Starhawk Gets Release Date, Opens Beta To All

Starhawk Gets Release Date, Opens Beta To All

The futuristic shooter is shipping this spring, but you can join the test starting today.

Starhawk received a fair amount of buzz earlier this year at E3 where The Escapist's Tom Goldman praised the build and battle gameplay. After an extensive closed beta test, Sony announced today that the sequel to 2005's Warhawk would ship to retail outlets for sale on May 8th, 2012. The open beta process also begins today with PlayStation Plus subscribers getting first shot. But the multi-stage beta test will open up to various groups in the next two months, culminating in anyone who wants it to have access to Starhawk multiplayer starting on February 21st.

"This beta is a small taste of what Starhawk will ultimately deliver," the suave movie trailer voice guy says. "Remember: The Starhawk public beta is a true beta. We are relying on your feedback to make the game as strong as possible before release." It may be his earnestness, but I think I believe him.

Starhawk is a PlayStation 3 exclusive that looks like it will really take advantage of the hardware. True, the theme and gameplay seem similar to a lot of titles coming down the pipe like Planetside 2 and FireFall - all sci-fi shooters with a reliance on multiplayer - but Starhawk is dedicated to delivering a solid singleplayer story as well.

I have to say that I'm cautiously looking forward to testing out Starhawk along with everyone else on February 21st. Of course, those of you who've bought Uncharted 3 have a code and there are various ways to get in early, but I'm not that lucky.

Source: PlayStation Blog


I played the previous beta, lots of fun. :D

Looks pretty cool.

Bollocks! PS3 exclusive?

I REALLY enjoyed Warhawk, so I hope this offers improved the formula.

Could we get some platform markings on stories. It is only when you excitedly get 3/4 of the way through the story do you find out it is PS3 only. Talk about let down.

I would love to see this on PC. Please can they make it happen.

Maybe it's time they go back to actually paying professionals to test rather than giving it away as a prize or a reason to buy a crappier game at launch.
This public Beta crap doesn't seem to be helping the QC process does it. Console games have far surpassed pc games in terms of bugginess and need of patching.

And another thing: I hope this rumor that Starhwk having online pass is BS.

I love Warhawk but if Sony puts online pass in a game like Starhawk (a game where the main draw is online play and is also the reason that one who thinks it's a good game would not trade it in), they can go fuck themselves in the goat ass.

I enjoyed playing Warhawk at my friend's a few years back. The dogfights were fun and I liked the air-to-ground-battles, which was done far more competently here than most "battlefield" arena games I've played...

Oh, right. PS3 Exclusive...fuck that.



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