Noby Noby Boy Stretches to Uranus

Noby Noby Boy Stretches to Uranus

Fans of Noby Noby Boy have played enough to allow Noby Noby girl to stretch to Uranus, much to the delight of sniggering journalists everywhere.

It is pronounced Yoo-ran-us, people. This article will not be the butt of a series of immature arse jokes.

Noby Noby Boy, the last game Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahasi made for Namco Bandai before going on to design school playgrounds, is weird. Really weird. The game features very few traditional goals, instead players are tasked with stretching the titular Noby Noby Boy as far as possible. The collective stretching of the player base is recorded by GIRL, a giant ... thing that stretches off into space.

GIRL reached the moon four days after Noby Noby Boy's release, and then mars a few months later. Girl finally reached Uranus last week, after 1045 days of play. What's impressive about these achievements is that the in game distances are real; meaning GIRL has stretched a minimum of 2.57 billion kilometres to bask in the glory of Uranus.

Neptune is next, I'm sure that'll get just as many headlines.


Why, are butt puns considered cheeky?

In a less jokey vein, this is kinda nifty. I can see a few ways to use this to demonstrate the incredible distances involved with even interplanetary travel. I mean, three years of gamers all over the world playing this game to collectively stretch that far? That's pretty amazing.

What on earth did I just watch?

Ok, I think I need to go to bed.


Awesome, I love the fact that as soon as Uranus is reached it becomes newsworthy. Ah humanity...

This story made me smile :)


Awesome, I love the fact that as soon as Uranus is reached it becomes newsworthy. Ah humanity...

This story made me smile :)

I think every new planet reached has gotten reported by someone.

All I can say is... took long enough. I'm actually a little bit surprised people are still playing it. I know I lost interest after a couple months.

Dam Noby Noby Boy is gunna get to the Mass Relay before WE do!

Broken Blade:
Why, are butt puns considered cheeky?

Apparently they stir a lot of enemasity.

"meaning GIRL has stretched a minimum of 2.57 billion kilometres to bask in the glory of Uranus."


I'm sorry I don't really have anything else to add.

Must....resist urge to...contribute to...NOBY-NOBY BOY!!!!!

Where is the prince? I've never found him!

I wonder what'll happen when it stretches to Neptune (Unless they're still counting Pluto as a planet in this game).

So Neptune is a stretch goal?
What? I would.have.sounded like an old fart if I had .made a butt joke.

At its current rate of 2.45 billion km/day, it should reach alpha centauri in 17.6 million days. It remains to be seen if anyone is still playing in 51st century.

I need a fucking PS3 now.

And once again, Japan's weirdness REARs it's ugly head. What a BUMmer. In all seriousness though, this story is of the utmost importance. I'm glad it didn't slip through the CRACKs. I'm always glad to see the Escapist's unique ANALysis of current events.

You know, reading it now, these cracks about butts[1] are pretty CHEEKY. Oh well. HINDsight's 20/20, right?

PS: For anyone else trying to make the best "butt" puns, you better hurry up. You're falling BEHIND.

[1] or "butt cracks" if you will

LOL, reading this article makes me wanna play again, I want to reach the end of the universe itself, I'll play it in the afterlife if I must! I want them to reach the biggest planet in the known universe and then the biggest star! I can't pronounce their names but that would be an amazing feat.

Well Grey, I'm glad to know that whenever I search for 'I don't know what genre this is' I'll get referred to this game. You have my thanks. ;)

(Sounds like a terribly fun game, by the way. Who needs guns and mutants when you have this?)

Grey Carter:
Related to:
johnathan grey carter, i dont know what genre this is, katamari, namco bandai, noby noby boy, space, uranus

Who needs genres?

Grey Carter:

It is pronounced Yoo-ran-us, people.

Actually according to a college professor who teaches Classical Mythology, greek, and latin, it's pronounced oo-ra-nos, with the last o being long (I do not know how to make accent marks).

Where is the prince? I've never found him!

He's pretty much everywhere on the moon. Pretty rare on Earth.

And that is just the players who are hooked up to the internet when they play, too.

I should probably buy this game already.

I'm glad reaching Uranus is news worthy :D
Noby noby girl going places no man has gone before.

I am incredibly impressed that the game even has this in it. Well done :D




You know, maybe our gaming hobby isn't very healthy..



Ah, the wonders that can be accomplished when we all work together.


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