Captain America Creator Dies

Captain America Creator Dies


Joe Simon was 98 years of age.

The comics world has lost one of its greatest writers and innovators. Joe Simon - born Hymie Simon, 1913 - moved to New York City in the 30s where he met artist Jack Kirby. The pair became friends as they both tried to break into writing comic books, getting their big break on writing a new character for Timely Comics - the predecessor to Marvel. Captain America was a huge success, and Simon and Kirby worked together on many other books for different publishers including Sandman, the Boy Commandoes, Newsboy Legion, The Fly and Lancelot Strong, The Shield and Captain Marvel Adventures #1. Simon left the comics industry in the sixties but continued to fight for artists' rights and attend conventions like San Diego Comic Con to talk about his work. The news of Joe Simon's passing first broke on his son's Facebook page before being confirmed by Marvel Comics.

Current comics writers were quick to pay homage to all that Simon did for the industry. "We lost another of the Titans this week," said DC's Jim Lee. "A creative virtuoso, Joe Simon will be best known for co-creating Captain America with legendary artist Jack Kirby but his many contributions to DC Comics, both as a writer and an editor, are legion and will continue to be cherished by longtime fans, this one included. Our sympathies go out to his family, friends and many, many fans."

"Joe Simon was a true legend in the comic book industry," said Dan DiDio from DC. "So much of what we are today is owed to him and his amazing creativity. In addition to one of the great writers of the Golden Age, he was also an editor at DC Comics. We appreciate all of his contributions to DC Comics and the industry as a whole, both on the page and behind the scenes."

After the successful movie adaptation this summer, popularity of the Captain America character was very high, but it still was nothing compared to the heyday of World War II. In 1941, eight months before the attack on Pearl Harbor that officially drew the U.S. into the war, Timely Comics published a book with a cover depicting a red, white and blue character punching Adolf Hitler in the face. That comic book sold more than million copies - a buttload for the era - and Captain America's comics were in demand more than Superman by American soldiers overseas.

All that was due to Joe Simon, who in his close partnership with Jack Kirby, created the character that would be an icon for all that was good about America.

Source: Comic Book Resources


Well damn. Not only did we lose Jerry Robinson, the Jokers Creator, now we've lost Captain America. My favorite Hero / Villain.

First Jerry Robinson, and now Joe Simon; December has been a sad month.

Thank you, Mr. Simon. Captain America was one of the few things that made me proud to be an American. I'll miss you.

Captain America has always been one of my favorite characters. He represents everything an American citizen should stand for without ever being glib. He's patriotic, but never jingoistic. Cap is a character who stands for the ideals and shared cultural history of his country, but more than anything else, he stands for doing the right thing, no matter what the cost.

Thank you, Mr. Simon, for giving the United States a thoughtful, brave, and strong representation of everything an American should be.

At least he lived long enough to see his creation done justice on the silver screen.

everyone looks up to superman
superman looks up to captain america
therefore everyone looks up to captain america

Joe Simmon created Captain America,
Therefore we should all admire Joe Simmon

Captain America fans everywhere should bow their heads in respect. Thank you for the amazing times Joe, keep on writing beyond time.


Man I always assumed he had long passed on considering the Captains been around since WWII. Sad loss in the comic world.

Sad to see any artist go, but still, /careface.

he better get a flag over his casket and a 21 gun salute for creating one of the best american heros ever.


This is what more comics need these days, hitler being punched in the face.

This so weird. I literally watched the Cap blu-ray special features yesterday where they said about him being the only guy left alive from Cap's first appearance...and on that very day he died.

RIP legend

...I... don't know what to say except... rest in peace, Mr. Simon. (Salutes)


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