Nintendo Rejects Binding of Isaac on 3DS

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Nintendo already has Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 1/OC/2 which are all pretty much games that offend people's faiths. They have Resident Evil and GTA on the DS/3DS to offend people via gore. Over the years, Nintendo has allowed Eternal Darkness, Madworld, No More Heroes, and other high-potential-for-offense games on their consoles. However, these are all games on retail shelves, not an eShop purchase. I'm sure if Team Meat ever invested in a boxed release, Nintendo would have given them the green light. I think the real reason Nintendo rejected the game is because they want to control content in the eShop and not necessarily the content that gets sold in a physical retail scenario. They can choose to market or not market specific 3DS games sold on retail shelves, but Nintendo is in control of marketing their VC, WiiWare, and 3DS Shop releases and they're likely uncomfortable about having a game with a fair chance of being offensive in their weekly download e-mails or the front page of their shop.


Kevlar Eater:
Wow, Nintendo. Your draconian family friendliness bullshit is really grating the nerves of many...

It's as though the last two major 3DS retail releases haven't been M rated and that Nintendo hasn't allowed games on the Wii whose extreme mature content has actually got them governmentally banned/censored in some countries.

Really, wait till this game is on PlayStation and Xbox before you start using Binding of Issac as a talking point for how outrageously oppressive and backward Nintendo is for rejecting it.

Also, the idea that Pokémon contains anything resembling a "religious message or content" in the manner of Binding of Issac is laughable.


Shin Megami Tensei.

A series that's had seven games on Nintendo systems and a remake of one of them on the 3DS and all of them have some pretty large religious content in them. I'd even say that the series is more religiously based than The Binding of Issac.

For example, in SMT2, the last boss is YHVH. God. A game in which you can team up with Lucifer and fight God, an Lawful Evil character who wishes to enslave humanity.

Binding of Issac in comparison is pretty tame, don't you think?

Zelda is like a religion to Nintendo. This makes perfect sense to me.

Despite how much I enjoyed Binding of Isaac (I really should get to fleshing out an "I'm Reading Too Deeply Into a Silly Game" essay for it), I'm going to have to side with Nintendo on this one. Aside from the fact it's their decision, no, Isaac really doesn't fit into Nintendo's scheme of things. I'm not saying that they haven't done anything like this before (I refuse to get into a Shin Megami Tensei argument), but really...Isaac is a bit over the top for them. Sony would - AND SHOULD - be all over it, of course.

Of course, at least in the American market, we brought it upon ourselves for being overly sensitive about every bloody little thing...

wait what? so the story about a demeted woman hearing voices in her head (and if i remember the ending correctly voices not from god) is more offensive then the fact that she tries to kill her child not to mention all the other stuff in the game that if i describe them i fear i might get banned? that just sick. if you want to ban it do it for the right reasons.

I like the people who say "This is bad, thank God I dont buy Nintendo products." Why are you here then? This doesn't effect you at all, and your comments are just the standard "OMG Nintendo r teh badz".

Nintendo likes to keep their brand name clean. Unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo ACTIVELY target their games toward a casual and child audience. You also don't hear that many claims of violence on the Wii, mostly because the violent games that DO get released are toned down, re-releases of another game, or just plain bad.

Like it or not, releasing "The Binding of Issac" is not a good idea. Say what you want about that game, good or bad, but the message it sends it pretty grim. Its the kind of game that would make a few parents say "Im not buying this product for my children." It could also scare off the casual crowd, who don't want to be painted with the message Nintendo would be appearing to set.

You guys are suprised? You think Nintendo is being draconian? They're running their business. Especially now, they have a very niche appeal to a very specific audience. The Binding of Issac is not a game meant to appeal to that large audience, and the damage it could do to the image of their brand is not worth the few hardcore players that would like the title.

Its not draconian, its business. You wouldn't chastise the 360 for not allowing "Super Torture Sex Factory" on their console, same principal. They are a brand.


I think the only reason Resident Evil: Revelations wasn't blocked was because they mangled the use of Dante's Inferno so heavily that nobody could actually figure out why they were using it besides being able to make the names of enemies sound cooler.

Dante's Inferno is an explicit work of fiction whereas the story of Abraham and his first son is actual religious teaching at the heart of three major world religions.

Something important to consider when comparing those two games.

or as Yathzee said in his review of Dante's Inferno "history's first recorded self-insert fanfiction."


-Link officially comes out as a heterosexual.
-Samus is now a male.
-BLOOD has been removed from all future games.
-'Trainers' have now OFFICIALLY been renamed 'Masters' and 'Pokemon
(Pocket Monsters)' have been renamed as 'Pokeabom (Pocket Abominations).
-Kirby is no longer allow to suck up male enemies.
-Mario stories will now be a tale of a married man trying to protect his wife's virginity.
-All females leads will either be replaced by males OR Rule 63'd.
-In some regions all female characters will have to cover themselves to varying degree.
-All world maps are now FLAT.
-All kinds of 'magic' are now ban or shown to be an evil that corrupts all.


I laughed out quite loudly because of you, dear sir. Especially at the kirby part. Thank you.

As much as I hate this decision, I can fully understand Nintendo's reaction because... ugh... you try dealing with fundamentalist. (I admitted once in class that I'm agnostic and now I have two parents up my crotch claiming that I give their kids bad grades just because they're Christians... why did I have to be so stupid)
And yeah, it's sad that they win again by spoiling our fun. But still... big meh...

Also, I don't think Isaac is really comparable to other 'religious' (in huge inverted commas) games. Shin Megami is basically the old "plucky heroes vs. big bad" whereas Isaac is hugely disturbing PERSONAL religious experience. Somehow, it doesn't feel right to compare these two games just because of the "religious content". You don't see me bringing in Castlevania, although you fight Legion equipped with Holy Water and Crucifix (which double as boomerangs)

A lot of people have already forgotten that Nintendo only allowed DS versions of Spore once the developers had tweaked the game making the Sun orbit around Earth so as to not offend anybody.

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