Blizzard Didn't Anticipate WoW's Demand

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I also think they are grossly overestimating their new expansion.Not to mention that fact that WOW is now a joke of itself.Unless your like 10 years old I cant see how anyone would be excited about pandas and Pokemon as high points of the next wow expansion.

Uhh the rest of us quit before pandas mate. Blizzard are notoriously slow developers and translating it to an MMORPG where they bring in their trademark 'we can just barely balance a few different things' didn't work out.

I went to SWTOR and I got harshly lied to, it was just SSDT, the only redeeming part being the stories but it wasn't cost effective for me.

Now we're all waiting for guild wars 2 and hoping for dark millennium online.

sooo what's the marketing & PR departments angle with this one (as its clearly been pumped out to every vaguely wow & mmo related site on the net by the looks of things)...

"remember when loads of people liked wow." ?
"look how big we are. see ? numbers!" ?
"we're a huge success." ?


i think i'll go see what Mark Kern is saying this week...


These days, Blizzard has a much better finger on the pulse of its online community, meaning it can gauge where interests lie and anticipate for activity increases when new expansions and features are launched.

Oh... hahahaha... That's funny. They have no clue of its community. The fight with Valve over DoTA proves that. Granted that it wasn't Blizzard's game to begin with but they were completely in the dark as to what potential it had.

A few years from now I expect to be hearing the same thing from the developers of SWTOR. And it'll be just as interesting then. e_e

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