LARPing Skyrim

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LARPing Skyrim

Video sends up Skyrim by playing the open-world RPG in real life.

As with any popular property, Skyrim has received its fair share of mockery and parody, from the endless Fus Ro Dah videos (personal favorite) to the silly arrows to the knee. It was only a matter of time before someone dramatized the somewhat ridiculous nature of NPC behavior and the quests of Skyrim as if they occurred in real life. I've chuckled at Gary Bigham's "Pro-Larping" videos before, and he didn't disappoint by putting on a horned helm made out of tin foil and venturing out to slay dragons, climb the thousand step, and get rid of that stupid guy who works for Belethor at the general goods store.

There's some obligatory references - you might see an arrow or two - but overall Bigham's video is a pretty spot on parody of Skyrim. I love his off-the-cuff delivery, even if the nerd lisp gets a little old. I could watch him fiddle with a small red handkerchief all day long trying to mesmerize attacking bandits - "Illusion!"

Now, if only real LARPing was this amusing.

Thanks for the tip, Andrew and chainsawfists.


It's missing:
"If you have the aptitude, you should join the College of Winterhold."
"I'm the fucking Arch-Mage."

Needs more buckets
and books.

"Climbing the 7000 steps to high's a bunch of BULLCRAP. Can't you just meet me half way??"

I laughed out loud at that point.

This was awesome. I love this guy.

It wasn't -that- funny.

Isn't LARPing Skyrim basically the same as invading Norway?

Greg Tito:

Now, if only real LARPing was this amusing.

It is. Join a good group at Gencon and see.

"No, guys, I can't fight a dragon and a dragon priest at the same time! ... FUS RO DAH! *gets pelted by red fabric*" I laughed. Not gonna lie.

Heh. Already saw this on account of being subbed to him, but I loved it. The guy's also done LARP videos of Monopoly, Minecraft, and Saw, each one quite silly.

This is amazing! The end was great, breathed new life into an old meme... Makes me want to play a round of Skyrim!

Man, that was hilarious!

I didn't have high expectations, but that was amazing. One of the best Skyrim related things I've seen since the last Miracle of Sound.

Add to the "To-Do" list: Get kick-ass wood cutter.

He missed out on the killer buckets of Skyrim. Never turn your back on the buckets.

Companion: "I work for BELETHOR." *slays dragon priest with stick*.

I should try that next time I encounter a dragon priest.

Yay he made a NPC dialogue joke without anything to do with an arrow and a knee... Oh great I had to watch all of it didn't I? Well I think that receives the reward for the fastest meme to wear out. It was still funny.

Wait no gagging on lollies? I call shenanigans!

That was stupid until the last 5 seconds. Then it was pretty cool.

Slow news day?

Obligatory "lightning bolt" reference, obligatory post padding to avoid a warning, obligatory Spoony reference.

I guess it takes a certain kind, but I thought this was really funny. The illusionist part really cracked me up.

That follower was clearly on an easy difficulty setting.

That follower was clearly on an easy difficulty setting.

Haha that was awesome. I checked out the guy's channel and he has some pretty funny songs and other LARP things too.

Eh, it was alright. What actually made me laugh was all the glitches from mods or whatever at the beginning. Space Dragonborn, cheese avalanche and dragon invasion. THAT was funny.

If only LARPing was epic indeed. No matter how bad I try, I can't see LARPing as something epic. I...just can't. I'm broken or something.

The Illusion and 7000 steps were spot on, but the rest was kinda meh XD

"Why aren't you mesmerized?!"
Got one chuckle out of me. Pretty dull tbh.

Isn't LARPing Skyrim basically the same as invading Norway?

I am gonna go get my sword...

Did anyone see the guy dressed as Santa in background when he gets into the car fast traveled?

Guess it could have just been an...Illusion!

Well I guess it was all right, but I'm too cool to admit it so I'll just say - meh.

I've been watching all of these videos now. They're great.
Two damage! Two damage!
His Silent Hill LARP video was hilarious.

I fully expected the video to be just people walking around with arrows in their knees....

The fist pump at the end was total win.

If only LARPing really was as enjoyable to watch as this was.

Thats just terrifying

oh gods, the lisp, the presentation, this is just precious.

how did I not find this sooner?

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