Disabled Girl Dating Sim Katawa Shoujo Finally Available

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Quantum Star:

Beautiful End:


That ending for Emi you came up with sounds pretty good, actually. Now that I look back at the original ending, it does look pretty disappointing.

On that note, I hated the fact that we ALL pretty much guess what happened to her dad, except Hisao. I kept saying out loud "He's dead!" every time they would touch the topic. So it was pretty cliched that he never got the hint, especially when the story tries to break away from the cliched dialogues and situations for the most part.

I had the same feelings about Emi's ending. I was hoping when Emi said they were going to go visit him she meant he was stuck crippled in the hospital, just like Hisao was in the beginning. So when Hisao gets to see Emi's dad in more or less the exact same state he was at the start, he could have had a serious moment to look back on how pathetic he was before and how much he had changed since going back to school. But no, just dead.

And to expand on your theory, it would explain why Emi was also hesitant about getting too close to Hisao; because she had daddy issues, which are pretty valid in her case.
Eh, well. I still like Emi. Kinda. I don't know...

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