Take the "Which Mass Effect Species Are You?" Personality Quiz!

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I don't need to take the quiz. I already know that I would be a Volus!

Noooo, not a human! They're the worst! :(

Aw, human. How boring. I'm gonna have to redo it until I get something better.
EDIT: Salarian. Much better.

You just could not have found a picture of Shepard in a more gay armor, could you?

A truely manly man is not so insecure about his manliness as to worry about what he wears.

Human for me too. I never claimed to be interesting...

got Asari. I have yet to play ME, but a little bird told me that they are a race of superintelligent wellviewed psychic badasses. and they have great lesbian sleepovers.

Somehhow I am okay with that.

Am I human or replicant? Or do they not know? Either way I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

I got Turian.


Well shoot, my life is short. Whatever. :D

For those of you complaining they got human, see this tidbit: it will make you feel loads better.

That just made my day. Thanks for posting it.


Ah yes, "Reapers"...
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I'm not human after all.... Your species must know its place!

Salarian. I can live with that.


Ah yes, "Reapers"...
Take this quiz

Ah yes, 'personality quizzes.' We have dismissed this claim...

Got Quarian, which is probably my favourite Mass Effect race so yeah, thats pretty cool!

Well, i'm Human...can't say i'm disappointed though since i wasn't really aiming for a prefered race. All of the races are just meh to me today for some reason.


Human for me too. I never claimed to be interesting...

I'd assume humans would be more interesting if we wern't them already...

God, i make it sound like we came and replaced us slowly to death or something.

Wow, I'm human.
Who could have thought that?


Not sure if want... Google time!

*5 minutes later*

Sooo, more or less superior technology, psychic powers, enormous lifespan, gets along great with all races... Yeah I can live with that. Though the gender thing is odd...

Ok, so I've got Asari, Krogan, Quarian, Salarian, Turian, Human and Drell. Is that all?

I got human.

On a side note, isn't this quiz technically racist?

Ok, so I've got Asari, Krogan, Quarian, Salarian, Turian, Human and Drell. Is that all?

For this week, yes.

Go for the optics Chiktikka!

Go for the optics!

This pleases me...

Edit: The Quarian badge appears to be broken...


By the Goddess!
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well I live for ages, I have biotics, I have advanced technology and there doesn't seem to be a single member of my race that isn't the equivalent to a well paid model...you know what, I think I can handle the lack of penis.

It judges as a Salarian,I'm not that quick witted,though I wouldn't mind a short but insanely productive life.
I don't see turians so far,tried a few times but I only got Drell,which also isn't bad,anything is better than human imho.


This pleases me greatly.

And then the following:

There's a nasty cold going around the office, and you're the only one of your coworkers to have not gotten sick. What do you do?

-Go see a doctor if I feel ill, but I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just a cold.
-Go on vacation to somewhere warm and sunny.
-Go to the doctor immediately, get all the medicine I can and self-quarantine myself. I'm not getting sick one way or another!
-Cold? There's no cold going around the office. I have dismissed this claim.
-If I catch it, well, I'll tough it out. Colds are nothing.
-Constantly monitor my coworker's health and do some research on WebMD to make sure their symptoms aren't actually a sign of something worse.

Ah, yes [Fingerquotes]Personality quizzes[/Fingerquotes] Now defining your species? I'm sorry, we've dismissed that claim.

Turian, apparently Turians like to take their dates to the park. Cant say I get how the questions worked but whatever, at least I'm not a human.

is everyone human and the escapist is trolling us?
I got human, how boring...

Well, you're a human, right? Quiz wins!

Surprised I got Asari considering my favorite class is an Infiltrator.
Oh well, at least I live for like a thousand years.


Surrender. Or don't. That would be more fun.
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Stupid machine!

I'm not surprised really. My personality does kind of match that of either a Krogan or Turian.

Human... How dull. Ah well, at least I'm adaptable rather than live for one purpose and one purpose only (Salarians: Science, Asari: Administration/Stripping, Krogan: Kill Shit, Turians: Military discipline, Batarians: Dickheads, Quarians: Complain about loss of homeworld and do not attempt to find a new planet, Vorcha: Target Practice)

I am a drell,aaaaawww yeah (first try)

actually this makes sence:i love stealth, i'm a lonesome guy and everybody around me becomes depressed

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