Jet Grind Radio HD Re-release Confirmed

Jet Grind Radio HD Re-release Confirmed


Remember that "mysterious" teaser that was obviously hinting at a Jet Grind Radio re-release? Well it was hinting at a Jet Grind Radio re-release.

Which means that both our finest journalist, and anyone else with a penchant for pointing out of the obvious, can start patting themselves on the back. You nailed it, guys, take a bow.

Today Sega formally announced that the port of Jet Grind Radio, also known as Jet Set Radio in the non-barbarian lands, is due a remastered, digital release on Xbox Live, PSN and PC this summer. The port will be feature upgraded, HD graphics. There's no concrete price yet, but previous Dreamcast ports have cost $8.99 each.

For those of you who didn't own a Dreamcast, Jet Grind Radio casts the player as the leader of a group of roller-blading vandals who hop around Tokyo defacing public property in an attempt to steal turf from rival gangs. It played very similarly to the early Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, albeit with more perpetually enraged police officers and attack choppers.

Hopefully Sega puts out the cash to acquire the game's excellent, partially-licensed soundtrack. Previous Dreamcast port, Crazy Taxi, was released without its iconic Offspring soundtrack, and that just felt wrong.

Source: Gamespot


Not a bad game to re-release, but truthfully I'd much rather have seen them do something like "Skies Of Arcadia", but I'd imagine that would take a lot more work.

I've also been wondering if they will ever do "Armada" and if they do they would find a way to put in the online multiplayer functionality they originally intended for the game. Something like PSN or XBL seem ideal for a game like that nowadays.

On pc you say? f-yeah. Hopefully enough people buy this so we get the sequel released as well.

That game was fun, now the question is XBLA or PSN?

I hope they do the same for Skies of Arcadia as mentioned above. I don't mind if the graphics are the same since they looked good back then and still do to this day to me. I just want people to have a chance to play it and experience it.


Now all I need is Sonic Adventure 2 to be re-released.

PC version.... YEAAAAH!!!!!

...there better be an option to use image files for your tags ¬¬

I was pleasantly surprised by the announcement of a PC version. Sega seems to have been improving their relationship with the PC platform as of late. As happy as it makes me to see JSR being re-released, I hope this is Sega's way of testing the water for a JSRF re-release as well.

Now all we need is a Skies of Arcadia (GameCube updated re-release version hopefully) and Jet Set Radio Future and I am set :)

Yay, now I might actually finish this damn game

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!



Does it have all the original music?

They better shell out the money for licensing rights to the music. Lord knows what would happen if they didn't.

aw fuck
now I have to buy this game

I do hope it comes out on physical too, so I can put it next to my Jet Grind Radio Dreamcast disc ^-^

I wonder if they will also rerelease Jet Grind Radio Future for PC as well =P

I known about this for quite a while as I'm working on my graffito for the game. I really want Jet Set Radio Future really instead of this game. The controls and cameras are funky in this one, which they fixed for JSRF.

Does it have all the original music?

...why would it not?

I immediately jumped to the conclusion that this meant JSRF, but this is still good news. This is still an HD re-release I'd actually buy...although a 2 pack release would be a gift from the graffiti-heavens.

My dream would be that if this does well enough we'll see Jet Set Radio Future added later too, and eventually lead to the true sequel that this generation could allow. Set after the first Jet Set Radio, with a full city to skate in, amazing cel-shading and of course more of that amazing music from Hideki Naganuma. Oh... if only.

*epic guitar riff*

"Understand, understand! Understand, understand! Understand, understand...the concept of love!"


Ah, that brings back some memories. This should be good, no doubt.

I think I just crapped my pants.

Want this game, so hard. The soundtrack better still be intact.


I freaking love that game, and I really hope the soundtrack is intact. I really don't want to be disappointed like with Crazy Taxi.

Finally... FINALLY I no longer need a shody Dreamcast emulator to play it on my PC.

Now, if they could just port Ikaruga for the PC...

I've only played the demo of the sequel, but damn, I have a soft spot for extreme sports games. This should be good.

Yes! Then all we need is a re-release of Jet Set Radio Future and I can relive my childhood...

I wonder what the achievements would be like? (Please god 200 combos)

Sweet, Now we need Sonic Adventure 2, Phantasy Star Online and Shemnue and I'm sorted!


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