Star Wars Kinect Trailer Worth a Laugh, I Guess

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Greg Tito:

Dude, the Star Wars prequels were horrible. I might have gone a bit overboard with my language re: this meaningless trailer, but at its core Star Wars Kinect is everything I dislike about what Star Wars has become. How is that "nerdy" or "childish"?


Well I wasn't the one who called you nerdy or childish, but now that you mention it, it seems nerdy and childish because of you calling that scene so 'sacred' it's a sin to make fun of it, and as a result you won't even give the game a chance.

I was just expecting you to be more professional, and not slam the game so completely by it's trailer. Sure, say it's in poor taste, but considering how the vast majority of game-related journalists say that they think the trailer is bad, but they won't judge the game until it's released, as you should, to then see someone refuse to buy the game because of a trailer is itself quite childish to me. On top of that, it is far more childish in my opinion to then say it's because it "By poking fun at a scene many of us hold to be sacred".

I would also be very comfortable in saying that 'many of us' don't hold it in as much of a revered light as you do.

Retarded? Yes. But I have to admit that I actually laughed out loud at the "swing and a miss!".

The prequel films were... entertaining. Just throwing it out there. Because once you take the rose-tinted glasses off, the originals were every bit as corny and lame as they were. Ooh, yes, I went there. Star Wars immolated itself with the Christmas Special; there's no coming back from that.

This... commercial was at least mildly entertaining. Lord forbid that a franchise as big as Star Wars sells out to get a lesser known comedian to impersonate Obi-Wan. If anything, he pulled off that 360 spin slash off pretty well, considering how pointless it was to begin with.

All in all, the game will probably be a failure.

That was actually an accurate representation on what most people wanted to do in a Lightsaber game.

The trailer itself made me me laugh. However as said, it shows nothing of the only Kinect game I've actually been looking forward to.

Good job at showing us nothing PR guys. I might wait until its a fiver before picking it up.

The end was pretty funny but if the were trying to sell the actual game with that commercial they did a pretty crappy job at it.

That would be kinda funny if it was a homebrew troll video and we could all go "not too shabby maybe try to be funny next time", but an official video... have you lost your shit.
At least we know what quality they are aiming at.


But..goddamn it Lucas!! Stop trying to re-invent the glory days back when Star Wars was actually good. I'm sick of this! Every movie, EVERY game is playing off the scenes and emotions felt in the original trilogy.

I could have used the face plastered on my...face to win a hand at poker just now after having watched that video. It seemed completely pointless to me but maybe they're going to wheel that one out during the Super Bowl for the game's target audience because it sure as hell wasn't...well, most of us I guess. I find the lack of gameplay disturbing.

I think people might have forgotten that this, most likely wasent aimed at adult geeky star wars fans, but rather young kids and ordinary everyday joes, some people on the escapist need to get over themselves.

And greg its called objective journalism.

Oh I laughed so hard at the beginning of the trailer, when the guy kept interrupting Vader. Spaceballs came to mind.

As always, though, fans of the Star Wars universe, being the most die-hard type of fans, will take out pitchforks and chainsaws and go Lucas hunting on the forums.

They do seem to forget one major aspect, however: after the game is bought, the pretentiousness wears off and the realization that you're just swinging your empty arms in your room sinks in, players will do the one thing that always happens with kinect games when first played: dick around to see exactly how accurate it is and what you can and can't do.

How is it that fans of the series are never happy, yet Star Wars still exists? SOMEONE's buying this stuff!

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