An Explosive Mass Effect 3 Trailer For "FemShep Friday"

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I started my first playthrough of ME1 with a male Shep but before long I restarted with FemShep. I think the reason is that Jennifer Hale's performance completely overshadowed her male counterpart's.

I started to watch because I thought it was cool they were finally using femshep and I wanted to see her being kick ass but as soon as FemShep mentioned being grounded I stopped. I want to see it so bad but I want to know as absolutely few details as possible when I get my ME3. 24 days, 4 hours, and 38 minutes till I can start playing with my femshep again!

I'm 100% on FemShep's team. She's the most badass heroine I've ever played as, perhaps even hero. There's something more badass about FemShep to me. There are so many male leads in games like this. It makes her so much more interesting, so much more unique.

Now the endless debate begins- do I play as my legacy MALE character or FEMALE character first??

It's proving hard to choose.

I don't like her makeup >.>

I'm glad we finally get to see a FemShep trailer, it was long overdue. Think I will stick with my customized FemSheps, though.

I really enjoyed watching this trailer, it's only pushed my anticipation of this game even higher! I didn't think it was possible.

However... Something about her face really seems off to me. I just can't put my finger on it. Ah well, that's what customization is for!

Maybe, despite the fact that FemShep is a badass soldier lady, she's still wearing a perfect application of lipstick and eyeliner? I don't think anyone who's running around as much as she does has time for makeup. After all, it clogs pores and cakes and cracks over time.

I'm glad that at least there is an official trailer for FemShep now, though. All the promo material for ME1 and 2 was also ManShep, even though you could pick your gender. Hopefully they follow through for Dragon Age and make the female side more prominent too.

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