Footage From Canceled Steampunk Batman Game Surfaces

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cape physics, bitch

I'm glad they didn't pick it up. The premise is bad, it's Batman.... but in Victorian times....... why?

I hate the whole spin off bit with there being a Batman in Medieval times and even Cave-Batman in one travesty of a comic.

It completely detracts from Bruce being the progenitor and ruins the story.

The only Batman Spinoff game that Rocksteady (no one else.... ever.) needs to start making is a Batman Beyond storyline. Because Terry is inspired and guided by the original Bat.

Plus Cyberpunk >>>>>>>>>>> Steampunk.

But good cape physics... they were cool.

Why can't we have anything nice? T~T
I would of bought this game no questions asked. It would of defiantly been popular if published. With a cape like that, how could it not!?

Ok, yes that's a very pretty cape. It's also not what you would have seen in the end game. This was made for a pitch. In making a video for a pitch anything goes, including making pre-rendered "concept" footage or running the game in-engine at 3 FPS and speeding it up. Most likely this is pretty much a tech demo saying nothing more than that cloth physics exist and that they function on an unspecified machine if run in what is essentially a static environment with low visibility. IE in something very, very far removed from a shippable title. :)

Grey Carter:
Footage From Canceled Steampunk Batman Game Surfaces

Here's some footage from F.3.A.R developer, Day 1 Studios', canceled Gotham by Gaslight game.

Remember those menu designs from that canceled steampunk Batman game we showed you last month? Well the noble scholars over at Siliconera have managed to dig up a video of the game in motion, and it is beautiful. It was beautiful.

Okay, so Batman doesn't do anything particularly Batman-esque in the video. He just walks around, stopping occasionally to brood a little. Regardless, I could watch that physics-driven cape for hours.

This footage is part of a pitch for Gotham by Gaslight, which would have appeared on PS3 and Xbox 360 between 2009 and 2010 had a publishered picked it up. In the game, a hefty-looking Batman would have attempted to track down Jack the ripper in a 19th century interpretation of Gotham. Day 1 Studios' pitched the game to THQ, who didn't bite. Unable to find a publisher to fund the game, Day 1 eventually canceled the project.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we can't have nice things.

Source: Siliconera


In this medium, 95% of all game ideas do not get made. Most don't make it past the concept art stage or something similar to that.

Just throwing an idea onto the table, cos it looks about the right time period (and apologising in advance if it turns out my Batman lore is not up to scratch), but I think a really good final villain for this game would have been a newly resurrected Solomon Grundy. Maybe you feel his influence throughout the game, battling grunts in his employ, fight him in his human form, then the finale of the game has you square off against him as his regenerative powers set in. Solomon Grundy vs Steampunk Batman... what do you rekon, Escapists?

Get a kickstarter and MAKE THIS GAME!

Man that cape was wicked though. Would have been nice to see something like that used in Arkham City!

I know. Cloth seems to be one of the hardest thing to do right in a game, but that was awesome.

OT: Maybe now a publisher will pick it up seeing the reception and it will get released in 2014 or something. At least I can dream.

That cape... Those physics... That was amazing!

That's exactly what I was thinking. I mean, I won't lie, I thought he looked like a fucking moron with his cowl and everything in a 19th century cape, but goddamn if that cape wasn't beautiful.

Argh! Somebody start a kickstarter! If all else fails somebody phone Notch!

That cape. I would have bought it just for that cape.

Maybe THQ wouldn't be in such financial trouble if it had focused on making good games like this instead of crap like UDraw

And crap like Homefront.

That kind of thing usually doesn't last until launch.

I mean, look at the prototype of Metal Gear Rising with its interesting slicing system versus how it turned out to be a generic hack and slash.

Hopefully Rocksteady sees this and decides to pick it up. A Steampunk Batman game would be quite awesome in my opinion.

That video was pulse-pounding. I totally got chills from watching batman walk around on rooftops while the camera leisurely checks out his 'utility belt'.

What the fuck. Show us some actual gameplay.

I wouldn't mind seeing that Batman outfit as DLC in Arkham City.

Damn it ninja'd but I agree we you pal, I would like to use that costume in Arkham City not to metion that badass cape.

Just release more videos of the cape. That's all I want. O.O

I kinda feel like Rocksteady is making their Arkham games into a trilogy. So maybe after the third Arkham game they could pick up this one. You guys know the Arkham gameplay would work well in this concept. It's almost too perfect.

I can dream anyway...

Publisherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs *kneels and shakes fist at the sky*

Stop being stupid and understand the average geek consumer better.

This is a peanut and jelly sandwich. PEANUT AND JELLY SANDWICH.

Steampunk and Batman, married. For fuck sake what publisher went: "Nah this won't sell."
"Fools! Surrounded by fools!"

Okay I would play this just for how pimp Batman looks in that cloak.

See this THQ, this shit right here. This is why you are going broke.
Maybe if you focused on interesting game ideas instead of shitty tablets that no one wants, maybe you would not be going bankrupt within a year.

"Day 1 Studios' pitched the game to THQ, who didn't bite. Unable to find a publisher to fund the game, Day 1 eventually canceled the project."


All of my rage

... on the other hand, here's hoping that Rocksteady (in partnership perhaps) will be able to pick this up as a follow on to Arkham City. It would be I think a more fruitful new direction than the logical expansion of Arkham locations:
-Arkham County
-Arkham State
-Arkham Nation
-Arkham Planet
-Arkham in Space
-Arkham to the Future
-Live free or Arkham
-Arkham 2: Arkhammer

Don't forget Green Eggs and ArkHam.

Seriously though id love to see what they do with Jack, even if the guy was most likely a crazed American docter with a pimpin moustache.

Wow, Batman must have had some serious hydraulics in his boots or something.

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