No PvP For Diablo 3 At Launch

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I was excited for this game. Then I remembered that the expansion for D2 wrapped everything up nicely. And I saw the art style they were taking. And I saw that it required an always on internet connection for single player. And I saw that there was no pause button (Sorry kids, you'll have to bleed out until Daddy can find a safe place to sign out). And saw that they were cutting content to sell it back.

Hmmmm, I wasn't aware that pvp was even a big selling point for diablo type games.

Li Mu:
Don't fool yourself kids, you WILL buy this on release and you WILL spend hours upon hours clicking your mouse until it explodes.

Why are you lying to yourself?

Also, I love how people react so negatively to everything.
If they had said "We're bringing out a half assed and pretty broken PVP Arena at the same time as the game because we all know none of you can wait" you'd all rage.

They bring it out broken: You rage
They delay it to make it awesome: You rage
They fail to include a silly hat: You rage
They include a silly hat: You rage

Grow up kiddies.
It'll be a cool game, so just enjoy it when it's released.

Have to agree this 100%. Haters gonna hate.

People that play games just for the multiplayer aspect, and never touch the campaign, annoy me. Especially when that campaign is as amazing as starcraft's

It's their money. I don't think of any reason to only play Starcraft for the singleplayer. In Battlefield's case, it never had a campaign in 1942, Vietnam, BF2, 2142, so I don't see any point in playing the singleplayer (specially with such a crappy campaign).

Just like a lot of singleplayer games don't deserve multiplayer, a lot of MP games don't deserve a campaign. Sadly we don't see a lot of Quake IIIs today.

I can think of Brink, but even that game had a SP with a story, even if it was just an excuse for a botmatch.

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