Official Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Coming Soon

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Wait... ST:TNG (The BEST series of Star Trek with just the right blend of CG and actual acting!) is crossing over with the 11th Doctor Who?

Cue nerdgasm in 3... 2... 1...


Doctor Who is a tongue-in-cheek, ham & cheese retro-futurist show centered on the biggest Gary Sue to ever make it to TV and his pet human as they jump through time.

Wesley Crusher would like to have a word with you on the Gary Sue part.

I all seriousness though, I have had limited exposure to the Doctor Who with most of the episodes I've seen being of the 9th doctor. However, even from just those episodes the doctor seemed to have a few flaws himself.

In this mach-up, I am hoping for...

{1} A request for fish-fingers and custard, bananas, or jellybabies from a replicator.

{2} An "I'm Spartacus!"-type argument between Matt Smith and Robert Picardo (The Emergency Medical Hologram).

{3} "A friend of mine asked me once to give her a little Spock. Better late than never..."

(4) A situation where a crew member of the ship out-technobabbles the Doctor.

{5} Rory replying to a Worf boast with "I defended my post for two thousand years as a Roman soldier made of plastic.".

{6} The Doctor versus Q. GO!

{7} A cameo of Jack Harkness being confused for James T. Kirk.

{8} Amy: "There isn't a bathroom on board this ENTIRE SHIP."

{9} "I'm receiving a sub-space transmission, sir." "What does it say, Dr. Data?" "'Hello, Sweetie'."

{10} "GERONI- *Beams down* -MOOOOO!!!

Let's not forget these two gems

(11) "Captain, we're receiving a message!" "Patch it through!" "EXTERMINATE!"

(12) "Hello there. Guess who!"

Mike Kayatta:

More info on the comic!

Official Cover;

Going to be called Assimilation² and the Enterprise crew with the Doctor and companions will be fighting a Borg-Cyberman alliance.

#1 will run 32 pages and sell for $3.99 and be the first in a series of 8 adventures.

...This should be interesting.

Now, the real question is: Will it be any good?

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