Cello Wars Is The Best Star Wars Cello Battle You'll Ever See

Cello Wars Is The Best Star Wars Cello Battle You'll Ever See

It's like "Dueling Banjos" except it's got guys on cellos who can use the force. And Darth Vader on the accordion. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

Say what you want about the Star Wars films - especially the New Trilogy and George Lucas's constant rejiggering of the Original Trilogy - but a lot of people love John Williams's music. As a result, The Piano Guys have created a cello tribute video called Cello Wars, starring Steven Sharp Nelson in dual roles as a Jedi and Sith cello players. As you can see, the video's a kick in the Jedi robes.

The musical tribute features a number of pieces from Lucas's movies. In order of appearance, the video features "The Imperial March (Empire Strikes Back Theme)", "Duel of the Fates (from Episode 1), "May the Force Be With You", "Star Wars Main Theme", and "Cantina Band" (from Episode 4). While the music is certainly fun to listen to, the video's production was a major undertaking:

A result of 6 months of production...our most ambitious undertaking by far! Why Star Wars Cello? Because of our unending admiration of George Lucas, John Williams, and the most EPIC movies and film score ever created. The idea originated when Tel Stewart was editing ["The Cello Song"].

As a joke he decided to add light sabers to Steven Sharp Nelson's bow during the outtakes. Fans cried out for more. Al van der Beek and Steven Sharp Nelson storyboarded the song and the video concept while they were scouting locations for ["Moonlight"] . But it was Steven Sharp Nelson's son Eli (6) that was the true inspiration for the project -- his enthusiasm for Star Wars, light sabers, and watching his daddy wield one while playing cello fueled the project continually.

As it turns out, The Cello Guys have also released a copy of the song available as a free MP3. You can download it here.

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What's that red planet?


That was so freakin' awesome. Did you guys notice how everything Star Wars related that's been made by fans is so much better than anything George Lukas had done in the last 20 years?

I like cellos just as much as the next guy, more probably, but did they really need the beat/techno/trance/whatever blaring in the background for half the video?

I'm trying to listen to the cello duel, not that stupid beat or the sounds of the force lightning/gunshot every 5 seconds.

Still cool though. Preferred smooth criminal though.

Excuse me I have an odd compulsion to go subscribe to the piano guys back in a minute.

If only he had used his force powers to ask people to stop making "until I took an arrow to the knee" comments instead of something Chuck Norris related, i'm getting tired of seeing them everywhere. On a more related note, that was awesome. The cello is a damn awesome instrument.

As a fellow cellist, I SALUTE YOU! Now go put on some Yo Yo Ma and talk to me about more awsomesauce

Now we now why Vader turned to the Dark Side...


When Chuck Norris was-
... Anybody knows where I can get some Cello lessons?

What's that red planet?


Mustafar, probably.

Kinda cool, but somehow lacking. The VFX were well done, but the ideas didn't really keep up. As for the music, the arrangement was good, but the sound they went with was rather lame, in my opinion.

Still, the Darth Vader bit made the whole thing more than worthwhile. :D

I have to say, that was well done and I want to see the real stuff done in the sound studio just because I love string instruments. Now if you excuse me, I have to go sign up for cello lessons.

That was pretty damn epic.

Haha! That was pretty silly but still really cool. Really well put together too.

I can somewhat see this working within the Star Wars universe.
The Jedi musician keep their composure but are static while playing while the Sith musician are more wild but also more passionate with their music.

This is so epic on so many levels I just don't know where to start.

These people could play with their buttocks and it would still sound better than it does when I play.

/thundering applause

You know a while ago I was complaining to my friends that some youtubers like RayWilliamJohnson don't deserve all the views they get because there are much more talented people on youtube that deserve more views, and now I have proof to show them what I mean.

Oh and I used to make lame comments about Chuck Norris on Youtube, then I took an arrow to the knee.

... Sadly, this was more amusing and immersive than about all of the lightsaber fights in the Prequel Trilogy.

Please excuse me while I go nerd all over that wall.

Always liked the original 3 Star Wars movies. And cellos are awesome...Darth Vader is also very Lulzy in this video. :P

I used to post Chuck Norris comments but then I took an arrow to the knee while doing a barrel roll trying to evade the cake that was a lie.

Dual of the Fates

And people say the Prequels have no redeeming qualities.

Oh my f*cking god. It's wonderful ! Hilarious but wonderful. :)

One of my favorite comments on this on YouTube:

"Darth Vader is playing an accordian. Your argument is invalid."

See this kind of thing makes classical instruments cool that and the violinist from Turisas. If I had known that classical instruments could be used in this way I probably would've been more receptive to learning to play something *sighs* oh well.


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