BioWare Supports Beleaguered Writer

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These snotty little entitled brats disgust me I can only hope this is just a phase and they grow the fuck up.

Unfortunately my friend, they will only be replaced by the next generation of entitled brats and the cycle will continue.

The lengths people on the internet will go to, to attack and attempt to discredit people is mind boggling. The frightening thing about it all is, they probably feel as if they are justified in what they're doing. It's absolutely pathetic.

I won't even bother writing up some kind of defence for this woman, as not only have other posters on this thread covered it extensively already and have mirrored my sentiments, but I also feel it is unnecessary. She is a Professional Writer, hired by an experienced Games Developer to write stories for their games. And although I'm certainly not the most prolific player of Bioware games (which I suppose would automatically exclude my opinion from having any relevance to these douchenozzles) the Bioware games I have played have been engrossing affairs, and certainly kept my attention throughout the narrative. Whether Jennifer Hepler was involved in the writing of these games, I have no idea, and really it doesn't matter one iota.

So to once again go back to what Harker067 was saying, people need to grow the fuck up.

What is the point of going to these lengths to harass and attack someone for a comment of this kind? Regardless of whether or not she enjoys playing video games, she has a great love of writing, which allows her to help create the stories the games are created on.

She is a writer - that is her job. Playing video games is not necessary for the part she plays in the creation of games at Bioware.

Not only that, there is no excuse for the way the offenders bullied and harassed the poor women. If they have that much aggressive energy inside them they should put it to better use and do something productive, not destructive.

Well, I really want her to stay on board and make more stories. Like REALLY want her to stay. But what I want more is for her to do something that makes her happy. So, I wish her good luck and hell maybe I'll pick up a copy of her book.

Soviet Heavy:
You seem to have missed the part where she fanned the flames by retorting to her detractors. Honestly, this is a situation where I just hate everyone involved. Responding to torrents of bile with the phrase "I just figure they're jealous that I get to have both a vagina AND a games industry job, and they can't get either." is just asking for trouble.

Hehe. That's actually pretty funny. :D

OT: And some people wonder why people don't open up on the Internet more often...


Brad Shepard:
I heard about her new book, how piss poor it is, plus she wrote some really bad parts of DA:O and I just have to say this, the fact that they are adding male homosexuality in the last installment of Shepard's story seems very off if you ask me.

All the same, saw the title of this article, had to grab this.

What parts? She wrote most of the Dwarven stuff, which was all fantastic, IMO.

Not to mention, as so many people like to disregard, she has NOTHING to do with Mass Effect.

Orzamaar was great, but her book was terrible (according to a whoooole lot of people). That's what's got me so confused.

This is why I love Bioware. One of their own is being harassed and not only do they show their support for her but they help out many other people with the donation. I know that I'm probably going to get flamed for this but there are planty of times to where I wanted to skip the actual gameplay of a game to find out what happens next too. Wheither it's from a story being so good I want to know what happens next right away or the gameplay is just ruining it for me. It's really sad that something like this happened but some people on the Internet are just stupid -.-

Hey mocking her for her personal choices in entertainment, looks or gender is just should mock her (tastefully) for her terrible writing instead.

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