Report: Bethesda Working On Elder Scrolls MMO

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Report: Bethesda Working On Elder Scrolls MMO


If a recent report is to be believed, you may soon be exploring the world of Tamriel alongside, like, a billion other dudes.

This news comes from Tom's Guide, a site that while quite respectable isn't the sort of place you'd expect to break this kind of story. Still, they claim that anonymous industry sources have told them that Bethesda Softworks "will officially announce Elder Scrolls Online in May 2012."

Not entirely unexpected, given the lucrative potential of the MMO genre and how well the Elder Scrolls setting would lend itself to a vast, open-world online title, right?

Even more damning however, is the specificity in this anonymous source's claims. Tom's Guide reports:

An industry source that wishes to remain anonymous revealed the name of the new MMO to us, and confirmed that the game would take place a full millennium before The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Using the Elder Scrolls Wiki timeline as a guide, Elder Scrolls Online will likely take place during the "Second Era," or several hundred years before any of the other Elder Scrolls games. This information was corroborated by two additional sources before publication.

Elder Scrolls Online will have three playable factions, according to the tipster. Not much is known about the factions, except each is represented by one of three animals: A lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey (either a phoenix or an eagle, we aren't sure).

A May 2012 announcement would likely be followed by some sort of presence at E3, the annual Los Angeles video game convention. The game would also be shown at Quakecon 2012 in August, along with id Software's Doom 4 and several other titles.

Now, if this is all fabricated for some reason, I have to hand it to whoever dreamed this all up: it's very convincing, and sounds exactly like the sort of thing Bethesda would do if it had created an MMO based on the Elder Scrolls universe.

So now I guess we wait for official confirmation to find out how legit this all is. In the mean time, how about you guys take to the comments and leave an opinion or three? Do you want an Elder Scrolls MMO? Was Skyrim a bit too lonely for you? Are you suddenly concerned with how bug-ridden this game might be?

Double points to anyone who can craft a convincing argument for how this game might topple Blizzard's World of Warcraft empire.

Source: Tom's Guide


I think it's questionable that it will topple the already toppling World of Warcraft as it is. Their previous attempts to wrangle new players hasn't really worked out well and if game news reports are to be believed they are losing more and more users.

I'll be looking forward to playing this after hearing from people that worked in the beta and find out exactly how glitched it is and how it holds up to other MMOs.

Earnest Cavalli:
Double points to anyone who can craft a convincing argument for how this game might topple Blizzard's World of Warcraft empire.

it would be on consoles ? i mean it would right ? Elder Scrolls is on consoles.

there has never been a "breakthrough" console MMO.

its one of those things that everyone knows will happen at some point but simply hasn't happened yet.

this, if true, is a very serious contender.

PS here's my bet for the factions:
Dragons: Dovahkiin led or inspired "rebellion" (possibly including NPC Dragons)
Lions: The Cyrodiil Empire
Bird of Prey: The Aldmeri Dominion

Not sure if I want other people interfering in my Elder Scrolls experience.......

If an MMO is released the likely hood they make another singleplayer Elder Scrolls again is greatly diminished. Not every bloody franchise needs an MMO for crying out loud. I'm happy with the singleplayer and wouldn't want to see such a great series go to waste.

If its a console MMO then theres a small chance it could take off.

Otherwise, its a dreadful idea. Wouldn't mind a co-op so I can play with friends, but not fancying booting about with adventurers called "GoldenSword1212" and "xXArzerthXx". Kind of spoils the atmosphere you know? :p

... Eh... Having a multiplayer option in an Elder Scrolls game would be awesome. Having it an MMO... I don't know. I definitely WON'T play it if the combat is typical MMO fair. If it's Skyrim-like, maybe. But still. I don't know.

At the very least, considering the Dragon Break concept, it won't fuck up the universe.

I'd like to second the opinion that it's success depends on whether or not it can be THE breakthrough console MMO.

I was immediately reminded of the Nord puzzle doors with 3 animals in Skyrim when it mentioned the 3 animal related factions.

OT: I'm likewise interested to see if this is console or PC...So many questions.

Hmmm... I've already seen this rumor pop-up somewhere else, but not as detailed.

I'm an Elder Scrolls nut and sometimes I've kept wondering what it would be like if it was an MMO.
Not to be confused with me wanting it to be an MMO.

I don't know what to think about it, but until Bethesda says anything official, I'm very skeptical about it.

I disbelieve this claim. I just don't see Bethesda trying to make an MMO Elder Scrolls. The most we can probably hope for is a multiplayer Elder Scrolls.

Not that I'd want either one. When I Scroll, I Scroll alone. Yeah. With nobody else. You know when I Scroll alone, I prefer to be by myself.

Earnest Cavalli:

Double points to anyone who can craft a convincing argument for how this game might topple Blizzard's World of Warcraft empire.

Because WoW will be nearly extinct once a proper MMO in the Elder Scrolls worlds would be finished if they started development after Skyrim.
They aren't keeping up with the industry, the game is stagnant and even hardcore players are jumping ship one after another. It's time is past. There is no such thing as a WoW-Killer, but WoW is dying of old age well enough on it's own.

A title like this takes a lot of time - not only because it's an MMO, but because TES players will expect more freedom then players of other franchises.
I'ld really hope for a polished game that would let players change the world they inhabit by ruling guilds, building outposts etc. but I suppose that will remain a pipedream.

TES Games are all about modding, tweaking and playing out specific scenarios for me. Most of my entertainment comes from my own imagination about the implications of my actions. That won't be possible in a MMO, unless it provides a very good sandbox system.

In conclusion, propably not my game of choice, but I'm mildly curious.

uh oh... Turbine might have compation for its MMOBH (thats massively multiplayer onling bug hunt).

although bugs aside I give a slight shoulder shrug. everything is being turned into an mmo... aside from the setting whats going to make it unique and hook me for a long life?

This stinks of ZeniMax trying to milk the success of Skyrim.

Oh that is to funny. If Bethesda makes an mmo it will still have more bugs when it collapses six months in then every other mmo has had at launch combined in the last ten years.

Earnest Cavalli:
Double points to anyone who can craft a convincing argument for how this game might topple Blizzard's World of Warcraft empire.

Because you can't do THIS in WoW?

If it's essentially just another Elder Scrolls game with tons of other players in a huge world, I'm interested. If it's an MMO that's been plopped down into Tamriel, I couldn't care less. I really hope they don't go that direction.

Oh yes, when looking out over the vast tundra or imposing mountain vistas in Skyrim I always thought 'this would be perfect if only there were 200 people running around slaying wolves'.

I can't even begin to imagine how badly an MMO might mess up TES lore and continuity, so forgive me if I hope this just stays a rumour forever. I'm pretty fed up with MMO's ruining beloved franchises and genres.

Mmmm I'd play it, I'd follow the development with curiosity, if they can finally nab the console crowd into a solid MMO then they've won, WoW has been toppled, no questions asked.

But they need to do an utterly tight as all feesable comprehension job, and overlooking glitches isn't going to fly in the MMO world. Something Bethesda aren't 100% on.

If they can iron out, sew it up right and balance it enough, this could be the one.
But I am a skeptic. Go ahead Bethesda, I liked your game enough, make me believe.

But yeah this has a boat of potential riding around after it, will that potential be used/reached? Far too early to know.

I don't really believe the rumor, but I would welcome it (with a qualification). I don't know about killing WoW, but one thing that helped WoW become outrageously successful was the built in Warcraft fan base. The Elder Scrolls now has a substantial fan base as well, and I think that could be enough to propel a competent MMOs success.

I just don't want anything, not rain nor snow nor the fury of the gods themselves to slow the release of additions to the core series.


Ugh... my hopes for Atmora are ruined...

I've been let down too many times by videogames in the past year, starting with DA2, Skyrim is the only glorious pinnacle of perfection that lights the way.

Please Bethesda, as hopefully looking forward to being a future-employee, at least just don't f**k this up.

I do not want it, but I know if they make it I will play it.

Having said that, I sincerely hope this rumour is not true. It would not add to the TES series in anyway that is positive.

If anything the Eagle or Bird of Pray would be elves.

The Lion and Dragon however, can be confusing.

On one hand the dragon represents the Empire and even Tiber Septim (Talos), himself being Dovahkiin and all, but on the other it can represent the Barbarian rebels that worshiped Dragons. And the Lion points more to empire but, like I said, its up in the air.

Still hate the idea though...

Edit: Unless... let me check

*looks up elderscrollswiki*

OMFG... there was an invasion in 2E 572 by the Akivir...who were represented by Dragons...

Suddenly... Hope.

Hmm. It sounds good but is it really going to happen. Escapist I know your usually good for this sort of info but still there is something about this that strikes me as sketchy.

I just hope its not someone getting their wires mixed up between this and the Fallout MMO after Beth got the rights back.

A seperate studio was opened by Zenimax in 2007 (so no milking of Skyrim, but you could say milking of The Elder Scrolls, just as WoW milked Warcraft and The Old Republic milked Star Wars) to run an MMO division:

They even opened offices in Ireland for customer support a year ago in May 2011:
So it was pretty clear something was coming, not saying this report is true but opening customer service offices too early probably wouldn't be wise.

This leaves the Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim studio (Bethesda Game Studios) to keep doing what they do best: Make single player RPGs.

Some guys at Zenimax Online Studios have previously worked on Dark Age of Camelot and other PC MMOs. So I wouldn't know about console support since Bethesda Game Studios isn't working on this game (other than providing the background story from the established Elder Scrolls Universe).

As I said the Studio was opened in 2007 and it would make sense they would work on an IP they actually owned at the time. The Fallout MMO stuff has only bean recently cleared up, so unless they are gonna rework 4-5 years of development to change a different setting I don't think that's gonna happen.

I generally don't care for MMOs, but since my favorite single-player RPG's development might be influenced by this I have a great interest in it. And luckily I'm pretty sure there won't be any crossing of the wires, Bethesda Game Studios will keep making Single-Player RPGs, it's what they do best (and even have room for improvement on the single-player game before tackling a differen beast like an MMO).

Fallout 4 and TESVI will keep on happening. The only worry on that front is if a console drops out of the race or if a consoles launch keeps getting pushed back, because either both or one of them will be on the next generation of consoles.

MMOs are mostly SHIT, call me when they can have the same graphics and WRITING as good rpg's, not trying to troll, this is just my opinion, I have played SWOTR, mediocre at best. In fact, I would put Runescape above SWTOR, WoW was never on my rader.

End rant

I would love co-op in Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowwind but an MMO sounds not so great.

Does anyone have the link to the co-op Skyrim mod?

I doubt it, honestly. Pete Hines, VP of Marketing, has said many times before that they aren't interested in doing an MMO. Nevertheless, rumours like this have been around for years.

I'm guessing Lion= beast races (Argonian, Khajiit, maybe Ork), Eagle = elven races, and Dragon = human races.

And I think it will be good. MMOs and the sandbox style gameplay really go hand in hand.


Also, it would make perfect sense.
Nothing you do in an elder scrolls game makes hardly any difference anyway.
"I used to be an adventurer like you ..."
"LIKE ME?! ME?! I single-handedly hacked 100 dragons to death. I'm carrying 5 daedric artifacts. I'm decked out in glass and am the archmage of the entire universe. YOU, YOU were reduced to being a gawdamn guard by one stray arrow. NOTHING LIKE ME."

You know, exactly like MMO dialogue. Yes, even TOR.

I thought they DIDN'T want to make an MMO because they wanted the player to feel like the hero in the Elder Scrolls games and they wouldn't feel like a hero if several thousand other heroes were also running around?

I'd be well happy if this actually happened, though. I think it could work really well as an MMO, and real people compared to the sometimes questionable NPCs could only be a bonus... if they weren't a bunch of morons. Let's face it, it's the Internet. But still. Here's hoping it's real.

Kill WoW? why bother attempting to kill something that is already killing itself?
People who never played wow might not understand, but wow is only a bare shadow of what it used to be, in terms of lore (Cataclysm ruined that) and Gameplay(WotLK Destroyed all the skill that it took to play the game)...

A bit more on topic: A elder scrolls MMO could work if it isn't just a WoW clone painted over with the Elder scrolls universe, it would have to feel and play like a elder scrolls game.

nope, no bad ideas here, no sir-y

I always preferred the idea of them a world where your friends could come and join and they wouldn't have to quest with you but you'd all be in the world doing your own quests and if you wanted team up, trade stuff and all that jazz but an entire MMO I don't think would work. Too many heroes running around being all Dovahkiin and stuff! I'm not against it so much as I'd prefer it to be co-opy.

you are the chosen one!
like everybody else.....

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