want to try a game, you buy it or rent it (Which isn't an option for PC unfortunately). If you don't have the money, save up like the little kid you once were.

I don't understand what gamers are up in arms about. I can highly believe that 95% of the people that get their Ubisoft (amongst other) games on PC get them by free means. I know tons of people that seek out free. After all, it's Free! And Free is incredibly easy to access on a PC. Why buy something when it's sitting right there in arm's reach on some random website? Oh sure, I get the normal excuses. "I'm testing the game out to see if I like it before getting it," is pretty damned common. It's also followed by, "It's an okay game.. but I'm poor and I'm going to instead save my money for _ in a month", which then repeats the process.

The younger generation of today especially likes pirating games on the PC. I believe it's because they feel like they are 'beating the system' and 'getting away with it'. And that mentality will never go away, just find completely new avenues to exploit.

And the whole DRM whining I hear from gamers is crap as well. DRM didn't just come along to piss off everyone. It was an answer to a problem. There must have been a ton of people stealing games from the company's backdoor before they started imputting DRM. Now that they know DRM isn't working, and pirating is as bad as ever, not making the game for said people is the only logical next step.

If you're still reading and don't understand the last paragraph, here's an example: Say you're a company that makes a pretty decent game. You sell 100M copies on Xbox, 70M copies on PS3, and 5M copies on PC. Then, on top of that, more than 300M people are accessing the game online over the board, and you know that well over a good one third of that blanket number isn't coming from the Xbox online server or PSN server. Theoretical numbers, but it gets my point across. Would you, on your next game, waste your money on packaging, coding, porting, and all the other time-and-money-wasting efforts to release the game on the PC?



DRM is simply fluff on the outside of a game. We don't boycott a game because it has one feature we don't like, if we like all the other features, do we? So why is DRM any different to that. When it comes to the DRM issue, one thing I can agree with on Ubisoft's side is that PC gamers are whiners, who make mountains out of molehills.

A friend of mine wasn't able to play the last 3 games he bought from Ubisoft because of their DRM. This DRM punishes the people who buy the game because they have more problems than pirates.

So yes, DRM was, is and will be the issue when it comes to Ubisoft and their inability to understand how to animate people to actual spend money on their games. It is NOT "fluff outside the game" if it is so much less hassle to find a crack instead of the game instead of trying to get the game work normally.

Actually, I now understand where the 95% come from. Most of their customers are sick with this stupid DRM, buy the game and crack it then. I actually know several people who do that.

A lot of people have problems getting games to work on PC. Ubisoft games ain't an exception. Sometimes games bug out, it just so happens in Ubi's case its the DRM. Whats the difference? Again I ask how its any different from any other issue we might have with a game.

Yeah the DRM is stupid and intrusive, I'm certainly not arguing that. I am arguing that it's not a big enough deal to ignore the quality of an ENTIRE game over it. It sucks that your friend couldn't get his games working, but he's actually in the minority there, the technical problems people are generally having with Ubi's DRM are problems with the connection while playing, not getting the game to work in the first place. I can name 3 or 4 games I own that are fairly popular and I haven't been able to get working in the past due to bugs or hardware incompatibilities. It's the nature of PC gaming.

Also, not buying a game because of the DRM doesn't really say that to the devs. What it says is "we don't want your game, fuck off". By doing that you're judging an entire game, thats taken a year of hard work by talented designers, based on DRM thats forced on at the last minute by some twat in a head office. It's not even part of the actual game. Just buy games based on the games themselves and if the DRM annoys you get a damn crack, its really that easy.

So they're combating piracy by not releasing games. Well played Ubisoft, you cunts.

I have read some of this thread. I don't see why it's turned into a moral issue about piracy. Ubisoft simply stated that they believe a large majority of PC gamers are pirates, and based on that, they will not be releasing certain future titles on the PC.

-A large reduction of shitty console ports (most Ubisoft games are among the worst ports).
-A large reduction of games that, besides a few notable titles, are by and large not good or well made title anyway.
-No more stupid online disputes about their shitty DRM. I get that a lot of people aren't bothered by it, which is great, but it's mere existence has lead to giant flame wars within a community that needs to be more united than anything else.
-No more shitty ass Ubisoft Launcher. I mean, give me a break. Another login, for another launcher, all so I could spend my achievement points on costumes, that is retarded.

-We will be missing out on some good titles, but not very many.
-Any publisher against a certain platform is a strike against that platform, no matter how shitty said publisher may be.
-This will act as evidence towards the piracy fallacy that is perpetuated by a small percentage of gamers.

I am a devout PC gamer. I know that console pirating is a bit more time consuming to accomplish. But it still happens. And if they want to miss out on money earned from titles that a large number of our group is looking forward to, that is fine as well. I would not have personally bought any of their pc games anyway. I have been burned by one PC title after another from them. They are not good games usually or are at very least ported in such a bad manner that the game experiences are ruined. As an example, I got stuck on Assassin's Creed 2 for over a week, thinking my game kept freezing, because the game wanted me to use the numbers to switch weapons instead of the radial menu. It was just plan bad.

I'm glad the won't sully my Steam account with too many more PC titles.

Edit: They haven't produced a good Ghost Recon title in some years anyway. So, no loss.

I understand taht there is SOME piracy on PC but it's not like there isn't piracy on the console either, if I go outside and talk to random kids most of them will tell me how many PS3 games they downloaded online.

I never buy Ubi products anymore since their horrible DRM systems. Seems I have no reason to stop this boycot.

So they're combating piracy by not releasing games. Well played Ubisoft, you cunts.

Haha, maybe they'll stop making games altogether. A guy can dream.


So they're combating piracy by not releasing games. Well played Ubisoft, you cunts.

Haha, maybe they'll stop making games altogether. A guy can dream.

And while they're there perhaps they'll consider committing suicide because they clearly have no touch with reality.


I criticized people who had forsaken From Dust on PC because of the DRM, and were going to swear off all Ubisoft games. That was not a legitimate reason, and they were probably lying anyway. But this. This is worth some rage.

People weren't outraged by the DRM so much as they were outraged that Ubisoft said they weren't going to put always on DRM on the game, then they did it anyway. So, some people may have not bought the game if Ubisoft had been honest, but they were dishonest and lied to get some sales, then blamed everyone for being mad.

As a funny aside from that, I remember vividly the horrible PR wording based around that choice. First they said they weren't going to have always on DRM. Then they released a statement that was very confusing and very hilarious that said, "The game will not have always on DRM, but you will need to be online if you wish to play it". It was a ridiculous statement.

But shouldn't pirates be blamed for this too? Not as much blame or infamy as they are getting, but still. There are very few excuses for pirating, like unless you want to try a game out and there's no demo for the game. But really, if you want to try a game, you buy it or rent it (Which isn't an option for PC unfortunately). If you don't have the money, save up like the little kid you once were.

No. Pirates should not be blamed for this. I'm not excusing the act of pirating. I'm simply saying that Ubisoft can't control piracy, but they can control themselves. If a person hears a rap song about killing cops, then goes and kills a cop, it's morally wrong to blame the rap music. Why? Because people have free will and can choose to do the things they do. You relieve Ubisoft of it's culpability by saying anyone but they are responsible for their actions or actions that inflame a situation against them. Pirates are responsible for piracy. Since all PC gamers are not pirates, you can't blame PC gamers. Ubisoft blames all PC gamers for what a few do and chooses not to release games based on that. So, when PC gamers dislike Ubisoft for acting on an emotional bias against them, then they have every right to not support Ubisoft in any way.

But, I don't see a point in saying hurtful things towards them, it is my opinion they say and do things that is hurtful towards themselves. They hurt their own image. This day and age, there are a lot of great games coming out. To point where people have the freedom to not buy games from companies such as Activision, EA, Ubisoft and all the other large publishers. For every game they don't release because they are afraid of piracy, ten are released in their place. The size of the market makes it so people like these guys don't matter. They can't corner the market except in very rare situation (EA Games and their sports titles, for instance).



So they're combating piracy by not releasing games. Well played Ubisoft, you cunts.

Haha, maybe they'll stop making games altogether. A guy can dream.

And while they're there perhaps they'll consider committing suicide because they clearly have no touch with reality.

Haha, they have already swallowed the bottle of pills, now they just need to chase it with some good cheap vodka to finish the job.




Haha, maybe they'll stop making games altogether. A guy can dream.

And while they're there perhaps they'll consider committing suicide because they clearly have no touch with reality.

Haha, they have already swallowed the bottle of pills, now they just need to chase it with some good cheap vodka to finish the job.

Cheap vodka indeed because anything else would be too good for them, hah. Oh, it's hilarious how they're digging their own grave in the gaming world.

lol. Lots of people read the original article, I see. Oh wait, no, they just read the intentional flamebait of the OP here and didn't bother looking any deeper or looking at his source material, because Ubisoft = dick.

C'mon, I would think that people who live on the internet would know better than to immediately trust the opinions of second-and-third-hand news. If you look at the original article this one is quoting, you'd see that other than the heavily overemphasized "95%" line, it actually sounds like Ubi did this in an attempt to respond to DRM criticisms. Their reasoning is misguided, certainly, but it sounds like this was actually done with positive intentions. But of course, people will quickly tell me how I'm wrong and Ubi is just doing this because they're mean evil asshole people who steal children in the middle of the night. >_>

Random funny note: Perhaps we should start a movement in front of Ubisoft HQ...."we are the 5%". Occupy Ubi!

I agree with several posters here. They tried a unique form of DRM. People didn't tolerate it in the same way that people tolerate Steam. They were planning to use that DRM on all future PC titles, but seeing how badly it went for the first few, they figure all the others would go as badly. So rather than subject themselves to the headache, they just won't do it and stick to consoles.

Good thing I never was interested in any of their titles anyway.

Bah.. who cares.. Ubisoft is not the Ubisoft of ye olde days. Ghost Recon has turned into total crap, so who cares?

Ubi... BAH to you.

I dont think Ubisoft liked EA getting so much bad publicity and i thought no one could ever beat EA... but this certainly goes to show that its possible.

Now if EA, Activision and Ubisoft united... called themself "the Trinity of Evil" or something...

...that would be great since Valve would have to put on their shining armor and decapitate their heads with their Greatsword of greatness

Im pretty much done with Ubisoft at this point, they ever think that maybe they should just test one of their games (A good quality one) without any form of DRM and see whether it's successful or not instead of constantly worrying about the DRM boogie monster, hell, they have nothing to lose if 95% of us are apparently thieves.

But of course, they won't do that because they've just shown us exactly how little they think of us, to them we're all a bunch of bottom-feeding thieves that would steal anything not nailed down if given the chance.

Now I know what it feels like to be a traveller, those poor bastards get it so bad and yet most of them are decent people in my experience.


Guys, PLEASE buy Assassin's Creed Revelations and let the figures show them we want their PC releases.

Do I want to spend money on a crappy series that wasn't good even from the start? The answer is no, and even if I did like it I wouldn't fucking buy it now after this statement, and neither should you.



Do you have any fucking idea how premium pricing actually works? Like, does the concept work in your brain, or do you just do it to troll?

It would seem you weren't initially being sarcastic, then. I weep for the world.

Ah yes, the "I am acting aloof because I don't know what I'm talking about so I'm going to act superior so I don't have to explain myself" tactic, a favourite of trolls. Evidently I got my answer.

I explained myself rather well; you have done nothing of the sort. If you don't get how basic business works that's too bad.

Wow... Ubisoft's an asshole. :(

Great bias mAndy Faulk trying to make your opinion everyone elses Escapist confirmed for Faux news.

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