Remedy Seeks New Hires for Next-Gen Project

Remedy Seeks New Hires for Next-Gen Project


Details are scarce on Remedy Entertainment's new game, but it wants more than 20 new hands on deck for a next-gen console title.

Say what you will about the guys at Remedy Entertainment, but they really don't seem to like sitting still for very long. After crafting Alan Wake and a steady stream of DLC for it, Remedy set to work on the near-simultaneous releases of Alan Wake for PC and follow-up Alan Wake: American Nightmare for the 360. With favorable reviews and lots of sales, Remedy has decided that momentum is its friend, and put up a call-to-arms for new talent on its website. Over the next few months, the developer wants to hire more than 20 new team members for work on an unannounced project for the next console cycle, and if you've got the skills, you can be one of them.

Remedy's extremely succinct message appeared on the official Alan Wake site's forums. "Remedy Entertainment is looking for world-class talent to work on an unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles," it advertises. "More than 20 new positions will become available within the next few months. The first batch of positions will go live as soon as Friday 30th of March." Beyond that, the post merely advises potential recruits to monitor Remedy's website, forums, and Twitter feeds for further information. The exact nature of the new positions are a mystery at this point, but it would be wise to expect some openings for programmers, artists, and designers in particular.

With so few details available about the nature of the new game and its associated positions, the best strategy for aspiring Remedy team members at this point would be to watch, wait, and have that resume and cover letter ready to fire off at the earliest opportunity. If selected, you could be part of "a team on the very brink of creating the games of the future." Descriptive? Maybe not, but working with the guys and gals who made Max Payne and Alan Wake sure beats a lot of other jobs out there - like being a thriller writer trapped in his own horrifying creation, for example.

Source: Alan Wake Community Forums


-_- we're hiring! The list of positions will go up soon!

It's like they've never tried to organise a raid in an MMO. TELL US WHAT YOU NEED, REMEDY!

Well heres to hoping an animation job becomes available!

So guaranteed new console within 3 years and likely to be about 2-3 years away?

Oh man this is going to be so sweet. I rarely ever get hyped for sequels anymore but Alan Wake 2 seems like its going to be great with an even larger team behind it. Hopefully it will be on PS3 as well so that they can experience how great it is too. C'mon Remedy! You can do it!

Heaven knows there are plenty of talented industry folks out of work right now. I'm glad to hear Remedy can help put some of them back to work.

Before anyone gets too excited about the job opportunities, you should probably ask yourself how prepared you are to move to Finland (doesn't apply to Finns, unless they want it to).

Before anyone gets too excited about the job opportunities, you should probably ask yourself how prepared you are to move to Finland (doesn't apply to Finns, unless they want it to).

Come over! It's pretty nice despite all the racisim and terrible food.

This is great news! I Remedy's awsome! I always felt that Remedy, and Konami are the best when it comes to storytelling. Remedy's Max Payne 1 & 2, and Alan Wake, and Konami's Metal Gear Solid series. Remedy better get those recruits!


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