Mortal Kombat Komplete Lands In March

Mortal Kombat Komplete Lands In March


Because we could all use a bit more Christopher Lambert.

When Mortal Kombat hit shelves last year, no one was expecting the game to be as genuinely excellent as it was. The series had been on a downhill slide for years, and at best fans assumed the rebooted title would be a gimmicky diversion, quickly forgotten in favor of Capcom's fighters. And then we got a chance to play it. And it was great. And an actual, honest-to-Shao Kahn fighting game community emerged around the game, ensuring a long life for the title and tons of profit for publisher Warner Bros. Interactive and developer Netherrealm Studios.

As a way of saying "thank you" to their fans, and mop up any residual dollars that might be lingering in the marketplace, Warner Bros. and Netherrealm have put together a package dubbed Mortal Kombat Komplete for release on March 2. The new version of the game will gather all the downloadable content released for the game as well as a couple of unexpected extras to offer the definitive Mortal Kombat release.

From Gamespot's description:

The Komplete Edition of the game includes all four downloadable characters, as well as 15 throwback skins for the cast and three "Klassic" fatalities for the series' original trio of masked ninjas: Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Reptile. The package will also come with downloadable versions of the 1995 feature film Mortal Kombat, as well as the music CD Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by The Warriors.

So far no official price point has been established, so I'll toss it out to you readers: How much would you pay for Mortal Kombat Komplete edition? Keeping in mind that the original game retailed for $60, yet included none of the downloadable extras found in this release, nor a single Highlander.

Source: Gamespot


How much?

Hell I don't care, they can have my money since the movie and music are going to be on it.

My guess? Probably $60 since the movie is on it, but they might do what Borderlands did with their GOTY edition and sell it for $40.

The first movie was stupid and cheesy, but it was enjoyably fun. Plus you have to admit, that theme song is still kick ass. How can you play this game and NOT think of that song?

To be honest, $60 isn't too bad an asking price for this. All the DLC characters, costumes & a digital movie & sort-of soundtrack is a pretty nice bundle for a re-release. Especially when you consider the game is (as of right now) still selling at the $50+ mark brand new and $40-ish pre-owned. Definitely worth a buy for any fighter fans who missed it first time around.

The first movie was stupid and cheesy, but it was enjoyably fun. Plus you have to admit, that theme song is still kick ass. How can you play this game and NOT think of that song?

And Chris Lambert was actually pretty good in it, all things considered. Not a first-class movie, but still.

And you're right, I hear that theme in my head. It haunts me....

Will it come out for PC...? No? Then i no, i won't pay for it.

I'd pay $40 if I were planning on picking it up again. It's a good game, I actually liked the first movie, the soundtrack was good, but there's one major problem. I don't like fighting games that much. The main thing about Mortal Kombat for me is that I grew up with the original MK arcade cabniet in my basement as a child. It's still with my parents actually. Maybe I'll go play that instead.

I'd pay $30.. it'll probably retail for $40.. I'll wait for a sale.

If it went for $40, I'd call this a damn good package that 2D fight fans who missed it the first time should certainly get. That said, I've heard the tracks on that CD, and it's hardly a nice bonus. It'd be better used as a coaster.

I think it's gonna be $60 based on L.A. Noire's Complete Edition. Same price as the "normal" edition, but with more stuff. Also, who's gonna pay over 60 bucks for a game that was released almost a year ago? Yeah, that argument is pretty weak, but it still holds true among gamers.

But honestly, I don't see this as a way to "repay its customers for being so awesome and supportive". This is, indeed, just a way to squeeze more money of this game that no one was expecting to be as good as it is.

Again, L.A. Noire did it already. And honestly, I'm getting a biiiiit tired of buying the "incomplete" edition the day it comes out. >:/


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