Prop Maker Brings Mass Effect 3 N7 Pistol to Life

Prop Maker Brings Mass Effect 3 N7 Pistol to Life

Bill Doran wanted to be a really cool prop maker, so he put together a killer Mass Effect 3 N7 pistol that was auctioned at the recent Child's Play Charity Auction Dinner.

For the record, Bill Doran already is a prop and costume maker, but he recently realized that if he wanted to move into the ranks of the "cool on the internet," he'd have to come up with something from Mass Effect. And even though the game isn't out yet and he had only a single reference image to work from, he settled on the N7 pistol from the upcoming Mass Effect 3. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

Doran detailed the construction of the gun on PunishedProps, where he said that 95 percent of it was made from "scraps of foam PVC, epoxy and Bondo." He built it into four separate pieces, with grooves and tabs for assembly, in order to facilitate molding and possibly the addition of electronic components. "I am beyond stoked about how this one came out," he wrote. "I may even paint one up and keep it for myself!"

One of the replicas went on the block at the Child's Play Charity Auction Dinner on December 8, with bidding going at least as high as $500. But not to worry if you missed it: if you're a Mass Effect fan with some bucks to throw around, it sounds like you can have one of these for your very own. "Please don't shoot anyone," he wrote in response to an admirer who asked who he had to kill to get one. "Just email me."


Looks like the DLC hand cannon from ME2. Looks to have the laser sight below the barrel. Still damn cool. I want one.

Combine this with the Assault Rifle that Bioware sell on their site, and you could make Spectre some day.

I just hope I won't have to wait too long for it to be calibrated.

Now that is awesome!! Mad Props to that guy.

Thanks guys!

Do want..... not more else I can say.


All I want for Christmas is...My N7 pistol. Please Santa please!

Goddamn that guys is talented!

It's pretty, and I wants it my precious...

Damn it this internet sucks, ignore this double post :(... but in addition, it is an incredibly pretty gun.

Now, if we could make it shot...i would be a very happy man indeed...

So the N7 gun is just a Phalanx with a paint job?

Sweet. I wonder how much it would cost me to get a Lasgun.

Very well put together. Looks BEAUTIFUL,although,the first thing that went through my head was "Phalanx with a Seventh Naval Fleet paint job". Still,beautiful craftsmanship. If I had the money,I'd be saying "Do want"

does the upgrade to N7 mean i can change the colour of the laser pointer?

The body of the N7 pistol is technically the same as the M5 Phalanx, but the top of it is rather different. I used the Phalanx as a reference when creating the master of the N7.

Looks nice. I'd love to have a replica of the Carnifex hand cannon from the second game. Few things in that game were more satisfying than dropping a standard trooper with a headshot from a ridiculous distance with the carnifex.


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