Final Fantasy XIV Summons Subscription Fees

Final Fantasy XIV Summons Subscription Fees


After a shaky release and months of free gameplay, Final Fantasy XIV is out to earn your hard-won Gil.

Slapping the Final Fantasy name on a product can help a developer get away with a lot, but it can't excuse an unplayable game. Square Enix learned this lesson the hard way during the launch of Final Fantasy XIV. Plagued with bugs and poor design decisions, the game was not long for this world. Square Enix took immediate corrective action by suspending subscription fees while it fixed the latest MMO installment in its popular franchise. The game is not quite ready for the subscription model yet, but according to Square Enix, it will be in January 2012. Until then, players will have a chance to buy subscription time at a discount; after that, the free ride's over.

Subscription fees will hit the world of Eorzea on January 6, 2012, locking the account of any player who hasn't paid his or her way. The good news is that fans who act early can adventure at a discount; until the new update hits, players can pre-purchase time at the rate of $6.99 for 30 days, $17.97 for 90 days, and $29.94 for 180 days of playtime. Fees will increase accordingly afterwards.

A completely redesigned Version 2.0 of the game will roll out between October and December 2012, which begs the question of why Square Enix wants to implement subscription fees a full ten months before that happens. While the pre-order subscription prices appear very reasonable, Square Enix is still asking customers to pay for what is still an incomplete game. Granted, Square Enix has been working on Final Fantasy XIV for the better part of a year, and it may well be in a playable state. The real question is whether a competent MMO with subscription fees and brand name recognition can compete in a market saturated by World of Warcraft and BioWare's upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Square Enix's last online outing, Final Fantasy XI, proved to be fairly successful despite never capturing a market share similar to its bigger competitors. Final Fantasy XIV may try to eke out a similar spot, but if you want to see for yourself, you'll have to get your wallet out.

Source: Gamasutra


I own a copy of the game, I sure wish I had played it for free while I had the chance.

I really can't believe they didn't cut their losses and run. I kind of doubt that it has changed enough to really get anything out of the game, since they have been doing hotfixes this whole time... I guess we'll see, but this just seems like dumping a bucket of water on a match to see if it'll burn brighter.

Wow, just wow.
I was in Wal-Mart, saw this marked down to like 7.98 or some shit like that, went HA. Wow, pathetic when even Wal-Mart has marked this game down faster than games that have sat on the shelves so long they have at least a centimeter of dust on top.
They should just make the game F2P and try to make the game something that fucking works, not charge money. There are to many other ya know, functioning games out there, or coming out shortly that will work.

Sorry, Square Enix.

You had me with Final Fantasy XI, and you had a chance with Final Fantasy XIV... but now is the time for The Old Republic, and you'd probably have been better off canceling the project outright (and refunding purchases) than spending all this time on the so-called "Version 2.0" and expecting the fans to come back after the initial disappointment.

So for those still playing, does the game still try to discourage you from playing more than XX hours per day?

Wow? WTF are they thinking at this point? The only possible way that could have turned this ship around would have been to follow Sony's lead with DCU. Make the game ftp with cash shop options and push the sucker out to PSN where there is still a market for this sort of thing not already oversaturated by WoW, anxiously salivating over SWTOR and bombarded with ftp madness.

Square had the oportunity to see a heroic end to this turd after the earthquake. When they were brought offline by the power failures they should have heroicly and selflessly donated the servers for use as radiation shielding at Fukashima. That might have at least scored them some decent press and a tax write off.

Meh. If I want an MMO, I'll buy TOR. Next on the list is Guild Wars 2. Then Secret World. Then, if I dislike all of those and I still have disposable income, I'll get Rift. But I don't see why I'd want to play FFXIV, much less pay a subscription for it...

I actually liked this game from what I played. It felt less "stuffy" from other mmo's ive dabbled in. Would be nice to see it completed though

So they're asking people to pay under the promise that it might be better later? That's a great idea square. Wouldn't it make more sense to improve the game now and then ask people to pay? not following the F2P model of selling in game items for cash?

Riskyyy move SE... gooood luckkkk

All I can figure is that they think they've got enough Japanese people who will play Final Fantasy Anything no matter what.

Some of those here too, but not enough to support the game I think (could be wrong!)

Hmm, I love me some FF, but I'm not sure I wanna play a half-completed game. Or even pay for the game at all.

F2P and I'll be your eternal customer. Hey, it worked for DCUO and...I don't even like the game.

This is like watching a little kid fall down because they tied their shoelaces together, sand up slowly, untie his shoes, then tie them back together. The kid is certain that it'll work this time, but everyone else around them is just smacking their forehead.

that's great, start charging money right when every other MMO is going f2p, great idea to salvage this mess S.E.

Ya know the lego people knew when to fold.

antipunt: not following the F2P model of selling in game items for cash?

Riskyyy move SE... gooood luckkkk

Final Fantasy XI followed the subscription model, and I say it worked just fine. I played the game for seven years, and the only reason I don't play now is because college has gotten in the way of my MMO time. It's still up and updates to this day.

I really don't think EVERY MMO should switch to the F2P model. It creates a different dynamic, causing the player to have to think about the "real world" more often. If immersion and depth is what you're after, in-game item purchasing really takes away from that. Plus it sets up a hierarchy between free and paying players, which causes community to be full of more assholes than necessary.


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