Scientists Resurrecting Woolly Mammoths

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... I hope they somehow can't use this to resurrect dinosaurs.

Because you know that someone, somewhere out there, has just seen Jurassic Park, and missed the point that tampering with law of nature and the circle of life was a bad idea.

this would be so...SO cool

anyone put up the jurassic park theme yet?

I really, really want this to work. If we can bring back mammoths, what's next? Sabre-Toothed Cats? Megalodon Sharks? Maybe even, in my wildest dreams, a Tyrannosaurus rex? The sky is the limit! This is freaking awesome! Oh, science, you never cease to amaze!

Combustion Kevin:
anyone put up the jurassic park theme yet?

lol thats exactly what I was thinking.....didn't they explain a similar method in jurassic park?

There aren't any giants, who's going to keep the mammoths from going extinct again?



Why? What purpose does this serve except our own twisted amusement. Let the past die, the world is no longer a place for mammoths. Fuck, we can barely take care of the species that are already on this planet, why are we trying to add more.

We're not, we are just trying to see if we can do it. Without knowing the limits of what we can and cannot theoretically/practically do, we cannot invent or innovate anything. This is just a test that does three things: 1. What is the limit on cloning animals that may be a little different from the surrogate animal? 2. Is resurrecting ancient animals the same as one's who had died recently (which the article notes was only done for the first time in 2008, so that process itself is worth looking into)? 3. Sounds cool so funding would be easier to get from public institutions than if they wanted to do the same thing with Ice Age mice.
Nobody wants to create a population of mammoth, what's the point? All we are doing is expanding science for its on sake just so somebody can come later on and say, "I can totally use that process from something useful."

Are you one of those people that argue against space exploration too?

I'm all for space exploration.

I'm all for cloning too, we can push cloning technology forward in ways that don't involve bringing back members of an extinct species. What are we gonna do with this wooley mammoth? Shove it in some zoo in siberia to live out it's days in a damn cage? This is amoral, and serves no purpose besides.

As for "amoral", that's a different argument. We can talk ethics, but if you believe advancing cloning is generally good, and that to advance cloning we need funding, and that funding comes from doing something the public likes regardless of merit, than I don't see a problem with cloning a wooly mammoth. Kill it and eat the meat if you don't want to try to raise it because it would be hard.
At the end of the day, this research needs to be done and a wooly mammoth will prove good for funding and public interest.

This is a very very bad idea. Wherever you find Mamoths you also get those mean assed giants that just kill you with 1 hit. Even when you have a shield up. And that's just pushing science way to far man.

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