Colleges and Employers Now Requiring Applicants' Facebook Passwords

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Yea seriously what if you don't have a InYourFaceBook account? Will they be like "haha that's cute now give it to us."

I'd sooner delete my Facebook account than surrender it to an employer. I barely look at it anyway.

This is insane, it would be like your boss asking to look through your mail or tap your phone.

Why would they do that when they can just get a summary from the goverment?

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

My question exactly, among others.

Wouldn't be too worried about it though, seeing as they get my SSN already.
If telling them my non-existent Facebook Account's Password was considered a bigger potential threat/worry/bother than handing the dude running the local game store my SSN, I'd be rather worried about my paranoia priorities.

Still not quite right though I suppose, not that there's anything stopping somebody from quickly making a fake one a few days ahead of time, befriending 1 person you know followed by a ton or "People you may know", and letting your wall fill with Spam to simulate social usage of said profile.
One could even go the whole 9 yards by using a dump Email (All the places I apply ask for an Email specifically for contacting you, I assume they would do the same rather than using whatever one your Facebook is linked to).

All the same (I do love that phrase), I'm glad everywhere I've applied hasn't asked for such.
Wonder what they say if you tell them you have a Google+ Account instead?

You know, this article gave me an idea I might pass along to a friend I know who works in some kind of IT security job (It occurs to me that I'm actually not certain what his job entails...) If he's ever hiring, ask that person for their facebook password, if they oblige, don't hire them, as they are obviously not concerned enough about privacy to be working there. A bit off topic, perhaps, but it might be an interesting recruitment method.

As for this though, that's just stupid, I have nothing to hide but I'm not gonna let someone into my house without a damn good reason, or a warrant. And you sure as hell ain't getting my facebook password, because you don't need it.

This has been going on for years, why are people only noticing now? Congratulations, you only have the rights that you are willing to fight for.

I'm hoping that having a facebook account doesn't become a requirement for jobs, I fucking hate facebook and have absolutely no intention on getting one.

well that's just retarded, what they looking for? the biggest loser?

This is absolutely unacceptable. If an employer ever tried to pull this crap on me, you can be sure I'd give him a piece of my mind.

It disgusts me that crap like this is becoming commonplace in our world.

i think i would ask if they woul dlike to have access to all my online accounts. then spens the next 6-7 house with them going over all the sites i have account, and telling them all 20 passwords on rotation which change direction on months with 31 day from those with 30 of less days. :D

I definitely stand against this. But this should be a staunch message to facebook users. Stop being stupid on the internet. Learn to filter yourself. Your truly, a proud non-user of facebook.

Why do they care? That's the part I don't understand.

Why do they care? That's the part I don't understand.

Well as your parents told you the birds and the bees ill tell you the reason an employer wants to know if there pictures of you doing a keg stand on the internet. Oh wait I just did. People post all sorts of racey crap on the internet whether its their pictures or affiliations and verbal posts. The real world doesn't want to associate with your personal life, and yet people mix the two everyday by posting their personal lives while saying they work for a specific company. Same for schools. It should be a retrospective moment to understand why things have come to this. the younger generations have no filter and "Surprise" its catching up with them.

Ah, further validation for my policy of NEVER sharing my real name on the Internet for any reason. My online persona and my real identity are as isolated from each other as I can manage. This sort of thing is one of the many reasons why.

Um...I'd stand up and go, "Well, I'm done here," and walk out. Even if it was perfect, or they were begging me to stay, saying I didn't need to do it. The thought of working for a company, or going to a school, the demands to know what I'm doing in my free time--when I'm not getting paid--is deeply disturbing. Sure, I could make an alternate account, or just lie, but it's still unsettling.
What next? You want all my text messages? How about all my e-mails? Phone records? My game save data? I do not want people accessing my private stuff. I have conversations on Facebook that are meant to be solely between me and that person. The thought of some stranger being able to jump in and access that conversation is unnerving. And what's to stop them from losing that info? What if someone else gets it and hacks my account? What if another employee hacks my account and starts posting things, making me look bad, because they don't like me? This is just disturbing.


What if I don't have a facebook account?

Then clearly you don't exist and aren't a real person, because everyone has a Facebook account these days.

Then I guess that means that I am not a real person and in turn local laws do not apply to me given that they do not apply to nobody.

Scuse me.

I gonna go break some shit.

Solution: don't use Facebook. Nobody gives a shit about what you just ate or the song lyrics you just posted anyway.

That is one of the most absurd, ignorant comments I've ever read. Some of us use Facebook for communicating, it's far more convenient to send a message to twenty people en-masse instead of trying to call every single one of them individually. Try it sometime before you bash it.

That is one of the most absurd, ignorant comments I've ever read. Some of us use Facebook for communicating, it's far more convenient to send a message to twenty people en-masse instead of trying to call every single one of them individually. Try it sometime before you bash it.

Exactly. I'm so sick of people hating on Facebook. It definitely has its uses.

Anyway, I think that this is ridiculous; they don't have a right to know people's Facebook passwords.

Well, thank goodness I don't have a Facebook. This is a huge blatant breach of privacy. People out there are getting so paranoid that they're willing to sacrifice privacy just to make them feel more secure. A certain quote by Ben Franklin comes to mind.


Seriously, this isn't funny, it's just wrong. Somewhere along the line, society has gone so very very wrong.

People are still trying to call Ron Paul nuts, when this shit like this is going on every day.

Makes me sick.


Dear US of A,

Get this. Soon.


PS. Otherwise, ditch Bookface or at least get another account.

America doesn't have something at least similar? I is surprised.

Now, although I do use Facebook, it log on maybe twice a week to check my inbox for all of three minutes. Should they want my details, then they'll get truly bored flicking through endless updates from friends offering me Farmville stuff that I ignore.

If I worked for a police department, I would NOT hire anyone that gave me their username/password or let me invade their privacy during an interview. A person that does that clearly does not have respect for their own privacy, and would likely be just as invasive to another person's.


Also, Facebook easily lets you have privacy settings that would make your coach able to see only what you want him to see, and he'd have no idea that you were hiding anything.

Solution: don't use Facebook. Nobody gives a shit about what you just ate or the song lyrics you just posted anyway.

That was my initial reaction, but I found it harder and harder to keep in touch with my friends and church activities. Like most of the guys here and some smart ones on FB I only gave my name and email. Postings were kept to a minimum as well on FB.

In a way it's social engineering. Make something that people love for little reason, pander to their fantasy that some others out there follow their every move (Twitter), feeds their egos (FB 'Likes') and is easy to use based on tech that is derided as old and out of date (WhatsApp). Even now it is easier to contact people by calling than sms or email. We can't say no, but we can decide what goes out into the Internet.

Very soon I will have to change my 'analog' Sony Ericsson for a '3G' HTC just to know when we are meeting for a group project.

I used to work as an supervisor to RA's at a school in Ohio, part of our job requirements were to befriend our RA's on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (if possible, obviously) simply to monitor the things they make public. We never asked for anyone's personal accounts, and we told them up front what we would be looking for when someone check their posts.

At that point, if they're dumb enough to post something that warrants getting them in trouble or even fired then that's their problem. I didn't really have a problem with this because a lot of the time we were dealing with underage drinking and occasional drug use and stuff (imagine that, getting in trouble for posting something illegal online). That's the kind of thing a university wants to keep somewhat under control (I'm not naive, I know people drink all the time, I just asked them not to be stupid enough to put it on the internet)

THIS, however is a different story. Asking for passwords is one of the most shady things ever. I don't even like giving people I know, family included, access to my stuff online. Some people are still uneasy about doing anything online (older generations mostly) so doing something like making the act of requiring someone to give away their password an ok thing to do is beyond retarded. I'm pretty sure EVERY website that has you set up an account with a password will tell you at some point to not give your password out to anyone, ever.

Wow, if an employer or college ever asked for that kind of info or told me I had to friend them on facebook I'd tell them to piss off and that they have no right to spy on my life. Not that I really use facebook at all, (funnily enough I only got it because a sociology class I took a few years back required we at least sign up for both it and twitter) but what few conversations and links I share between friends I sure as hell don't want my school or boss looking at.

I must say that this level of personal intrusion is disturbing. It seems to me that many people are not aware of the highly personal nature of some people's profiles and personal messages. Furthermore, why should one's personal life have any effect on their validity as an applicant, so long as their personal activities do not harm themselves or anybody else?

Oh. Oh dear. This... this is illegal, methinks. Forcing someone to break contract with one company to be able to enter into one with another? Sounds actionable... winnable, even.

Setting aside the fact that I don't even have a Facebook account, news like this remind me how good I have it in my country, where my personal data is and remains private by law.

Solution: don't use Facebook. Nobody gives a shit about what you just ate or the song lyrics you just posted anyway.

Yeah, because this is the only viable application for facebook. Not everyone that uses facebook is that superficial or connect with such type of people exclusively. :\

I'm not working for any company that wants that shit.

If they ever asked me for my password I'd laugh and ask them if they'd like to wiretap my phones while they're at it. Maybe install cameras all over my house. Never happening I would never work for a place or go to school at a place that cares so little for the privacy of it's employees.

Mock account, lie, tell them fuck off or don't put anything stupid on Facebook. Seriously, who would give their real account info since so many people shockingly use the same password for everything. I only use the same pass for my bullshit accounts I don't care about and have only used once. Just do what people normally do and make a company account and then friend them on it people on Facebook love that and it is legal.

Solution: don't use Facebook. Nobody gives a shit about what you just ate or the song lyrics you just posted anyway.

I use Facebook to keep in touch with friends from elementary school and current classmates in high school, senior year. Because it's much easier to share informations that are relevant to our daily lives (like what classes we will not be having tomorrow, or where can we find study material for the exam) using Facebook that e-mailing each others about shit.

Personally if they want my facebook they could theoretically have it. I only use it for easy sign into several places like the escapist. If I was forced to share my info, even after I got a lawyer involved, I would just Un-associate my accounts I didn't like them to have access to.

If these fuckers want my facebook info they can suck my balls!

How about the fifth amendment right to not be FORCED to give someone something if it has convicting evidence?

What will they do for me when I delete my facebook account in 6 months?


Not sure The Fifth would apply here, since it's not a trial situation, but good call.

Ridiculousness all over anyway. Sheesh.

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