Lionhead Website Begins a Countdown

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To be honest I'm underwhelmed by the news. As much as I WANT to like the Fable series it's been a consistant failure, a series that shows massive potential that it never manages to actually reach.

I'd normally hope for a new franchise, but that button points in a typically cartoony direction, and really I think we've got enough cartoony games out there right now. It seems like everyone is going for that WoW-esque/Fable vibe, I mean heck we've even got Todd Mcfarlane apparently jumping into that art style looking at how Kingdoms Of Amalur turned out visually. Lionhead might have been one of the first to do artwork like that for current games, but really i'm so tired of it, a game symbolized by an sewn on cartoon button seems like exactly the kind of thing I'd like the industry to get away from.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong, and this will be the next big thing, and in a few days I'll be doing ecstatic backflips of anticipation... but I doubt it, all the countdown has done is remind me how much the industry has been miring itself in mediocrity and duplication.

I doubt I'll follow it, but I imagine what the countdown was for will be all over the internet as soon as it ends.

I seriously hope they have an actually competent sequel to Black&White in development. That thing has huge potential.

I never got to play Black and White 1 but I really loved Black and White 2. Though I still have a copy I can never get it to play on any computer I own so I miss B&W. Here's to hoping they're making another one.

Black and white 3. I want to believe.

Captain Pirate:
After Fable 3 being so crap I'm not interested at all.
Maybe they're revealing some new features in Fable 4 that will make it even easier?

It's coming, just you wait and see. Fable 4 will no doubt switch all actions to one button, the "golden trail" will be even more annoying and maybe even an auto-pilot switch like in bayonetta.

Well, we always knew it was only a matter of time before Lionhead initiated the self-destruct sequence... ;)

Andy Chalk:
since we're casting wishes into the wind, that it'll be a new Magic Carpet.

I may be one in 10 people that will get that reference, and for all of us, I thank you, that was hilarious! Also, it's why I love the Escapist as a news source.

Maybe it's Milo for the Kinect 2!
If we're talking hopes, am I the only one hoping for a new franchise? Given it's a M$ studio, it would make sense to make a new IP as a launch game for the next Xbox.
However, given that M$ still haven't said a single thing about the next Xbox, I doubt Lionhead will be the one to do it. Therefore I think the unreal thing isn't related to this, and that this is something completely different. No doubt they're working on a game for the next console, I just don't think this is related. Maybe they're changing the studio? Maybe it's yet another game?

Pfft. While you wait, you may as well go Fable: The Lost Chapters again to remind you that they no longer have the ability to make a game of that calibre anymore.

I seriously hope they have an actually competent sequel to Black&White in development. That thing has huge potential.

QFT - or The Movies - or Populous, ahhh Populous.

I'm going to guess that the timer is counting down the next bunch of over exaggerated lies and hype that will spew forth from Molyneux's mouth when lion head removes the gag.

I would kill for a Fable 3.5... Like, same story, but expanded and not as easy. I loved the story and the art side of Fable 3 a bunch, but as a game is was too easy and a bit of a letdown. And please, Lionhead, fix Reaver. I'm playing Fable 2 again and you destroyed him in 3.

Or a game centering around Logan and the Darkness and when he was king. I would pay good money to play a game centered around him, should they go more of the Fable 2 route with mechanics. I liked Fable 3 well enough that I'm interested to see what is next, but if it is anything like what they showed at E3, I will not be getting it.

That's funny, I never knew you could count down to disappointment.

Hands up. Who else thinks that Lionhead is overextending themselves with hype once again and the new project they make will not be awesome enough to warrant all of the attention and will instead be the subject of numerous criticism?

Comeon Black and White 3!

I gave up hoping for Black and White 3 a long time ago...

Cant decide if the little button image is Fable-y or not. Wouldn't mind seeing this countdown link to a fresh title though, something that isn't a remakr or a sequel would be refreshing!

Im a fan of the Fable series and I'll even give the new Fable Kinnect title a whirl to be honest - Im not that close minded to dismiss it straight away, but Im also not that far into Pete's bottom that I believe its going to be the best thing since sliced bread.

5th of March!? It must be a birthday present for me.

Pb Zeppelin:

Comeon Black and White 3!

I gave up hoping for Black and White 3 a long time ago...

There was a Black and White 2?

When was the last time Lionhead did anything noteworthy? A while ago.

If we were back then, I would be interested.

so they are getting a new site design? why should we care?

Insted of wasting time with Fable, why dosent Lionhead give us some more "Movies" expansion packs!


So much this. Seriously though, I really enjoyed The Movies, at least far more than I enjoyed any of the Fable games. I find it hard to believe that if the games were not Xbox exclusive and Peter Molyneux wasn't in charge of the project, no one would care about the Fable games, and they'd get relatively average scores like they deserve. Of course, in my perfect world, the Call of Duty and Madden games don't consistently get high marks for putting out the same game every year, Planescape Torment gets an incredible modern sequel, and neither Uwe Boll or Michael Bay exist, so I guess that doesn't mean much, does it? :P


fable 1 the remake haheh ... well could be good the first was the best an all

Am I the only one who thinks that the Fable games have somehow managed to get worse with each installment?

no you're not, most people think that myself included. Lionhead wouldn't know the world challenge if it smacked them over the head.

Unless it is a letter of apology from Peter Molyneux, I do not care.

I have so little faith in Molyneux that I'm not even convinced this countdown will end without disappointment. May just get to 1 day left, then add on a few hours, remove seconds from the clock and then at the end revert the website to how it looked before.

Mmm I may have some pent up bitterness towards Lionhead Studios. Shame really as I did like The Movies.

Come on Movies...I love that game, or another Black and White. But I don't the chances are very high for either of those...

I hope the countdown is synced with a 10lb brick of C4 in the Lionhead Studios offices. They all deserve to die in a big fiery explosion because Peter, one guy, talks too much...

Just trying to fit in. >.>

The button is very Fable-y, so I'm expecting news on Fable 4. Although like a few others, I'm holding out hope for a Black & White sequel at some point. AI is still nowhere near Hal-level, but its improved since B&W2 came out, at least. And tech has gotten a lot beefier, too. Maybe they'll start kicking the idea around once the next generation of consoles are upon us, and they see how many people are pining for another installment.

OMG!! Could it be 'Threads', the button sewing sim I've been waiting so long for?? I mean, 'Needles' was okay, but it was just so emo about the whole thing...

Why did they make it look like a flip clock but then don't actually animate it? I don't know about you guys but I'm incredibly disappointed.


fable 1 the remake haheh ... well could be good the first was the best an all

Am I the only one who thinks that the Fable games have somehow managed to get worse with each installment?

Nope. I liked the first one, even if magic was (and still is) gamebreakingly overpowered.

I didn't even bother playing more than an hour of the 3rd one, after I saw that you can convince people to like you by... belching or farting, don't even remember.

I will seriously give them all the money they want if that countdown is for Black and White 3. Preorder, collector's edition, my first-born son, I don't even mind. The B&W games are some of the most innovative titles I have ever played, especially the first game in the series.

Please, I beg you, for the love of God, Lionhead, let this be true. The world is tired of Fable. Bring back Black and White!


There was a Black and White 2?


Although I never played it, only the first one, I heard good things about it.

Hopefully somebody can confirm that it was at least half the game the first one was...?

Here's hoping its not another boring Fable game.

I played 1, didn't really enjoy it, gave 2 the benefit of the doubt and managed to put about 3 hours into it before giving up. I decided not to buy 3 based on the track record.

I did like Black and White though, so something like that could be fun.

If they are going to announce a game It better not be another Fable already.
I hate how Lionhead from company that made the first Fable, Black & White, The Movies became the company that makes crappy Fable sequels.
Personally I hope for B&W 3.

For people wonderning about quality or even existence of B&W 2:

Yes it exists and it's quite good on its own but a few things changed that would potentially mean RUINED FOREVER for purists.

There are fewer miracles, creature training is much easier (you don't have to keep an eye on him all the time because now there is a list your creature did and you can punish or reward him for something he did ages ago), city building is much better (you don't have to build this annoying scaffoldings for everything, you jut drop a building and construction begins), pretty much everything in game (buildings, miracles, creature abilities) is unlocked with points awarded for doing quests, you win by splendour(having a huge happy city) or conquest (there are armies) instead of faith, there's normal menu instead of cool in universe temple.

You can decide for yourselves what do you think about the changes.
As for me it feel less like you are a gods and more like some generic non-entity RTS leader (if that makes any sense) witch kinda against the point of B&W but it's still enjoyable.

Epic Ren & Stimpy references in the first paragraph

Given what little I could stand of Fable 3, I'm guessing...

Fable: The Journey
The next game in the critically acclaimed series takes us on another adventure... one step at a time!

Lionhead Studios brings to us the newest innovations in game design:

+ Hold (A) to confirm walking.
+ Don't just interact with NPCs; go inside of their fragile psyche's and go through an entire mini-verse within their head to convince them that you are or are not a prick.
+ Knitting! Knit your own fashion in a [necessary] stitch mini game. Better get that thread in the eye of the [vigorously shaking] needle, though!
+ Gatling Guns. That shoot missiles. That explode in magic!
+View-graph charts dictating your EVERY. WINKING. MOMENT. Of gameplay [also required].

Yeah, picking on something as so arbitrary and benign as menus pissed me off that much.

I am excited. People love to talk against molyneux and lion head, but I have genuinely enjoyed every game i've played by them, and i'm looking forward to this!

fable 1 the remake haheh ... well could be good the first was the best an all

Don't even joke about that. Peter Molyneux does not need encouragement, he needs sectioning.

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