Watch The Debut Trailer for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP

Watch The Debut Trailer for Persona 2: Eternal Punishment PSP

Following the 2011 PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Atlus is preparing similar treatment for that game's pseudo-sequel. We've got a trailer to prove it.

Rejoice completionists! Those of you holding off on buying the excellent PSP remake of Persona 2: Innocent Sin until you can be guaranteed that the other half of Atlus' classic high-school-drama-meets-demonic-forces roleplaying game can finally crack open your wallets sans guilt. Well, sort of.

See, this debut trailer is proof that Persona 2: Eternal Punishment will see new life on the PSP (and likely a host of improvements over its original PlayStation iteration), however it doesn't exactly guarantee that the game will ever hit shelves in America. Which would be a solid example of the depressing sort of irony, given that Innocent Sin never hit American PlayStations, while Eternal Punishment did.

So far Atlus is remaining mum on the issue, but there are two conflicting issues at play here. Sony's PSP hasn't exactly set the sales charts on fire outside of Japan, and with the company's marketing budget focused almost exclusively on the Vita, an American PSP release of Eternal Punishment would be for a handheld that is mostly dead. On the other hand, with the Vita's anemic software selection, and many owners using the gaming device to bone up on downloadable PSP titles, Atlus might be convinced to port the game regardless.

Plus, Atlus is the market leader in launching niche games aimed specifically at a hardcore, JRPG-loving fanbase.

Bottom line: Until we hear some solid confirmation one way or the other, you all would do well to keep your fingers crossed for an English-language version of this game. If, for no other reason than I really, really want one, and I'm a real jerk when I don't get my way.

Source: Siliconera


Though I did miss the social sim side of things from P3 and P4, I have to say I really enjoyed playing Innocent Sin for the first time on PSP. Hopefully Eternal Punishment comes out before too long and I can play it while waiting for P4 Arena and The Golden to hit Europe.

I REALLY hope this comes state-side.
The fan-tran is NICE, but an official Part 1 would be FANTASTIC!

I REALLY hope this comes state-side.
The fan-tran is NICE, but an official Part 1 would be FANTASTIC!

Uh, Innocent Sin was part 1. Eternal Punishment (this one) was already translated officially in the PlayStation era.

This release, if it comes stateside, would simply complete the set on the PSP (and likely add tons of extra stuff that wasn't present in the original).

Great, Hopefully I'll soon get to play Persona 2 while I ride in my brother's Sumaru.

i'd buy this please atlus take a chance and release it here so you can have my money

hopefully it will be released on the psn store so i can get it on my vita :\

I trust in Atlus :) They don't usually let us down. I sense a similar release as the first part...soundtrack :D now shut up and take my money!

That trailer has an awesome remastering of the original opening of Eternal Punishment. I wonder if they're going to add another opening like Innocent Sin and unbreakable tie? Though there were some silly sound effects in the P2:IS opening, I loved the animation in the opening. The game itself also had a great story though the gameplay is pretty dated. Oh well, excellent story and music > meh gameplay when it comes to RPGs. I have never had to pick up my jaw from off the floor since I played Innocent Sin.

Man, even with the flagging market for the PSP over here, I really hope this at least gets a digital download release. I mean, Atlus tend to be pretty good with releasing games for systems that are going out of style (Devil Summoner 2 comes to mind) but I still fear.
When I played this on the PS1 at age 11, I literally thought of it as the coolest frickin' game EVER made.


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