Final Fantasy XIII-2 Debuts to Lackluster Sales

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The series has been dead ever since FFXII. They shouldn't have even kept doing FF's after that, but instead they did and handed it over to Square's WORST writer ever. Toriyama seriously has some of the worst technique and plots EVER, the worst offender being the disturbingly sexist 3rd Birthday.


It's just disgusting, frankly. They threw the Final Fantasy VII franchise at us, but as widely disliked as that game is now, it was once considered one of the best.

FF7 is disliked? News to me.

Quantum Star:

They decided, before FF XIII was even released, that it was going to be a franchise. Not even just that it was going to have a sequel, it was going to be a franchise. Before any fans had seen it, before they knew whether anyone liked it or not, they'd decided it was going to be a franchise. Before FF XIII was even released, they were working on its sequel and co-titles. Even after it was released, divisive even among ardent fans, maligned by others.

But no, it was still going to have a sequel, to be a franchise. Because they know what's best for us.

It's just disgusting, frankly. They threw the Final Fantasy VII franchise at us, but as widely disliked as that game is now, it was once considered one of the best. It had an enormous and devoted following, and had a huge impact on gaming. So a franchise at least made sense - they were giving a very large number of people what they wanted.

But in this case, SE were deciding what we wanted before hearing anything about it. And then when they did hear about it, they ignored their fans, and carried on anyway - only a token promise of "more freedom this time" to indicate that they listened at all.

Huh, isn't that exactly the same thing as what Mass Effect did? It was planned as a franchise before Bioware knew what was "best for us." (As if they have to answer to our every whim like a slave.) If the first Mass Effect wasn't as good or as popular as Bioware hoped and they announced they were making the next one, would people be reacting as vehemently as you? Planning to be a franchise isn't inherently a bad thing. If a studio plans to make a single game a part of a larger series, it can be much easier to create a larger overarcing narrative and expand on its source material in new and interesting ways, which is good for the fans. Just putting that out there.

Well actually they originally planned 3 games. FFXIII, FF Versus XIII, and FF Agito XIII (which became Type-0). FFXIII-2 wasn't originally planned hence the outrage from a title which many people despise. Though many of Square-Enix's recent statements were bound to outrage people from FFXV being an action RPG, which I don't mind but I get the frustration, to wanting to make FF an annual series. They haven't been doing themselves any favors PR wise for a bit.

Final Fantasy XIII was awesome so this is a day one purchase for me. I have a feeling SE have a grudge FFVII, which is fine by me. I hope they end up making FFXIII-3 for a first real trilogy in the FF series.


Final Fantasy 13-2 came out?

I heard no such information until now.


Final Fantasy 13-2 came out?

I heard no such information until now.

It came out in Japan. I don't think it comes out everywhere else until I think late January/early February.

Shark Wrangler:
Always funny how gamers take stuff like a bad game in the series so damn personally. Like to play this game because it sounds like they fixed the problems. Big let down with Final Fantasy 13, but I don't want them to stop making it. Every company makes god awful choices and they are not immune to it. Really funny how gamers think that every game that comes out has to be tailored for them or it sucks. Thats a high horse I would gladly kick you down from if I could.

Dear lord this. I'll assume Square got the message that the formula for XIII had to change and it sounds like they really tried to change it, yet we get all these comments saying that the entire series should die in a fire just because the first game wasn't to their liking (and no amount of fixes will change their minds).

While I really don't think they should keep up with the plan of yearly releases (same for Assassin's Creed, much as I love those games), I don't have so much undiluted hatred for Square as so many others seem to. I enjoyed FF12 (haven't played 13). While the story was not as grand as others have been, I enjoyed the characters and the battle system (Vaan and Penelo still have almost no importance in the grand scheme of things though).
My brother played 13 and admits that the battle system and general gameplay were flawed, but he liked the characters and story enough to say that he would gladly buy the sequel. The only things stopping him is our backlist of RPG's (Tales of Vesperia and all of Shin Megami Tensei) and general lack of cash.

People have to chill, seriously.

The MMO and forced teaming killed my interest before I even saw it on the shelves. I don't mind teaming or MMO's for that matter, but if its an MMO that requires teaming then I am out. Go back to the single player offline games that were actually worth playing.

Final Fantasy XIII had a fair amount of positive energy and marketing behind it - it was coming out to the FF crowd that had bought and enjoyed FF9 - FF XII (all games that had faired pretty well) and had ads in both Japan and America (I think Australia too...) thus opening itself up to a broader market.
Sadly for FF XIII-2, the release environment isn't as positive - While FF XIII did receive a fair amount of positive attention, it also got a fair amount of negative attention from both fans and critics. The fact it's been released after that god-awful FF XIV MMO and received little marketing (Seriously, I thought it was still in production - I at least knew when FF XIII was released) aren't going to help bolster it's sale's anytime soon.
To be perfectly honest, this sales figure isn't surprising given what I've listed - the market just isn't as favorable to a Final Fantasy game as it was when FF XIII was released.

And what else could you expect?
After FF XIII lowered the level of the series to "mediocre JRPG", making a direct sequel is kind of suicidal for SE.

And the days where you look forward to a "cool" cutscene are behind us.

Truest words I've heard all day.

If I recall correctly (heavy doubt), marketing, or reviews for Final Fantasy games used to often have a qualifier of 'amazing (CGI) cutscenes', or something to that effect. They were (a bit) cool, back in PS1 era, but if Square-enix is going to buy into this idea like it's novel or it even helps their stories (doesn't), I'll be even more fed up than I already am.

I still hold, however, that XIII battle system was kinda fun. Kind of.

The cast of characters was annoyingly mediocre and uninteresting.

I agree with everything but this.
Sazh was (is) great.
I'm finished.

So much hate...

I loved XIII, for a change it was nice to play an FF that didn't require endless sidequests to get anything like competitive gear or the proper ending (Fuck you FF X-2 fuck you!). I've already preordered the collectors edition and wont be changing my mind anytime soon, though the cynic in me sort of hopes lackluster performance might lead to a price cut on western shores.

As for the yearly release schedule? screw that, anything that puts them off such a ridiculous model is a good thing IMO.

Rock-bottom can't be far away. The series has been declining ever since the merger and release of X-2. X Arguably heralded the start for removing the world map, though.

I wish I could say I looked forward to new SE games, but I would much rather they stopped making them. At least in this series so that it doesn't drag the Squaresoft era titles down with them.

I'm not surprised. FFXIII sold on the basis of it being a Final Fantasy game. The cast of characters was annoyingly mediocre and uninteresting. The battle system, while better than a tradition JRPG, involved very little player interaction. And the days where you look forward to a "cool" cutscene are behind us. I know I won't be playing this one. I'm not surprised considering this is the same people who made FFX and FFX-2, both mediocre at best games. I have defended them in the past, but not on the basis of this game.

The FF name has always inspired fierce defending from fans but even they seem to have yeilded in the face of the backlash to FF14. I remember 50 page threads full of passionate defence of the game, how we SHOULD wait 20 hours to get to the "Good part" and that the passive battle system "allowed you to do other things" or my personal favorite " I don't want to have to concentrate all the time". FF survives on its name alone, The games themselves have been sorely lacking for nearly a decade and even older games like FF8 arguably don't hold up anymore.

13 was a game was was bascially a single corridor that played its self. You were just along for the ride. Probelm was that ride was also shite. "The days where you look forward to a "cool" cutscene are behind us"# So very very true; The type of game design the FF series ahears to is simply gone, on top of all the other problems with the games that era of gaming is simply over.

Long ago we forgave final fantasy its gaping flaws because it was doing things we had not seen before. Now it is doing things that make the games look hopelessly out of touch with the modern gaming world and the existing flaws are even bigger.

If SE was smart and wanted to make some money they would craft a new game with an all new story set in Midgar and Gaia with a materia system. :D


And the days where you look forward to a "cool" cutscene are behind us.

Truest words I've heard all day.

If I recall correctly (heavy doubt), marketing, or reviews for Final Fantasy games used to often have a qualifier of 'amazing (CGI) cutscenes', or something to that effect. They were (a bit) cool, back in PS1 era, but if Square-enix is going to buy into this idea like it's novel or it even helps their stories (doesn't), I'll be even more fed up than I already am.

I still hold, however, that XIII battle system was kinda fun. Kind of.

I hear ya. It's not like it's bad to have the occasional cutscene, but to make one every 5 minutes is just stupid.


The cast of characters was annoyingly mediocre and uninteresting.

I agree with everything but this.
Sazh was (is) great.
I'm finished.

You're right. Sazh stands out as one of the few interesting characters, it's been a while since I played the game. So much more interesting, if they completely did away with Lightning and had him stand in as the main character. This whole androgynous thing they do with the main character of games is turning horrible. I loved FFXII but Vaan, as a main character, was incredibly weak and was surrounded by much more interesting characters. Thank god they were around. Someone needs to tell them that it's ok to pick a specific gender for their main characters and then build a character model with those gender traits. And I don't mean the characters do not have a specific gender, but they are designed as such that they have physical features of both genders. Vaan, a male character, had much more female traits. Lightning, a female character, carries herself like a man and is a typical aggressive male. The same could be said for Fang. Then you have the character Hope with female physical features (the only male distinguishing feature is his hair). Then you are treated to the opposite. Vanille and Serah were extremely female, to the point they needed a male-ish character to help and protect them.

Sorry, I'm ranting, but you see my point. They are simply building characters these days that do not fit distinctly into a single physical or emotional gender. And it drives me nuts because it leads to poor story telling and characterization. Though the settings tend to always be interesting. Zazh is the only interesting character because his story with his son is compelling and emotionally driven. You can literally feel his pain. And I can only think this has to do with his definitive characterization as a male father figure. Such strict characterization that is denied in their other characters. And, I'm done. Sorry. :p

Raiyan 1.0:


It's just disgusting, frankly. They threw the Final Fantasy VII franchise at us, but as widely disliked as that game is now, it was once considered one of the best.

FF7 is disliked? News to me.

I can see what he is saying, though I don't completely agree. I don't know if he intended "disliked" (though maybe he did, I'm not a mind reader). It doesn't rank among my favorite RPG's, or even my favorite Final Fantasy titles.

Though, with his post in it's entirety, he is clearly mad about perpetuating games as a franchise despite it not being that popular. I wish they would do other games besides FFXIII as a franchise deal. For instance, even having gone all over the world in FFXII, I feel that world is largely unexplored, unlike FFXIII's world. But, that is only my opinion.

It's easy to see why they want to make a franchise. It saves them the time of making a whole new game with whole new characters from square one and whole new world. They can even re-use the same graphic engine that way, same textures, same voice actors, same writers (due to character familiarity) with no need to make a drastic leap into the future. And, I do remember them saying they wanted to start generating a new game every 2-3 years instead of 5 years, in regards to the FF line of games.

Guess this means it's time to start working on that FF7 remake and hopefully restore faith in your fanbase.

Fans: "We saw your redone opening cinematic for FF7 years ago and it looked great! We would really like a FF7 remake instead of all these weird half-ass movies."

Square: "Um, here, have a horrible squeal to our midly popular MMO, a sequal to our terrible latest installment of the franchise, and some cash grabs."

Fans: "Uh, thats great and all, but how about a FF7 remake?"

Square: "No, also, we won't be localizing these highly anticipated titles into English either."

Fans: "...Do you hate money?"

Square: *Sounds of paper shredders overheating from shoving their own money into them 24/7*

Still buying it when it comes out. Im not one to rubbish off a game based on prequels and internet cred/innuendo.

If I did that, then id have missed out on Assassins Creed 2, Oblivion, Half Life 2, Saints Row 2 and a whole plethora of other games.

That, plus the hate bandwagon of internet coolness seens to be full.

Considering all the hate for the Final Fantasy series since at least FFX, I'm not surprised to see sales drop.

Personally I plan to buy this game at some point in 2012 since I loved the direction they took with FF XIII.

LIke the article says, it's still got Europe and America to be released in. I can imagine that overall it'll sell about 3 million copies easily. Hardly a bad feat

What did you expect?

1. The series recently went down the shitter.
2. No one was really paying attention to its release, and this is Japan we're talking about.
3. Skyrim came out in Japan a few days earlier, they're properly too busy with Skyrim or Zelda to give a shit about another Final Fantasy.
4. Its Christmas, everybody is out of money.
5. I saw a post on The Escapist saying that Japanese gamers hated Final Fantasy XIV and would have preferred to play Fallout New Vegas.
6. People are still bitching about Kingdom Hearts 3 never happening.
7. A lot of people would rather see something fresh, orignial and breathtaking, like The Last Guardian maybe, when it comes out.

Thats seven reasons as to why people are tired of Final Fantasy. Hey Sqaure, slow down ok. No one wants to see a franchise thats more milked than Call of Duty. I say you construct something that will capture the hearts and souls of everybody and makes them forget about crap like Final Fantasy 14 or Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children. I doubt that will happen but eh, I've rambled enough.

I won't buy it until I people have played it and they can tell me what's its like. I was very bitter about having spent the money on the last one.

I don't want the devs to fail but it's good that they are on the receiving end of their mistakes. Maybe it will get through to them that final fantasy fans don't want to play a shiny movie that doesn't make any sense and involves horrible characters.

Good! Now they can finally finish work on versus 13... so they can get to work on KH3!


Andy of Comix Inc:
For some reason, I read this headline, smiled, and sighed with relief.

I think I'm a bad person. All I could think was YEAH FUCK YOU FINAL FANTASY XIII. God I hated FFXIII. I'm so happy to see it failing. I have never been this vindictive with any game series, ever. Even if Call of Duty - a series I despise - announced it sold badly, I'd feel slightly let down, and sorry for the devs.

This news? This news cheered me up...

...Are you serious?

Because they made a mistake, they deserve to fail forever? I think you're right about yourself.

I mean, really, this is type of thing I'd expect to read on Youtube.

It's not been one mistake, these are their recent mistakes:
The online MMOs
the massive disappointment
The teasing of FF7 remake
within each of those major bad decisions lies hundreds of small mistakes. For example, gameplay, towns, music, graphic, structure, combat system, characters, story, menu system, weapon system, magic system, art design, clothing, settings etc. Within each those are even deeper decisions that made the recent games bad and I could go on for a massive wall of text about this but I've made my point, there's lots of awful decisions and reasons square enix needs to fail

It looks like they did a lot of work, but I don't want to play through 13 just to play this one. I kinda hate the setting, the gameplay and the characters, to be honest. :(

Bring back Ivalice (and please don't rape it). :(

FF13 wasn't all bad, it was bearable. Which I know isn't exactly what they'd put on the box, "Most mediocre FF adventure yet! You may or may not get bored!"
But it just didn't capture me like ff9 & 10 did. Now those were real games. Less corridor lark, more likeable characters and more open worlds.

really not surprising but I lost interest after X which virtually killed my like of the series, that interest was finally stirred again with versus 13 but then they seem to be dragging their feet over that release. 13-2 has no interest to me whatsoever and after versus 13 is released I will wait a few weeks to see what people thought before I buy/if I buy it.

You know it's bad when your shitty androgynous soap opera sells poorly in Japan.

What happened Squeenix? You used to be cool.

While I am glad that some people liked Ff 13 I hated it. I Loved 7,8,9 and 10 (yes I liked 8 get over it). They are among my favorite games ever. 10-2 sucked in every way but one. I can forgive the crapy story and all that YRP crap for one reason. It had the cheesey happy ending where Tidus come back from the dead or dream world or whatever and i liked it. I cannot comment on 11 as I do not play online games.

12 was return of the jedi done badly (It had a fucking death star!).

13 was just all bad all the time. It looked good but the rest was bad. bad story, worse gameplay, bad music. But the thing that was worst about it was the characters. I have never wanted a kid to die in a book, movie or game more than I have wanted Hope to die. And then there is Snow. He is a super douche. The biggist douche in the history of doushe land. he is the king of douche land. The single biggist Douche in the universe. If you took the biggist douche you could find, cloned them and then combined them to make a super, mega douche it would only be a tenth of how much of a douche Snow is.

I consider myself a big FF fan but I cannot forgive 13 and so I will not be buying 13-2. SQ seem to have made the same mistake that fans of 13 make when trying to defend it. They mistook salse with popularity. Alot of people bought FF 13. And most of them hated it.

Verses is the last chance for the series. it looks good but then so did 13. If they do not fuck it up and actually release it instead of FF 13-2.5 then it could bring the series back but if they do fuck it up or never release it then I will just have to come to terms with the fact that one of my favorite series is now a hot pool of badger piss.

I had no clue that this game was out.
Don't really care either. I won't pick up unless I hear really... REALLY good things about it and find it at a very low price.
Fuck you, Square Enix. Haven't played a Final Fantasy game I enjoyed since FFX.

For those hating on FFX; yes, it was weak in many ways, but it was my first PS2 game so I was totally blown away by the voices and graphics. Nostalgia helps a lot. ;)
I still fucking hated Tidus though.

After totally knifing their fanbase in the back then kicking them in the gutter to bleed after final fantasy 14, WHAT DO THEY EXPECT!?!

True that. There was a time when an announcement of a new Final Fantasy game was for me an occasion for unalloyed glee. Now, it barely warrants a yawn.

To be fair, the last time I was trusy excited for any JRPG was back in the Dreamcast era.

Marshall Honorof:
While the behemoth-sized series does not appear to be in any real danger

Oh no, I dare contest that and say that it doesn't go far enough. This could very well spell a LOT of trouble for Square-Enix as a whole, and trouble they very much deserve.

They're a corperation, and they have to turn a profit in order to keep going. 500,000 units might have covered their costs, ie, they earned back what they spent on it but that doesn't do ANYTHING to keep the lights on and the people employed. No, this is bad for Squeenix, and I love it.

Square-Enix has becme one of the worst game developers in existance. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere they made the transition from making quality games to taking the Activision route and pumping out as much shit as they could, and now those chickens have come home to roost. This failure WILL hit them hard and where it hurts, and I can only hope that they come away from this changed. Or else I will wait with excited anticipation to watch this company fold. I've already boycotted Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts(Which isn't hard since they haven't released a real, full KH game in almost a decade), and anything else they've slapped their name on which right now is a considerable amount seeing as how Square-Enix has been aquiring IPs like a desperate hooker collects various diseases. And now it's time for Squeenix to go lie down in a gutter somewhere and die.


digital warrior:

I mean I'm a huge fan of their old games, chrono trigger, ff6, ff7, ff9, even chrono cross, All great games.

I like your game selection... but I think I'd add ff5 to the list.

I'm particularly happy that 8 is not mentioned.

I was just generalizing, would add 5 and 4 to the list, while not the best of the series they are still great rpg's of that era. Well lets not get into 8 sucked. I'd give reasons why but I don't have to The Spoony One already did it for me.

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