BioWare Uses Stock Photo for Tali in Mass Effect 3

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Yep, stop the presses, it's official; "'Bioware can do no wrong', says Escapist Magazine staff, while repeatedly making veiled insults about their readership".

So, Gamespy got eaten and shat back out by IGN, Gamespot is a joke wrapped in a lie wrapped in a tortilla, and now the Escapist has jumped the shark as well; anyone know any good gaming sites, ideally ones not run by rabid fanboys and which has a writing staff of journalists rather than editorialists?

I heard good things about Gamebanshee.

RPGCodex/Tacticular Cancer does some good interviews (lots of trolls though, but it also has a handy ignore list)

Gamasutra, maybe.

also, this guy:
(aka sea or searanox on various forums like Gamebanshee/RPGCodex and sometimes on the escapist)

Honestly I see no issue with manipulated photography as a form of art. But this is not a very impressive photoshop and its Tali's fucking face, it was really important to the fans, at least they could have come up with some original art for it.

Thread is already kind of spoiler-y, but I'll ask my question in spoiler tags just to be safe.

On topic: I have absolutely no issue with the photo itself. It'd be nice if it was wholly original, but I don't see any inherent problem with using a stock photo for it.

At the end of the day, it doesn't ruin my game experience but I certainly think it could've been done better.

When I finished the Reaper base, I was really expecting for them to show us the face. When we got to see the back of head, AGAIN, I verbally exclaimed, "You have to be freaking kidding me." When we do get to see the face, not only some grainy hard-to-see photo but also an adjusted stock image...Mind you, I have no issue whatsoever with the image itself. It more-or-less looks like what I imagined Tali to look like. It's not the content, but the execution.

The end result feels cheap. It's like they made the combat and some of the major set-pieces out of freaking tungsten and then built the relationships people cared about most together using Elmer's glue and styrofoam.


So, if you do do things properly, does she still live and everyone is happy?[/spoiler]


Machine Man 1992:

Trust me, when these fans get to the ending of the game, they'll have something WORTHWHILE to rage about. Compared to the endings, the Tali controversy is negligible and will be quickly forgotten.

But those endings.... WOW. I think the official Bioware poll has it at 96% of nearly 3,000 polled hate the endings.

Why do they suck? I've been avoiding them so far, and I would like to get the gist of why people hate them.

Without spoiling too much, I'll just say that NONE of your choices in any of the games matter. No matter what you do, it's all null and void. Did you save the Rachni Queen or kill her? Doesn't matter. Did you romance Liara? Doesn't change the ending. Did you destroy or save the Collector base? Save or sacrifice the Citadel Council? Cure the genophage? Kill Wrex? Survive the Suicide Mission? Were you super Paragon or super Renegade?

Doesn't matter.

You get the same ending (with minor color variations) no matter if you rush through the games, do no sidequests, and make terrible choices as you do if you 100% all games, carefully plan your choices, and do everything you can to get the best endings. Doesn't matter. The ending doesn't change based on your decisions.

And that's why it's so disappointing. The games told us our choices mattered, that we can determine are own fates... but in the very final moments of the game, the choice is stripped from you, your choices no longer matter, and you get one of three marginally different endings, ALL of which are very bitter and very depressing. There are no happy endings, no matter how well you play. You can't earn one.

They provide almost no closure. They're full of plotholes. You don't find out what happens to anybody you care about. The game just screws everyone over and ends, regardless of your choices, regardless of how well you prepare, how good you are, how evil you are, or how close you are to your teammates.

An ending that is nonsensical, meaningless, and violates the theme of the series is grounds for disappointment. It's a shame too, 'cause everything up until those final 10 minutes was amazing. But, yes, the ending is so bad it actually makes playthroughs of ME1 and ME2 almost impossible with the knowledge that your decisions ultimate count for squat.

Just finished the game.


I'm so glad I didn't buy this, I was cautious with that whole day 1 DLC crap they were pulling so I was going to buy it used or wait for prices to drop etc. etc. But after seeing this, there is no way I'm touching this game I just can't believe this, what happened Bioware? We used to look up to you..
I think on the subject of the photo I think more than enough has been said, but I think I will just leave this here for those still fawning over Bioware.

The ending was terrible.



(Yes I'm aware that there's a grammer error)

all i can say is.... free advertising!
the desktop background i had since 2006 is now ME ending, awesome.
at least they bothered to play with colouration, making ME one look better.

P.S. i know advertising brings money but seriuosly? this for capcha?

I just answer Garbage every time. Unbelievable.

I have no idea why and I hope im not the only one but... these pictures just creep the hell out of me, in a really bad way. Im kinda nervous just looking at them, they freak me out ehhhh.... anyone else?

bringer of illumination:
Using stock photos are perfectly acceptable. For non-characters that don't matter and random portraits in hallways.

For a major character whose face is something a lot of fans have been clamoring to see? Not so fucking much.

What really pissed me off is just how fucking lazy the photoshop job is, she just a human with white slanted eyes and some symbols on her neck.

Fucking REALLY Bioware? And I was, thinking that you couldn't get any more creatively bankrupt.

...Oh my god. THEY ARE!

OT: Does anyone else think that Tali looks cross-eyed in that photo?

My only gripe is that it destroys the suspension of disbelief slightly if you notice.

Now that a minority did notice and kicked up a shitstorm, the majority would read about this, see the picture, and in turn have their suspension of disbelief destroyed.

Yes, Bioware were lazy. But I blame the people who noticed and kicked up a fuss about it. If they hadn't, I wouldn't know when I see it, it's a stockphoto.

I am too to blame for looking at spoilerific article and image, but can you deny human curiosity?

People are finding any and all reason to bitch about this game.

I hate humans. Damn it feels good to be a turian.

I have a question!

How can it be Tali's face if the Quarrians don't remove their suites?

Daystar Clarion:
A shit storm is a coming.

Okay people, come with me if you want to live, I have a bunker.

Honestly? This doesn't really bother me. It isn't going to lessen my experience of the game and I quite like the picture. What does it matter whether it's made from scratch or not?

Well, unless you're a Talimancer of course, but then you've got more things to worry about.

I'll join the bunker, I'mma bring some dat corned beef yo.
And tea, christ I love tea.

This was absolutely hilarious!

Hahahaha! If I bought the game I would probably be a little less than pleased about this but really it's no big deal, but it IS very funny. Now I understand fully what this video was about.

Actually, forget the horrible photoshop job on Tali, I want some of the drones to explain this one:

Bioware puts more effort into modelling a ****ing robot's vagina than they do on the entire Quarian race.

But seriously, forget about the fact that a robot has giant bags of sand and a cooch that would make any weeaboo's wet dream come true... Can someone please explain to me why the ship's AI would need a graphical visor displaying errors or problems with the ship? Isn't she THE ****ING SHIP?! Wouldn't anything concerning the ship status be beamed directly into her AI?

Then again, they completely screwed the pooch with Quarian lore, why would I even expect modern day Bioware to get something so basic and logical correct?

Personally I am just disappointed in how phoned in this thing was. If they couldn't set aside some time to create the picture (which I highly doubt, having your art team create a photo should be fairly easy to do) or they couldn't agree on what to make the quarians look like, they should have left the question unanswered. The stock photo also leaves us with a lot of plot holes. Who took the picture? Why is she outside her environment suit? when did she find time to take a photo on the quarian homeworld while no one was paying attention? Lastly the picture itself is just terribly doctored. She looks like she lost her last two fingers and not that she has three is probably my main complaint. It makes me disappointed but it didn't ruin my romance with Tali or the rest of the game. Just don't get me started on the ending

Actually, forget the horrible photoshop job on Tali, I want some of the drones to explain this one:

Are you in the desert.. cause I see a camel toe


I'm not scanning through 200+ replies to look for it, but I think they shoulda paid this guy to come up with a full body for her.

I clicked preivew and it came up. I know sometimes the boards likes to trick us into thinking it does.

But really, they should've done that.

Ok, so I think I can safely say that ME3 critics has officially divided themselves into two camps:

1. Those who are searching for reasons to complain because the Mass Effect games are overrated in their opinion
2. Those who have legitimate criticisms

For those of you who would like to avoid all the hate and anger spewed on every forum about ME3, here's a quick guide into how to discern whether you are running into Type 1 or Type 2 People.

Type 1 People bitch about Day 1 DLC despite the fact that it's not essential to the overall game, and complain that you have to pay $870 for the "full game" when the full game costs $60 and everything else that is DLC related is bonus material you can choose to buy at your own discretion. They complain about sending copies into space because the promotion idea was offensively stupid to them, and they make broad generalizing statements about how the art and gameplay aren't any good when information about using a stock photo appears.They tend to either boycott the game entirely, proving they have absolutely no backing for many of their comments (not saying there aren't legitimate reasons to boycott if you really hate EA, but those aren't the people I'm talking about), or talk about how much they hate the game but have played through every ending within a week of its release.

Type 2 People are frustrated about how the endings don't feel right (i.e. don't match the tone the series has established up until this point) and don't provide the closure they should. They are fine with stock photography in certain cases, but feel as if more attention should have been paid to the characters with whom they've formed a relationship, and they're pretty respectful while discussing this type of thing. To get to this point of criticism, they've usually played through the game and enjoyed parts of it very much, but were saddened by some major missteps along the way.

This thread has reminded me that the Type 1 people will always be louder and more obnoxious than the type 2 people, which in turn hurts the entire gaming community that could have learned a lesson from this whole thing if everyone had simply remained logical and respectful. But no, this is the internet, so we have a whole bunch of people that just want to complain from a place of superiority they've never had and never will.

@witty name here the second link shows what i always imagined tali would look like, i wonder if i can put into the game as the picture rather then that lazy hackjob.

...This is controversy...? I don't understand why people do this...

Thread is already kind of spoiler-y, but I'll ask my question in spoiler tags just to be safe.

I'm really late to this thread but I had to purchase Mass Effect 3 and play it myself till the point of beating 'that' certain mission to finally respond in this thread without being spoiled. Truth be told-

.. Wait, a picture? This is she?? I mean her? Tali without the mask? Can this be?? *Checks again on here, on google, and in the game.. I see her face. Really shocked but no disappointed or outraged just highly surprised lol. Also the way she looks does suit her culture and personality/accent to some degree.

Texas Joker 52:
You know, at first, I was just a little bit upset at hearing that they used a stock image for the base of Tali's face, pardon the rhyme, but now, I just don't care, and for several reasons.

Firstly, it doesn't change Tali as a character. It does not affect her personality, the character growth shes gone through, and the only thing it does change is the image for whats under the mask.

Secondly, despite the method in which they came up with the final image of Tali's face, really, it doesn't look that bad. Shes kind of cute. And if all Quarian's look like that, there's potential for some really sexy Quarian babes underneath those suits, and for Kal'Reegar to pretty much just be an alternate, alien version of Jayne. Which, really, would make sense if you think about it.

And lastly, it doesn't make the game less fun, or draw me in any less. I'm still having a blast fucking up Cerberus, I'm still wanting to know how its all going to end, and I still had my Man-Shep make sweet love to her again, since hey, Tali is sweet. The shotgun helps too.

For all of those upset because of how they made that picture, yes, it does seem a little cheap, but really, the end result isn't bad. For those upset because she doesn't look like Dr. Zoidberg, well, I'm not really sorry you didn't get to have a laugh at the expense of those who decided to romance her, at least not because of that. Besides, you know that a fair amount of us would probably have romanced her again, anyway, even if she did look like Zoidberg. Or a Zerg, for that matter. I know I would've.

Agreed. Even though I imagined her slightly different with some human features in the face (because well... you can still see the outlook of her face even within the mask itself plus if you've romanced her in ME2, you hear a smacking kiss sound when she kisses Shepard with the mask off). *Ahem* Anyhow was just really surprised with how she and Quarians in general look like. Because they look as human as any other specie thus it threw me off lol.

But if you think about it... the asari look more human then even the Quarians with their masks off. All they are is blue chicks with a hairstyle that's actually their tentacles looping in one way. Most of the main species have human shaped bodies just their faces look unique. However getting back on topic I actually felt the most taken back by the sight of how much hair Tali has. It's so long, I thought before seeing the picture that she had some to no hair. But she has longer hair then Ashly! Makes me lol thinking about it. But-

Caramel Frappe:
*snip-Keelah se'lai*

Ah, I see. Judging by your spoiler, I'm guessing you didn't get the chance to make peace between the two, did you? Well, as a tip for your future playthroughs, you need to have a certain amount of 'peace points', and a rather high reputation. Four bars worth, I believe.

Personally, I love the emotion of the best outcome between the Quarians and Geth, not to mention it gives the ending, which will not be elaborated here, a giant middle finger. That, and it greatly helps the Quarians in the long run.

And my captcha is tesla coil? Strangely appropriate.

Why couldn't they have used this picture?

And what up with the new captchas?

I have a question!

How can it be Tali's face if the Quarrians don't remove their suites?

They go to the quarian home world about 2/3rds of the way into the campaign, and apparently Tali takes off her mask there.

Why am I pissed off about this?

Because Bioware had a memorable character and after five years they couldn't be bothered to do her justice.

It's this lazy artwork, their practice of cutting corners and their terrible copy-pasted level design that makes bioware an awful company.

Alright, I read page 1, some of page 6, and didn't really give enough of a shit to dig through the rest of this collection of crap. The quote above is generally my opinion.

Yes, I'm a devoted talimancer. From staring at those hips in Mass Effect 1 to finally getting some in Mass Effect 2. To this. I could write a long ass paragraph on this, but I'm tired.

Simply; I'm disappointed Bioware. Very disappointed. *sniffles*

I'm going to pretend it never happened. Not going to ruin one of my favorite fictional characters. Not because Bioware turned to shit.

Why couldn't they have used this picture?

Saw this after posting, and also earlier today while browsing other threads. That piece of art is awesome, and would of been much better.

Not saying I was too crazy about the reveal in the first place.


Texas Joker 52:

Awwwh so that's what I did wrong *nods*. I did everything right except the 3rd step as I made in bold above me. Thank you truly for letting me know.. in my second playthrough I can actually make things right and-

Seriously how lame. Also I am really scared to finish ME3 since everyone keeps saying how awful and bad it is. Yet I must complete the story and besides.. if we're lucky the petition fans are doing might make Bioware have a DLC ending for ME3 that corrects the first one. Who knows.

Caramel Frappe:
*scissors were here*

Hey, no worries. Now you know, and really, while the ending is absolutely god-awful horrible, its short, making it kind of easy to ignore. The best bits do outweigh the bad in terms of gameplay. Story-wise, I still feel the end is nigh-unforgivable without some change/epilogue/deeper meaning and explanation, but overall, its still a great game with wonderful character interaction.

And trust me, the second playthrough with a character is much, much better. You not only know what you want and don't want to do in terms of decisions, but you can get your guns and armor back after the first trip to the Citadel. You'll need to manually change it back, but its still nice to have them back early on.


I have a question!

How can it be Tali's face if the Quarrians don't remove their suites?

They go to the quarian home world about 2/3rds of the way into the campaign, and apparently Tali takes off her mask there.

Then how is the stock photo Tali's face or is it just the internet being the internet?

Everyone has said it all before and there's pretty much no need to add anything more to the discussion... but I wish to weigh in with my opinion all the same.

1) The act of using a stock photo is just downright lazy.
2) Tali is a huge fan favourite (including me) and Bioware know this. Using a stock photo is also downright disrespectful.
3) It's not even a GOOD photoshop.
4) I didn't have an opinion on how she looked because frankly I never really wanted to know, but they didn't even make much effort to make her look distinct. She's essentially just a human with white eyes and some lines on her skin.
5) Hair? Really? Living in a suit like that all your life would make such long hair inconvenient and no doubt makes it harder to maintain a sterile environment. I imagined they would all be rather bald.

Bad call Bioware, bad freaking call.

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